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Cheryl Cole Sues Over 'X Factor'

You Owe Me $2.3 Mil ...

Even Though You Fired Me!

12/7/2012 5:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Cheryl Cole says she signed a VERY lucrative deal to be a judge on "X Factor" back in 2011 ... and even though producers fired her ass before Season 1 ever got off the ground, she wants her money ... more than $2 MILLION ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Cole -- a British pop star -- says she signed a "Pay or Play" contract with Blue Orbit Productions that guaranteed her $1.8 million for Season 1 ... and $2 million for Season 2 ... even if she never appeared on the show.

Cole says producers also agreed to pay her a $100k wardrobe allowance for each season, $25k for a stylist, $15k-per-month for lodging in L.A. and $2,500 per month for general living expenses.

As TMZ previously reported, Cole got the chop before Season 1 aired ... because producers believed the American audience wouldn't understand her super-Britishy accent. She was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger ... who was also fired and replaced by Britney Spears.

According to the lawsuit, Cole says producers did pay her the $1.8 mil for Season 1 ... but stiffed her on the $2 mil for season 2, as well as all of the bonus money for expenses.

Cole is demanding more than $2.3 million in damages.

Calls to Blue Orbit have not been returned.


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Sounds like an simple contract law case and she'll probably get the season 2 payment minus "allowances".

648 days ago


Good for her! Simon wrecked her career!

648 days ago


Well, if they owe her, they should fess up. I've never had a problem understanding her. Did you know they had to school Andy Griffith, because his back woods accent was so strong he was almost to point were english speaking folks couldn't understand him.

It was a big mistake giving this woman the hammer, because Nicole was a waste of time. This season I kept my promise, and haven't watched it because of a Kardashion on it. Plus you were an idiot getting rid of Paula.

648 days ago


Send this whore back to where she came from

648 days ago


What u morons are talking here? Simon is the big villain in this history;. He hire and fire people without poay what they deserve. He even sabotages the contestants he doesn't like. He's known on the UK as the biggest closet gay megalomaniac sociopath ever. There are thousands of brits working to destroy X-Factor and simon's Syco dirty empire.

648 days ago


She's just a greedy talent less hag. -_- Seriously Why should she be paid any of it if she was never part of it?? Go f*ck off somewhere nobody.

648 days ago


I just wanted to be comment #2

648 days ago


Pay Cheryl, Bltch...

648 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I hardly ever watch X Factor or Idol but if Cheryl Cole was one of the judges I would have tuned in every chance I could. Instead we got Nicole Scherzinger who could barely form one sentence when critiquing the singers. Cheryl is 10 times as pretty as Nicole, and the accent was a stupid excuse for Simon. Cheryl could have curbed her accent enough to meet Simon's Bull Squat language standard.

648 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Rumor had it she was takin' Simon Cowell's pole.

648 days ago


Cheryl .. Just be grateful and thank your lucky stars that your name is not attached to that nightmare of a show.

648 days ago


This bitch needs to get the hell over it. Yes I understand it was embarrassing to be sacked like that but she still got paid in full for basically doing nothing and that pay was not peanuts either that kind of money you could be set for life. I have just got an email today without any warning telling me am being dismissed this Friday and am not even getting a full months pay. Unlike her who is rich I will now have to stuggle to put food on the table. Stop moaning dumbass this kind of thing happens to us normal people everyday and we just have to get on with it.

648 days ago

I hate this needy, whiny bitch. Go away and dont come back. Talentless bore.

648 days ago

Bossy Potato    

What a loser. This is the same dumb ass who stayed with her soccer player husband even though he openly cheated on her! You ain't getting a dime. You were fired. Get over it!

648 days ago


They did not fire "her ass." That is something that only stupid adolescents might say or do. They "let her go." Why does TMZ have to turn everything in to dirt, garbage, innuendo, trash, junk "wink-wink" and other god-awful ways to provide "news"? She signed a contract, they decided she wasn't right for the show and they let her go. They did not "fire her ass." Jeesh!

648 days ago
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