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Brooke Mueller

My Charred, Black Hands

Are NOT From a Crack Pipe

12/8/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208-brooke-mueller-hospital-tmzBrooke Mueller maintains the black soot-like substance covering her hands last night was NOT from drug use ... just good old, fashioned spray paint (which she used for painting).

Brooke was out in L.A. Friday night -- just hours after being released from the hospital for an alleged drug overdose -- sporting some pretty nasty looking hands.

She tells TMZ ... it's not what you think. Brooke says she's been spray painting a lot for her artwork (see below) and that is why her hands were so dirty in the video.

Mueller says she's been sober for MONTHS ... but nobody seems to believe her.

So to recap ... she says her jewelry-making-bender caused her to pass out cold on Friday and her artwork made her hands black.

Who knew art looked so ... suspicious?


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Got to love these type of headlines.. Black hands are NOT from crack pipe... hahaha. No ****. I remember the last time I smoked a pipe and my hands looked like that..

684 days ago


Obviously a straight laced lot here. Your hands do not look like that from smoking crack. Even free basing cocaine won't do it. I don't even know who she is but I've been around the block once or twice. Trust me. It's spray paint. She may do some type of drug but she's not a crackhead, yet.

684 days ago


Seriously people how do you expect her to stay sober when nobody believes her? I use to do the same stuff (not drug wise but try and make artistic crap) and people in my life never believed me either. It sucked and I felt like crap. Mostly for the fact that I had to come to terms with the FACT I was no longer able to fool the people around me that I was still on drugs. P.S. she might not be lying about the OD part. If she is telling the truth, it's because she crashed from taking a break from whatever she is doing. She is at that do or die point. It's not even fun or feels good getting high at the point she is at. Until she wants to stop there is not much anyone can do for her. Except covering for her is the worst thing possible. That assistant needs to find another job if she has any kind of self respect. If not she is only going to help her get high by helping her hide it.

684 days ago

Bossy Potato    

HAHAHA! Addicts are funny. They think they have us fooled. When really, we're just enjoying watching you make up these outlandish stories :)

684 days ago


As an artist I can believe that she was doing an art binge. Although I am not foolish enough to not think she isn't on some sort of drug. To much weed, drink, pills or something probably attributes to her general behavior. She a steampunk artist, a lot of the work from that genre of art looks similar to hers. Art is objective, everyone will view it differently. Hope she gets whatever is going on in her life together.

684 days ago


Here's a paint tip Brooke. If your going to hold whatever your painting in your hand to spray it, wear a disposable rubber glove on that hand. I also suggest you wear a glove on the hand that you wipe your ass with.

684 days ago


What is that stuff supposed to be?

684 days ago


I love how everyone thinks bc she has kids she doesn't love them if she falls back into addiction. How ab all you fat as $es w the s/n's so and so's mom or proudmom go lose some weight right this moment for your kids sake n get off tmz. She is not in control when in the deep throws and w enablers like hers who needs friends? Oh right, her and 99% of the ppl on here. Not defending her but wtf makes you think an open forum means make yourself an a$ s clown as if you're better. She needs help and love not to be called a crack who re and put into a death pool.

684 days ago



684 days ago


Art helps the world.

684 days ago


lol seriously, TMZ?? i thought u guys were known for entertainment NEWS. not made up, gossip. anyone can look at her hands and tell thats paint! quit trying to create stories where there arent any. its tacky and getting more like the **** perez hilton puts on his lame site, everyday.

684 days ago



684 days ago


I have absolutely no experience around a crack pipe; however I assumed that when people were posting that her hands were black from a crack pipe, they were making a joke alluding to her probable drug use. Wasn’t this shot as she was leaving the hospital? I don’t believe most people think she was allowed to smoke crake while in the emergency room. She is disheveled, dirty looking, and rambling. Her inability to notice how terrible she looked (filthy hands and all) indicates a lack of being in touch with her surroundings which is an indication of drug use. The whole story is ridiculous, and she, sadly, probable believes her own lies.

684 days ago


Hand jobbing a brother ?

684 days ago


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