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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

First Photo of Nurse

Who Killed Herself

12/8/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jacintha Saldanha
Finally putting a face to name, the first photo of the nurse from Kate Middleton's hospital who committed suicide hours after two Australian DJ's pranked her has just been released.

Scotland Yard sent out the haunting snap-shot of Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse on-call at King Edward VII Hospital in London -- who was duped by two radio DJs pretending to be the Queen of England and Prince Charles.

According to Scotland Yard, the 46-year-old Saldanha was pronounced dead on scene Friday and her death is currently listed as "unexplained." An autopsy will be held next week.

Saldanha's family issued a statement. saying, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Jacintha. We would ask that the media respect out privacy at this difficult time."

The Australian radio station behind the phony phone call also issued a statement Saturday, stating it did nothing wrong and there was no way to have foreseen the tragic outcome.

As TMZ previously reported, the two DJ's behind the phone call have since suspended themselves from the airwaves.


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The DJ's shouldn't be blamed for this. No mentally stable person would kill themselves over this. This incident may have been the tipping point, but she had to already have been suffering from severe depression.

654 days ago


I admit I did laugh when I heard the "Queen's" voice because it was an obvious fake, but certainly not a reason for such a tragedy because this poor nurse was duped. Fooling around can backfire, look at Mitch McConnell yesterday.

654 days ago


As with Lady Di, the media still don't understand that the Royals are PEOPLE with a PRIVACY! They call the hospital pretending to be family, how f'd up is that? What do they want? Be turned down by hospital staff? What do they get? A nurse that is overwhelmed by media attention, new security standards at her work place and embarrassment beyond words for making a mistake. I hope the Royals will from now on keep this pregnancy to themselves. The media is not worth putting info out there, even if the people are interested. There just isn't any respect out in the world anymore.

654 days ago


46 seems to be an emotional age for single women....if she has no kids and still looking for a husband, odds are she was already depressed about her future... and the phone prank pushed her over the edge

654 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Tmz...full of class

654 days ago


It's a shame that no one cares about your death but more for a broad spitting up.

654 days ago


Time's up!! The Royal Family should shut everyone out. When Kate has the baby, then they should announce it in some cryptic, terse tone. Social media and the Press seem to be hell- bent on destroying this couple. Good luck William and Kate!!!

654 days ago


She killed herself defending the honor of the royal hillbillies. Why anyone gives a flying fug about this collection of clowns is a mystery. Destroy the monarchy. Feed the poor.

654 days ago


I'm sure there are many sites salivating over getting this picture, but I'm here now so I'll address you. Was that really necessary? I'll bet you're working feverishly to find "death room" pictures or maybe jumping with glee on finding there is a pixelated pic of her body out there. It's not that I expect you to do anything on a higher order than the rest of your ilk but it's just disturbing. That's all.

654 days ago

Truth is    

Her & Diana will gullible sheep fall for she committed suicide.....the queen is evil!!!

654 days ago


who cares...she had to have mental problems before any of this stations do it all the time...listen to morning radio..i do on the way to work and what these guys do cracks me this bitch really had some serious problems before all this ones fault but the fool that commited suicide!

654 days ago


who cares about some brat being born into a family that is totally irrelevent these days......The Queen is as cold as Iceland......she walks around like she has ice cubes up her old azz....and her kids....are all just as trashy as any hillbillie, only thing is they hide behind their money and the fools of england who allow this family fame and fortune for no reason but being pompus idiots. so kate is pregnant.....dogs have puppies big feat here!

654 days ago



654 days ago

Jericho Morton    

During the Royal Brood Pustule insertion into the commoner host husk, the tiny royal foetus of shame implanted suicide thoughts in the servant. Quite obvious really.

654 days ago


Those DJs couldnt have known that they were going to get the most sensitive woman in England on the phone. It was a harmless prank, they did nothing illegal. I'm sure they feel terrible but its not their fault that she made the decision to kill herself over this dumb phone call.

654 days ago
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