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Dustin Hoffman

Hillary Clinton WILL Be

Our Next President!

12/4/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the U.S. ... at least if Dustin Hoffman gets his way.

Dustin was out in DC yesterday when we asked if he'd ever co-star alongside Hillary in a movie ... now that she plans to leave her post as SoS -- and Dustin replied, "No ... because I think she'll be IN office."

It took a second for our cameraman to pick up on Dustin's insinuation ... but it couldn't have been any clearer -- Dustin's voting Hillary in 2016.


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Ratings Needed    

IF her health holds out. She looks so ragged. She's not young and will be older in 2016 she just might want to remain 'retired' for the rest of her life especially if BO leaves a mess she might not want to clean up.

667 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Its really sad that this little wimpy A--Hole Hollywood SHMUCK has so much influence in the Liberal world from which he lives, BUT that is what has been happening for years from those "Brainless Followers" of the Hollywood elites!!!All they preach in the Entertainment industry is Filth, Sex and Godlessness- That has been the Hollywood theme for years!!! AND, they prove it by the way they live their PRIVATE LIVES!!!! Our yonng people are caught up in the same kind of "Fairy Tale" that our "stars" feed these selfish , spoiled kids that have been given everything in l;ife by their parents who have way to much---With people like Hoffman and the JEWS who run and OWN Hollywood the Moral Clarity that this country once had has been destroyed since there is NO longer any Moral Clarity among the "STARS"

667 days ago


Yeah, the country has done so well with a Socialist regime these last four years, might as well let the good times roll!

667 days ago

JR Jake    

Dustin you are misguided. Hillary will inherit a country in worse shape than Obama did in 2008. We are a country with NO VISION. The policies of Bush are continuing under Obama, except Obama likes to spend money we don't have; promise a future he has no intention of placement, creating policies that are superficial and expensive, not establishing or expanding but only providing maintenance, making promises he cannot keep, talking out of both sides of his face, allowing cronyism and lobbyists to govern this country and not being transparent as he promised. Those are just the obvious ones. We are a country in disarray being driven by forces of the minority over the majority. The ONLY ones who benefit are the RICH. So we will continue getting people like Dustin who smiles KNOWING that nothing can touch him because he has means to last 5 lifetimes. Welcome to America 2012.

667 days ago


Dustin. How much crack did you just smoke?

667 days ago


You can`t vote for her she has never run or been ellected to any office.You could vote for her if the party put her on the ticket which will never happen.lois frankel would be selected before hillary&billary hillybillys.Bill sucked and got booted hillary sucked and got booted.Stick to your box office numbers they are way down there on the BOZO train wreak line maybe play a hobo next pix named bozo fingers the rat

667 days ago


What is wrong with you people? First we elect two Bush family members, and now you want to elect two Clinton family members. You turn down a competent former CEO of a major US business and instead elect someone who never held a real job. Now Jeb Bush wants to run and people say Michelle Obama can beat him. You know people, maybe its time we got some new people in the White House that are on our side, and not rehire the old people.

667 days ago


Jill Stein is going to be the next president and it would be awesome if Gabrielle Giffords or Cynthia McKinney were VP.
The men tried for all of American history and they've failed in every way. Women need to run the White House and country now.
The republicans and democrats need to have a seat and let the better, smarter people run this country.

667 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Just wait and see~!! When Obama meets with his "loyal" staff" members, things will get a hell of a lot better!!1 Give him time to discuss all our problems with Barbara Walters, Whoopie "dumb ****" Joy the Bitch-- JZ and Beyonce, Bill Maher and Michael Moore, a long with Eric "REAL DUMB" Holder- and Susan Rice{ the PUPPET of the Administration---THEN and only then will ALL our problems will be solved---We will governed by Greece or Kenya, thanks to Obama and his , his BRILLIANT COHORTS!!!

667 days ago


Hillary 2016.

667 days ago


If we put a black muslim in the white house why not a club hopping lesbian.

667 days ago

john johnson    

in 2016 hillary will be almost 70 years old.........i don't think we're ready for reagan II. concentrate on corey booker and andrew cuomo.

667 days ago


Right on Dustin!

667 days ago


With The YEARS Of Experience as a SENATOR and The YEARS Of Experience as a NATIONAL SECRETARY OF STATE Plus The Help Of The 8 YEARS Experience of Former President Bill Clinton i think HILLARY CLINTON would be a Great President and i know OBAMA will Return The Favor in the Sense that the same way Bill Clinton Campaigned for OBAMA i think OBAMA will Campaign for HILLARY in 2016, I think SENATOR John Kerry Or GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo would be Great as HILLARY'S Vice-President...................History In The Making !

667 days ago


dustin hoffman is a consumate limousine liberal.

667 days ago
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