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Mitt Romney

Hits Costco

Buys Toy Car (Manufactured in China)

12/4/2012 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney went on a MASSIVE (and fiscally responsible) shopping spree at a Costco near his home in La Jolla, CA this week ... stocking up on all sorts of goods ... including a product MADE IN CHINA!!!

Besides the paper plates, dixie cups, wrapping paper, V8 juice drinks, pretzel snacks, Bisquick and bottled water ... Mitt and his wife Ann also purchased a model car made by the Maisto company (probably a gift for one of his 18 grandkids ... sorry for spoiling Xmas).

TMZ spoke to a rep for Maisto who confirmed their products are manufactured in China ... before they're shipped to the distribution center in Fontana, CA.

Of course, Mitt railed against China during his bid for the presidency ... claiming the country is manipulating currency and stealing American manufacturing jobs.

We tried to find some American-made toy cars that Mitt could've bought instead ... but we couldn't ... not even Hot Wheels ... they're manufactured in China and Mexico.


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Mitt is a fool. He lost!! He was all for china's downfall and now he buy's toys from china. The President went to a local mom and pop bookstore to shop for Xmas. Also the Xmas tree's in the white house are paid for by the Presidents monies not the tax payer's, as is all the food consumed in the White House - Get your fact's right before you post on the internet and look like a fool!!

687 days ago


It's funny that TMZ thinks that is a MASSIVE shopping spree LOL!

I doubt anyone cares that he bought a toy that was made in China. I always try to buy products made in Canada or the US, but sometimes you have no choice.

687 days ago


This is relevent because why?

687 days ago


He is rich. He can afford a toy or two in his a$$.

687 days ago


Liberals have to try to chip away at who they consider to be their opponents because liberals always look like sh*t due to their incompetence and ignorance. They use the distraction technique "Hey look what he's doing wrong and maybe you won't notice MY wrong doing!"

687 days ago


Am I really reading this? Unreal! It is a bit difficult to buy everything made in the US. I think TMZ is reaching a bit. It makes you look rediculous!.

687 days ago

Desiree Powell    

This is newsworthy how??

687 days ago

BB not bb    

Okay he lost and as despicable as Obama is, I can't say I am not also relieved to be rid of this hypocrite. He destroyed the companies he took over and left loyal employees without jobs or pensions so that he could make more money shipping the factories to China. He is such a hypocrite that I can't even stand to look at him. Not to mention his love of kids, he had kids in a state home for autistic children in Massachussetts that was administering electric shocks for misbehaving, as in shock treatments to torture children. As far as his concern for the elderly and their meals, he had kosher food abolished at state nursing homes so that they had to be privately catered if they wanted kosher food. He tried to get forced vaccinations on the people of MA under threat of jail for noncompliance. That is taking Obamacare and running with it.

Obama may be some dope playing The Jeffersons in The White House, but this guy is an intellignet man with no class or morals to speak of. It is like Mitt is a liar and proud of it, all in serving himself. He is as despised to the people he wronged in MA as his sidekick Christie is in NJ among the people who see through his schtick to the stick he is beating to death the citizens of NJ with.

Maybe Obama was the worst choice, but who could really vote for this guy and not feel like dirt? The medicine looked worse than the illness. You feel like just giving up given the choice of these two clowns.

687 days ago

Brenda Kay    

The only reason Obama won is because we are a nation of takers who want more!! At least Romney earned his money and doesn't expect Christmas to be handed to him, along with free internet, phones and food.

687 days ago

Frank P    

All toys are made in China. Been that way for years. Ignorance is the norm nowadays.

687 days ago

nobody important    

The saddest part about this stupid article is that "TMZ spoke to a rep for Maisto"....Seriously? Come on guys, you can not be serious. Damn what a lame life you people lead.

687 days ago


Gee, guys, it's not until the END of your story do you say that virtually ALL toys of this type are made in China.
OK, Mr. Obama won, TMZ can calm down now.

687 days ago


Seriously slow news day apparently.... Didn't Katt Williams punch Lindsey Lohan or something today?

687 days ago


Stupid story.

687 days ago


Enough of him already. He lost. Please let him rot.

687 days ago
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