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Brooke Mueller

Don't Worry My Kids

Are Fine ... I Have a Nanny

12/8/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's 3-year-old twins were NOT left to fend for themselves after Brooke was hospitalized on Friday ... in fact, we're told, they were being cared for by Brooke's live-in nanny.

We broke the story ... Brooke was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning after she passed out cold and was unresponsive. Her family believes the incident was drug related, but Brooke was adamant she was just reeeeallly tired.

Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ that while in the hospital, Brooke's nanny stayed with her boys at Brooke's house. We're told the nanny has been living with the family for years.

And despite having other "parental" options -- like Charlie Sheen (their dad), Denise Richards, or Brooke's mom -- we're told the kids will 100% stay put at Casa de Brooke, under their nanny's watchful eye.

Freeing up time for Brooke ... to make more jewelry.



No Avatar


The Nanny takin care of the kids, I guess you tired from liftin that crack pipe up then, somebody please smack a ho.

662 days ago


Why do people waste their time following these rich no talent drug we really care if they decide to live their lives using drugs and living like common criminals or the homeless? What a waste.

662 days ago


Denise is a very good hearted person to take care of her ex-husband's kids.

662 days ago


Who watches her kids while she gets high? How pathetic to allow those poor kids to be anywhere near her until she gets off the drugs!

662 days ago


I have been extremely tired. I have been exhausted. I have been dehydrated. I have gone too long without eating. But I have never passed out from any of those things, nor do I KNOW anybody who has passed out from any of those things.

Everybody's different, and L.A. probably weakens your constitution (at least, that's my theory), but everybody's dropping like flies out there from being too tired, exhausted, dehydrated, and not eating enough.

Or, it's drugs. It's drugs. We all know it's drugs, so why the lies? Who are they fooling other than themselves?

662 days ago


Oh my...that was painful to watch, this woman is a junkie and needs help.

662 days ago


Hope the Nanny is available for the next 15 years.

662 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Ahh ya see? It's all good! The NANNY will take care of everything. Parenting at its best! Btw I don't know who's skankier: Her, Lohan, or Spears.

662 days ago


Their mother is a drug addict, who obviously is using again--the children are not fine. These children need the grandparents to step in full time.

662 days ago


The jewelry making excuse begs the question -
What kind of deadline was she under and where was the jewelry going? To an Indian ashram?

662 days ago


With Brooke as their mother and Charlie as their father heredity could be dangerous to the twins' health.

662 days ago


What is on her hands? omg that is so gross.
And she's wasted while talking about not being on drugs. say what?

662 days ago


Makes me just want to cuddle those beautiful boys in my arms. The grandparents (Martin Sheen, where are you?) need to step in and petition the court for emergency custody. If they don't, they're as much to blame as their addicted parents.

662 days ago


Wow...every time this woman opens her mouth she is wasted. Google her. She slurred her words and at the very least is on a legal ****tail of drugs that will probably kill her faster than meth. I would say she has two years tops. She loves drugs more than her kids. I quit drinking when I looked at my baby and told her I loved her more than anything in this world. It disgusted me to lie to my newborn. That was my turning point. Eight years and haven't looked back. No rehab, no DUI, no jail...just the truth between me, my children and my maker. She'll find a way to get high legally (anti-depressants mixed with sleeping pills and booze) and it will kill her. I hope someone responsible is in line to raise those children.

662 days ago


Charlie Sheen as a dad, crack whore for a mother, these poor children have no hope, social services please put them in a foster home so they have a chance....

662 days ago
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