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Australian DJs

Ducking for Cover

12/7/2012 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs at the center of the Kate Middleton hospital prank have gone RADIO SILENT since news broke that the nurse at the hospital committed suicide ... TMZ has learned. 

The DJs are under serious fire after pulling off a stunt where they pretended to be the Queen of England (fake voice and all) and duped nurse Jacintha Saldanha into connecting them to the people treating Middleton, who revealed details about Kate's condition.

Saldanha's body was discovered early this morning ... and cops believe it's an obvious suicide.

TMZ called the Australian radio station where the DJs work ... and were told by the executive producer that the DJs will NOT be taking any calls, period.

The E.P. explained ... the DJs have been "ordered" not to speak to the media. It's unclear who issued the order.

The producer added, "I advise you to stop trying to call them."


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The nurse was undoubtedly murdered. Make no mistake, Princess Diana was murdered. The blood sample from the driver was switched with a suicide victim who had lethal doses of carbon monoxide in his blood.
It was done to send a message. Philip may have ordered it.

652 days ago


they were both on twitter and now their twitter pages are gone

652 days ago


Here comes the typical knee-jerk reaction that Americans are so famous for. It was a joke. The nurse over-reacted to the extreme. That they got through was amazing enough but for this type of reaction, well, you just get the impression that this was something that may have happened in the future over some other trigger. Sad, but true.

652 days ago


Hmmm why was my IP address banned? I have never posted anything mean or vulgar like some people do here!

652 days ago


Here's my only thing. the prank was in bad taste... however, the royals didn't seem outwardly angry, I hear Charles cracked a joke about it himself... and this was not the nurse who gave away any information. She passed it onto someone else, and they were duped as well only the DID give private information away... So considering, you think the OTHER nurse would be more upset. I have a feeling there's more to the suicide than being the victim of a phone prank by two moronic Disc jockeys.

652 days ago

Big Headed Tom    

I am outraged, yes. It's obvious the victim came under tremendous pressure after this was revealed, so much so she killed herself. It's not much different then you people at TMZ, however, like when you reported on the financial troubles of the families of several Olympians this past August. What gives you that right? And because celebrities are celebrities making a lot of money that gives you the right to follow them and harass them? Those DJ's have blood on their hands for this prank and all of you at TMZ are responsible for causing a lot of pain to people in order to get ratings. I'd love it if someone started following Harvey Levin around to see his personal life or any of the peanut gang on the show.

652 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Why did she killed herself? Obviously some previous problems...

652 days ago


The difference between a radio personality and a DJ:
A radio personality is someone of the likes of Don Imus, Howard Stern, Murray the K, Garrison Keillor, Rick Dees...

A DJ is "Time and temp, read liners, intro Starway to Heaven"...pretend to be someone else, make prank phoners and think themselves as funny as hell and original..."outtro Losing My Religion, read liner, time and temp, toss to commercial"...."time and temp, read liner, intro Freebird" nauseum.

652 days ago


Are you kidding, TMZ? You write a story about the two lowlife DJ's and neglect to mention their names? Journalism 101 #fail. MEL GREIG and MICHAEL CHRISTIAN are the individuals responsible for instigating the suicide of a woman they successfully deceived. Their PR photos are all over the web - google them.

652 days ago


God, this is horrible, sad news. My condolences to Jacintha's family and friends.

652 days ago


I'm sorry that this woman is dead, it's sad for her family. I don't for one minute think that it was because of this (Only This). There must have been many other resons for this. Maybe the call was the final straw but if it was because of the call than this woman clearly had issues that nobody a world away would know or could know. The call was in bad taste nothing more, if this woman hadn't died the world would still be laughing not looking for a scape goat.

652 days ago


They are lower than Low....

652 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

and before you say on TMZ live about the poll that people aren't being honest about not laughing at the prank. I did NOT laugh. I found it to be in deplorable taste and a gross invasion of privacy. They may be public figures but are entitled to some privacy.

652 days ago


This is not fair to the DJ's, because all they did was play a prank that they didn't even expect to be successful. This woman wasn't even the only one fooled. All she did was transfer a phone call. It was the nurse she transferred the call to that gave out the personal information. This woman must have already been messed up. It is not sensible that anyone would commit suicide over something so trivial. I feel bad for the DJ's. The most they are guilty of is being juvenlie and unprofessional.

652 days ago


I think a wrong death suit is in order. Not only to the two DJs, but to the hospital (they should have something in place to cover this issue), and the operator that patched her through. Just sad.

652 days ago
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