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Australian DJs


Due to Suicide

12/7/2012 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank that may have led to the suicide of a nurse have decided to REMOVE themselves from the airwaves.

Southern Cross Austereo, the company that owns the station, has released a statement ... saying, "SCA and 2Day FM are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha from King Edward VII’s Hospital."

SCA says the CEO has spoken with both of the DJs ... who are both "deeply shocked" over the tragedy.

The company adds, "SCA and the hosts have decided that they will not return to their radio show until further notice out of respect for what can only be described as a tragedy."

Interesting that SCA did NOT pull the DJs off the air immediately following the prank ... but instead waited until the backlash after Saldanha's suicide.


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What a shame !!! Only if people could be a bit more sensitive to everyones sensiblities... God created things to be used and people to love each other... but the problem with todays world is things are being loved and people being used...
Have no sympathy for people like these two jerks who derive pleasure out of other persons misery..

650 days ago


Dear Mel Greig and Michael Christian: You want to be the most famous DJ in the world? Congratulation!! you won, what you did is you took a professional nurse's life.
Hey!! That's not count at "a" life, she tried to save thousands of patient's life. You knew the math.

650 days ago



650 days ago


People are stupid

650 days ago


Of course the d'js did not think that their prank would negatively and tragically impact this woman to this extent. However, for the station to say that NOTHING they did was wrong is not acceptable. People on here saying "what should they kill themselves too" is just ridiculous!! They should be terminated from their position and the station should change policies. The woman was probably unstable to begin with but the question becomes if not for this prank would she be dead? I highly doubt it but there is no way to tell. The whole ordeal is tragic but should not go unpunished.

650 days ago


Obviously they're going to lose their show. And a lot of other people are going to go down with them, the station manager, their producers, ect. It's unfortunate, because it was just a lapse in judgement rather than anything malicious.
But even if it turns out the nurse died of some natural cause, I don't think they can do anything to save themselves at this point.
Pranks and mistakes are only as serious as the consequences they cause. And in this case, even before the death the hospital's director was looking to raise a stink. Committing international fraud in the name of a joke wouldn't have looked good in court. Now that it is possibly tied to the death of one of the prank's victims... they'll be lucky to work again, but I'm sure they will all and on their feet in time.

650 days ago


they didnt remove themselves - they were fired

650 days ago

dave g    

why should they be fired? cuz the nurse committed suicide? that has nothing to do w/ the dj's and more on why the nurse killed herself...

650 days ago


While I'm not saying that it is terrible that a mother of two has committed suiside. The DJ's are absolutely NOT responsible for somebody elses choice they should not be fired.

648 days ago


The DJ's didn't kill the nurse or make her commit suicide. They pulled off a prank, that's it. They shouldn't be ostracized for this. They had noting to do with this persons death. It's sad some committed suicide but obviously she had some deep rooted issues to commit suicide over something like a prank. If this was the Howard Stern Show, he would have made this the topic of a conversation and moved on. C'mon people, 2 DJ's cannot make you commit suicide.

648 days ago


they need to be striped of all belongings and put in prison

648 days ago


The nurse who died after a hoax call to a hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge was found hanging, Sky sources say. Jacintha Saldanha was still alive when she was discovered on Friday morning in her room at staff accommodation near the hospital. "Whoever had discovered her first had cut her down," said Sky's Martin Brunt. "By the time police and paramedics had arrived she was still conscious and attempts were made to revive her. "If it adds anything to this very tragic story it indicates a very determined bid to kill herself, rather than what some people describe as a cry for help. "I also understand ... that a suicide note was left in which she, we believe, gave some explanation for the actions that she's thought to have taken."

647 days ago

Look Deeper    

It is sad to hear that such a reaction to allow a phone call to go through, would result in a suicide. She was not the one releasing any information to the public. I would question what sort of humiliation she got from her employer (The Hospital) to push her to such an extreme. This is not the DJ's fault. There is something deeper than blaming a prank - pranks happen everyday. Let's see what we can learn about her all mighty employer that likely made her feel as she did to take her own life for allowing a call to go through. Let's hear from the nurse who gave out the info about Kate. Had that info never been given out - Jacintha Saldanha would be alive !!

646 days ago
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