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Brooke Mueller

My Charred, Black Hands

Are NOT From a Crack Pipe

12/8/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208-brooke-mueller-hospital-tmzBrooke Mueller maintains the black soot-like substance covering her hands last night was NOT from drug use ... just good old, fashioned spray paint (which she used for painting).

Brooke was out in L.A. Friday night -- just hours after being released from the hospital for an alleged drug overdose -- sporting some pretty nasty looking hands.

She tells TMZ ... it's not what you think. Brooke says she's been spray painting a lot for her artwork (see below) and that is why her hands were so dirty in the video.

Mueller says she's been sober for MONTHS ... but nobody seems to believe her.

So to recap ... she says her jewelry-making-bender caused her to pass out cold on Friday and her artwork made her hands black.

Who knew art looked so ... suspicious?


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just because    

crack slut charlie sheen gave lindsay blohan 100k and not you!

684 days ago

just because    

i egg on.. not egg nogg

684 days ago

just because    

plus its gross babies think its just regular milk but its spiked with brandy

684 days ago


Can't really comment on the hands.Not really familiar with that situation but I do know, her eyes are seriously glazed over. Must be from the exhaustion and dehydration, lol.

684 days ago

just because    

could never go to the fair as a family without the dr. pepper being spiked with alcohol

684 days ago

just because    

harvey levin number 1 ucsb atendee

684 days ago

just because    

black lagoon

684 days ago

just because    

katt williams prodigy understudy to fill his void is me

684 days ago


Lmao @ ignorance. As a former crack .addict for a number of years, knowing hundreds and hundreds of crack addicts who some have been using for fourty years I can assure you I have NEVER seen anyone's hands look like this from a crack binge, even if they were up for more than a week. Plus, if that were the case, they would be sloppy, and have burned themselves VERY VISIBLY on their hands and mouth most likely. Leave her alone, recovery is hard enough without all the negativity. And at least if she's on a bender, her kids are taken care of, she's not on public assistance and she's not committing crimes to support her habit or making her kids do without. Think about that all you alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking or whatever people who's kids get less because of it. Also, maybe ya'll should be focusing on your character flaws and spending time with your children, instead of gossiping. She isn't sticking her nose in your life, and even as a do***ented drug addict obviously is a more well rounded person because she has something creative to show for her time, well you haters have a comment on the internet. Speaking of I have better things to do myself. Goodluck Ms. Mueller, where ever your at. Easy does it. Sincerely, Utterly Amused but Definitely Disgusted by Haters in Ny.

684 days ago


Leave her alone... Seriously, who care if she was up all night working?!?

684 days ago


after her dad offered her a gas can at age 13...

684 days ago


The dingbat has never heard of rubber gloves?

684 days ago


Lets pray for her because only a crack head would take a picture with them hands

683 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

While I am willing to bet she was probably smoking crack WHILE making the jewelry, that black stuff on her hands is NOT from smoking crack. Seriously people, have you never seen a crackhead? unfortunately, I don't live in the best area, and several of my "family" members smoke crack, and NONE of their hands have ever looked like that. IF anything, they will have burn marks on the fingers that actually touch the pipe, not soot on their whole hands.

683 days ago


OK...OK...It is not that she smokes crack but has terrible personal hygiene. That's great but clearly something seems off. Honestly I pray she's healthy for the twins who love her so much. I think the animosity comes from those who struggle just to feed their children while she flaunts the fact she really is just too busy "making jewelry, art projects" to be a hands on mommy. Therefore naturally she must have a nanny.

683 days ago
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