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George Zimmerman

Sues NBC Over 911 Tape --

I'm Not a Racist!

12/6/2012 1:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Trayvon Martin
shooter George Zimmerman has filed a lawsuit against NBC over the way it edited his 911 call -- placed moments before Martin was shot -- claiming the network falsely made Zimmerman look like a "hostile racist."

You'll recall, NBC launched an internal investigation over the tape after it aired the edited recording -- which made it sound like Zimmerman immediately told police that Martin was black, without being prompted.

In actuality, the full 911 tape reveals Zimmerman only referred to Martin as "black" when responding to a question from the dispatcher about Trayvon's race.

Zimmerman accuses NBC of creating a "false and defamatory misimpression using the oldest form of yellow journalism: manipulating Zimmerman's own words, splicing together disparate parts of the recording to create the illusion of statements that Zimmerman never actually made."

He's suing for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, demanding unspecified damages.

Zimmerman -- a former neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community in Florida -- fatally shot 17-year-old Martin on February 26th. George has claimed the shooting was in self-defense.


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Zimmerman never said "c00n" he said "punks". C00n does not start with a "pa" sound.

Also Zimmerman is part BLACK and a NATIVE AMERICAN BROWN LATINO.

650 days ago


dude is just looking for a payday so he can pay his legal fees. this guy should be in prison. this is florida though, again, casey anthony ring any bellls?

650 days ago


...AND OJ was guilty as hell.

650 days ago


Its obvious he purposely waited almost 1 yr before making this lawsuit...the trial must be scheduled to start soon and theyre hoping jurors and the general public will have forgotten or lost haste in our having already formed a guilty opinion about him and this case. They let some time pass and now trying to convince us he is the victim here. Lets not forget that bonechilling 911 tape and the public outcry that followed. His legal defense is quite obvious. That somehow even though they took sound bytes from his OWN 911 call, they made him look bad? Are u serious??? This guy and his attorney make me sick to my stomach.

650 days ago


I am becomming racist....100% of blacks voted for the socialist. Screw them all....

650 days ago


Forensic evidence...medical from the crime of Zimmerman's injuries...THE WITNESS who saw Trayvon ON TOP OF ZIMMERMAN, beating him.

the case is clear = Zimmerman is innocent.

*plus Zimmmerman is part black and is a brown latino.

650 days ago


This is a bit ironic isn't it? The guy that killed an innocent kid and then tried to persuade the public that the kid was a punk thug who jumped him is suing for defamation?! If I was Trayvon's family I woul pay very close attention to the outcome of this pathetic lawsuit. Zimmerman deserves the worst punishment possible handed to him, and it better not be in the form of manslaughter either. Do something right for once Florida.......

650 days ago


Forensics show Georgie is a racist killer, chasing & murdering a black high school kid that he called an effing c^ ^n almost 100 yards from GZ's parked car!

Oh and the witness that supposedly saw TM on top of fat george RECANTED HIS STORY - LMAO

650 days ago


FREE ZIMMERMAN He is the Innocent on!

650 days ago


One lol

650 days ago


For all you idiots who are screaming that Zimmerman is a racist...prove it.

Zimmerman is not only BLACK and Native American, but he is also Latino and white.

Zimmerman has more races in his blood, INCLUDING BLACK, than Trayvon the hood rat

650 days ago


Didn't see the just released picture, the one where his face is all bloodied? He was defending himself...but shooting someone because he got punched? Seems excessive. Maybe Americans are due for a bit of introspection, maybe they are due to be more critical of the American society and its gun culture.

650 days ago


Claiming over & over that fatso george is black doesn't make it so, lol; just like that pic of the old dark-skinned Peruvian Indian doesn't change that gz is a racist killer. imo. I’ve read every bit of the evidence in this murder case & watched the hearings; georgie is a mentally challenged loser that can’t hold a job because he can’t get along with anyone, he thought killing black Trayvon would get him on the police force. Truth.
Hey TMZ>> check out the isp's of georgie's defenders here and you'll find fatso & his obese perjuring wife's hideout in Florida!!

650 days ago

El Gato    

Does not matter if he is a racist, that is a matter for a federal court civil rights case ie hate crime. To be honest, it is not a strong case, this it has not been filed. The criminal case at hand is about an armed adult stalking a child and what ensued after that.

650 days ago


For all you black people crying foul:

Black man Kills white man, claims self defendse

Black Man murders white man over skateboard

White male murdered by THREE black men

I can go on and on and on with this sh!t.. you get the point.

So stop thinking black people are always the victim.

As I said before, stop believing the bullsh!t the media keeps feeding you all.

650 days ago
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