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Kate Middleton Hospital Prank

First Photo of Nurse

Who Killed Herself

12/8/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Jacintha Saldanha
Finally putting a face to name, the first photo of the nurse from Kate Middleton's hospital who committed suicide hours after two Australian DJ's pranked her has just been released.

Scotland Yard sent out the haunting snap-shot of Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse on-call at King Edward VII Hospital in London -- who was duped by two radio DJs pretending to be the Queen of England and Prince Charles.

According to Scotland Yard, the 46-year-old Saldanha was pronounced dead on scene Friday and her death is currently listed as "unexplained." An autopsy will be held next week.

Saldanha's family issued a statement. saying, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Jacintha. We would ask that the media respect out privacy at this difficult time."

The Australian radio station behind the phony phone call also issued a statement Saturday, stating it did nothing wrong and there was no way to have foreseen the tragic outcome.

As TMZ previously reported, the two DJ's behind the phone call have since suspended themselves from the airwaves.


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Did she think she was going to lose her job over it? I would be happy to lose a nursing job.

686 days ago

Boy Gary    

Damn have some accoutability. She killed herself, it's HER fault. The dj's were not mean, rude or degrading in any way. If you are so weak to kill yourself over something so minor...then adios. Natural selection at work.

686 days ago

Jericho Morton    

The only 'evidence' it was suicide is "Chief Superintendent Royal Squad Secret" whispered 'It looks like she killed herself". That's it. There has been no examination of the body reported on. Maybe she had a heart-attack or a stroke. They said also that it was "something internal" on TMZ. "Something internal", what striking intelligence from another fat lazy greedy beard-manicured bum fiddler on TMZ.

686 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Sue the living crap out of them and the radio statioin and take everything they've got. Hey, if they one of them can't handle it and commits suicide it was totally unforeseeable! Reasonable people don't commit suicide, right?

686 days ago


The radio station has formally said they did NOTHING WRONG? WOW! Just, wow. Impersonating the Queen of England and lying to two nurses in order to invade Kate's privacy and obtain personal medical information is okay in their minds? True, they couldn't see the future and aren't technically responsible for actually killing Jacibtha, but their actions definitely contributed, no doubt!

686 days ago


The station has a history of controversy, including a series of "Heartless Hotline" shows in which disadvantage people were offered a prize that could be taken away from them by listeners.

Wow, so funny...for those who like juvenile, toilet humor.

686 days ago


Instead of blaming the DJs or the radios station, how about shifting some attention to the media for hyping attention to a stupid non-story of DJs getting through and actually talking to the nurse in the first place! The media outlets talked about this non-story constantly for two days!! It was a silly and somewhat stupid prank. We don't know what the nurse is dead - maybe a heart attack, maybe a suicide, who knows? If it is a suicide, she is rather sensitive. She should have laughed it off and joked about falling for believing the world's worst Queen impression.

686 days ago


Prank calls are indeed an offense. Not sure of the penal code for it but it is illegal. I work in the medical field and all patients are protected by HIPAA and anybody who violates that contract/law, are punishable by jail time and/or fines and the loss of their nursing or practicing license. Jacintha probably felt that she violated HIPAA even though she didn't but the nurse who released that protected info did violate it. The DJ's, and nurse are all responsible. The one who committed suicide did nothing wrong.

686 days ago


Unlike most posting here, I have a background of post-graduate studies in psychiatry.

The DJs lack empathy for others. All they care about is ratings and power over others. There is something wrong with people who have a need to be cruel to other people, period.

Crank calls are not funny; at the least they are the mark of immaturity. Contributing to pain, stress of another is always a risk a jokester takes when playing a trick.

Why do people think it alright to be cruel to others. There is a fine line between humor and hate. Once people learn the difference between a joke and the need to be hurtful, the better off the world will be.

686 days ago

Just Saying    

There was no malice behind the prank. The nurse obviously had some unresolved mental issues.
As a practitioner in the medical field she knew where to go for help in resolving her own personal issues, yet she did not exercise that option.
What is frightening is that she had the authority to look after others when it is more than obvious the fragility of her mind prior to this incident. I am sure the public would have jumped on the bandwagon if she had given a wrong dose to a patient or under performed in her critical care analysis.

686 days ago



686 days ago


I have been saying this for the longest time. People don't think of other people mental state anymore. the social media is turning into our worst nightmare. Mark my words this is just the beginning. People sit behind their computer, radio and tv station making very insensitive comments without thinking some people are not capable of being taking those hard judgement without been extremely sad or depress. Look at Lindsay, I bet this girl cannot recover because of everyone judging every move she makes. I feel sorry for everyone involved and I also feel sorry for our new generation.

686 days ago

Truth is    

Tmzero where's my comment?!?! Here's it again: Her & Diana will gullible sheep fall for she committed suicide.....the queen is evil!!!

686 days ago

queen love    

Your 40's are the saddest years of your life. Mid-life crisis, my azz.

686 days ago


HIPAA is a law in the United States only. It is not a world-wide law. This nurse could not have violated HIPAA here!!

686 days ago
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