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Brooke Mueller

I'm NOT Cracked Out

... Just Reeeeally Tired

12/8/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller insists she did NOT overdose Friday morning ... she was just exhausted from a jewelry-making bender ... but TMZ has learned Brooke's family is still VERY concerned about her drug use.

Brooke was in L.A. Friday evening ... when she told TMZ she has obtained medical records to prove drugs were not a factor when her assistant found her unresponsive at 11 AM and called 911.

We broke the story ... Brooke was rushed to a nearby hospital and discharged several hours later.

TMZ spoke to Brooke's assistant ... who tells us she's new on the job, freaked out when she couldn't get Brooke to wake up and mentioned Brooke's history of drug abuse when she was talking to the 911 operator. "I made a mistake," the assistant says ... adding, "I overreacted."

But TMZ has learned ... Brooke's friends and family members, including her mother, have been very worried about Brooke's drug use for the past couple of weeks.

Publicly, Brooke's mom has been an apologist for Brooke ... but privately, she's expressed deep concern.

Last night, Brooke told us she had been making jewelry nonstop for the past several days ... and was so exhausted, she simply passed out cold.

Maybe the jewelry making explains the charred black marks all over her right hand ... then again, maybe it doesn't.


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Jericho Morton    

And it was so kind and sensitive of her to do that neat Huffity Puffity Crack filthy finger design.

686 days ago

david 183    

Either that's the charcoal on her hands after they pumped her stomach or that's from smoking crack or meth. Oh wait or she had her hands up her a$$.

686 days ago


Ummm, can you make jewelry from a crack pipe ? As scene on TV ? - Ha !

686 days ago


She made her assistant publicly apologize for calling 911 when she found her boss unresponsive? Nice. Maybe next time that assistant will do the world (her sons included) a favor and just leave her.

686 days ago


Brooke's family, especially her mother is an enabler. They all need an Alanon intervention.

686 days ago


Does she have custody of her kids, or do her parents???

686 days ago


I think she thinks she's fooling the public with definitionstof drugs. In this context, she's using the word "drugs" strictly for street/illegal drugs, not the prescription kind that I'm guessing she OD'd on. She probably is getting that paper to show her probation officer that she indeed did not OD on the illegal kind.

686 days ago


Where are the babies?

686 days ago


Most crackheads are exhausted.

686 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Passed out after a jewelry making bender? Hahaha. Do these Hollywood types actually think we'll believe that Bull Squat? Those blackened fingers look like she's been cooking drugs on a spoon to me.

686 days ago


hey ill buy you an eight ball and a gun....get high and die.......cause thats what you will be dead soon and one less drug addicted bitch to read about!

686 days ago


She is also doing Adderall.. few drugs will make you go on a 'productive' bender.. making jewelry until your fingers are so stained and ripped up they look like zombie hands... yeah no drugs involved here (rolls eyes)

686 days ago

some guy    

I believe her. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to launch your own line of designer crack pipes and silver-inlaid heroin needles.

686 days ago


Gottam that b. ,it ch be bbqing hotdogs with her fingers

686 days ago


Brooke hun, you forgot the "dehydrated" part. Next time don't forget, it's referred to as exhaustion and dehydration.

686 days ago
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