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Australian DJs


Due to Suicide

12/7/2012 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The two Australian DJs behind the Kate Middleton hospital prank that may have led to the suicide of a nurse have decided to REMOVE themselves from the airwaves.

Southern Cross Austereo, the company that owns the station, has released a statement ... saying, "SCA and 2Day FM are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha from King Edward VII’s Hospital."

SCA says the CEO has spoken with both of the DJs ... who are both "deeply shocked" over the tragedy.

The company adds, "SCA and the hosts have decided that they will not return to their radio show until further notice out of respect for what can only be described as a tragedy."

Interesting that SCA did NOT pull the DJs off the air immediately following the prank ... but instead waited until the backlash after Saldanha's suicide.


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We're suspending ourselves for killing a nurse. Our bad.

683 days ago


DJs have done this for years. Ridiculous.

683 days ago

Kelly Done    

Saying it was just a prank is idiotic, it's just a prank on a random normal person but when it's the royals you have to know that it would be taken very seriously, I feel so sorry for the nurse, I think they would expect calls off the media trying to get info but not someone actually pretending to be the bloody queen, that's a tad too far in my books, every action has consequences, I love a good laugh but to do this to a nurse who clearly took her job very seriously and would clearly be in trouble for breach of security, it's just stupid! & Why do people keep saying she must have been unstable? Have you got a very important job which fills you with pride? Could you imagine the devastation in your heart having it all ruined for you? Okay I wouldn't kill myself over it but clearly she loved being a nurse and prob thought the whole country would be against her with it being 'the royal family'

683 days ago


No I don't think the DJs should be fired.

We do not know the exact reasons why this woman killed herself, it is possible that it had nothing to do with the prank call; she was just the one who forwarded the call on after all, and the fact that she passed on the call indicates she may have been distracted and preoccupied with the personal issues she may have been dealing with, issues that could be the actual reason why she killed herself.

While it is likely that the added distress this situation caused her didn't help, still the DJs had no way of knowing and it was not malicious on their part and to punish them for it does not make sense.

683 days ago


How did she killed herself, gun shot, pills?

683 days ago


More like they've gone into hidding.

I really hope someone teaches them a lesson.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

683 days ago


This is all such BULL****! Everyone all effing BUTTHURT about 2 DJ's doing what they do and entertaining ppl over the radio! Radio DJ's are ALWAYS pulling phone pranks like this and no one has EVER COMPLAINED until now! Do you really effing think they would've done it knowing someone would've offed themselves over A FRUCKING JOKE? The bottom like is, this chick who committed suicide MADE THE DECISION TO DO SO! No one FORCED HER OR HELD A GUN TO HER HEAD. SHE DID IT BASED OFF HER OWN DECISION! To sit here a blame these two DJ's who were doing their job and ENTERTAINING PPL IS BS! It's sad that this happened BUT THEY DID NOT FORCE THIS WOMAN TO DO THIS. For this chick to kill herself over a joke doesn't make any sense. SOMETHING ELSE WAS GOING ON WITH HER AND THIS WAS JUST THE LAST ACTION TO PUSH HER OVER THE EDGE! SHE MADE HER CHOICE AND SHE DIED BECAUSE OF IT! IT'S NOT THE DJ'S FAULTS!

683 days ago


Considering how much people love the royals. Can you imagine how much flack that nurse took for patching them thru. She was probably bullied to the point of killing herself. (just another outlook on it)

683 days ago


suspending, not terminating.

683 days ago


oh good grief.people make prank calls all of the time.most everyone has done it once in their is all in good fun.they should not be fired for doing is tragic but to blame them for it is a joke

683 days ago


As dumb as their stunt was, it was not worth klling yourself! It's not they targeted her specifically. What a shame this all went down.

683 days ago


Why is the DJ" s fault the nurse put the call through? She should've known better!

683 days ago


tmz you're nothin but a bunch of hyprocrites. what these dj's did is nothin compared to what you do. tmz post false brutal shocking storys about celebrities which is nothin short of bullying and tmz don't care about the state of mind the celebrity is in. tmz now have a critical view of what the dj's did, it was a prank, the poor nurse probably had other problems. don't even try to take the high road tmz, YOU should take notice of this sad situation and be more responsible.

683 days ago


"Suspension" usually means temporary. Not good enough, not in this case. We all are responsible for our actions.

683 days ago


GIVE ME A BREAK. While a tragedy, these DJs are not responsible. It isn't even remotely reasonable to assume that a woman would kill herself because she forwarded a phone call. The woman was obviously not right. The fact that people are placing blame on them is strange and kinda sick.

683 days ago
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