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Cheryl Cole Sues Over 'X Factor'

You Owe Me $2.3 Mil ...

Even Though You Fired Me!

12/7/2012 5:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Cheryl Cole says she signed a VERY lucrative deal to be a judge on "X Factor" back in 2011 ... and even though producers fired her ass before Season 1 ever got off the ground, she wants her money ... more than $2 MILLION ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Cole -- a British pop star -- says she signed a "Pay or Play" contract with Blue Orbit Productions that guaranteed her $1.8 million for Season 1 ... and $2 million for Season 2 ... even if she never appeared on the show.

Cole says producers also agreed to pay her a $100k wardrobe allowance for each season, $25k for a stylist, $15k-per-month for lodging in L.A. and $2,500 per month for general living expenses.

As TMZ previously reported, Cole got the chop before Season 1 aired ... because producers believed the American audience wouldn't understand her super-Britishy accent. She was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger ... who was also fired and replaced by Britney Spears.

According to the lawsuit, Cole says producers did pay her the $1.8 mil for Season 1 ... but stiffed her on the $2 mil for season 2, as well as all of the bonus money for expenses.

Cole is demanding more than $2.3 million in damages.

Calls to Blue Orbit have not been returned.


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653 days ago


You got $1.8 mil for doing nothing and you still want more you must be crazy

653 days ago


HEY Simon you PILLOCK the one big mistake you made is firing Cheryl from U.S. X Factor, she was great as a judge on the show. what you Simon and Fox put her through , Cheryl deserve every penny you Simon and Fox promise her. it's time to pay up Simon and Fox.

653 days ago

imma fubared    

I thought she was the one who quit. they aren't paying you if you quit honey bunny

653 days ago


Hey if she is legally entitled to the money, pay her. I agree that she should just take what she already got but if the contract said she also gets the other 2 million for not doing anything then she entitled to it.

653 days ago


But blue orbit productions screwed themselves by adding that to the contract!! Who agrees to pay someone millions of dollars even if they dont do anything.

653 days ago


"Super britishy accent" actuall a fellow Geordie from the nort east of England, Newcastle, people are just jealous because she has made it somewhere she came from nothing. She did not make her money from her ex husband she done it all herself.

653 days ago


All that money for a nobody to host a stupid singing competition. And for all of her fans who accuse Americans of not knowing who she is, we KNOW who she is. I know she sang with a girl group and married a footballer who **** on her and treated her horribly. Stop flashing the pity card Ms. Cole. You were fired because you were a bitch. For that kind of money you should have kept your damn mouth shut. Your not Mariah. Other than her stunning beauty, what's left? Be smarter next time dummy!

653 days ago


She was hired to boost ratings for When it is aired in Britain because none of us watch it because all the American judges are ****. She was "fired" because Americans complained they couldn't understand her.

653 days ago


A contract is a contract. Legally binding so one party can't screw the other over in situations like this. While she should get her salary, she shouldn't be entitled to anything else since she wasn't on the show. You can't judge a monthly living expense for something that never happened.

652 days ago


Like she hasn't got enough money as it is.

652 days ago


Wow, good luck in getting

652 days ago


It's not about greed. A contract is a contract. Pay or play is not a new concept and Fox has to live up to the agreement. If they get away with not paying her contract, then they will stop paying others. A slippery slope. Fox needs to pay up, but more likely they didn't pay only so they can settle out of court with no necessity to get aware what is cash advance.

546 days ago
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