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Brian Littrell

Sorry God, I'm Not Praying

For Lindsay Lohan

12/5/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deeply religious Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell is far from the perfect Christian -- telling TMZ, he doesn't pray for everyone like he's supposed to ... and he definitely doesn't pray for Lindsay Lohan.

Brian was at the airport in L.A. this week when we asked if Lindsay ever comes up in his prayers -- and Brian replied, "Unfortunately, no."

He adds, "I'm probably breaking a lot of ministers' hearts. It's like, 'He's a Christian. He should pray for everybody' ... But she's not in my prayers at night. I'm sorry."

This might explain a lot.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

So this is what it's come to TMZ? You can't get your fat rich azzes up off the couch to actually FIND NEWS, so you send some random guy with a camera and microphone to ask a former boy bander a stupid question.
Ask if he prays for peace in the middle east? Prays to allieviate world hunger? Ask if he prays for the health and wisdom of our President and other government leaders of both sides of the political specturm?
No - you ask him if he prays for Lindsay Lohan. Yes, I'm sure he drops to his knees at night and asks God specifically for the health of Lindsay Lohan.
Honest to God TMZ, stop being stupid.

695 days ago


Hey who are you? The Backstreet Boys still exist? Boys? What are they 40?

695 days ago


God forbid, one day it could be his kid in this bad situation, and how would he like it if some other Christian said that?

695 days ago


For our future pleasure we need to pray that Lindsay stay a train wreck. If she sobers up or dies then what will I do with my time. I will then become victim here

695 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Needs Life-Changing Experience With Christ, Says Former Drug Abuser

695 days ago


We should all pray for her, that's what she needs now, whether you like her or not.

695 days ago


He could of just said I wish her well.

695 days ago


So many of the God Squad types are like this... and so many wear religion on their sleeve...The reason people go to church is to be SEEN going to church fer fookseke!

695 days ago


If she were any other race she would not be receiving all these kind words of support. Some of you just crack me up. You have the nerve to call the President of the United States, who has accomplished a hell of alot more than you, a ******. Lets see..... A Harvard graduate who graduated at the top of his class, married, beautiful kids and has never been to jail. In the other corner, ******* Lohan. A useless, nasty, uneducated drunk whore

694 days ago

OH ESE!!    

Put Chinese handcuffs on her...O ESE!!

694 days ago


Harvey you dont know Brian he is a sweet guy so just shut up and HOWIE IS NOT UGLY and AJ didnt try to get out of a ticket by flaunting his fame get a life and keep BSB off your site

694 days ago


you are right Red Snapper, in this pic I dont see the Octochins

694 days ago


She can pray for herself when she is back in jail

694 days ago

Marvin Gibson wants to help LiLO

694 days ago


He shouldn`t be too upset...If there is a God, I don`t think he really cares.

694 days ago
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