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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

You Be the Judge

12/8/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-kate-middleton-radio-gettyThe suicide of the London nurse who was "pranked" by two Australian radio DJs has incited outrage from around the globe. So, we gotta ask …


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Illegal. They should be arrested and charged.

685 days ago


What everyone seems to be forgetting about this whole thing is that the nurse that killed herself was the one that transferred the call to Kates room. The DJs were on the phone with her for MAYBE a second. People on here seem to think the one that killed herself is the one that was answering all the questions. This was nothing more than a harmless prank and anyone on here that can say with a straight face that they've never been a part of one is a bold face liar. The nurse that killed herself obviously had thought about doing to previously and If anything the hospital execs are the ones that pushed her over the line by over reacting to the prank.

Long story short people need to get over their holier than thou attitude and accept that this was nothing more than a harmless prank.

685 days ago


Not exactly a logical leap. Make a stupid mistake at work helped along by a couple of morons in Australia and decide to off yourself. The nurse chose suicide as her solution. Sad, but it's on her.

685 days ago


You gotta love all this righteous indignation. If that nurse hadn't over-reacted to a simple little joke and just laughed it off as a "You got me!", most of you would have just laughed at it and moved on. All she did was transfer a phone call and wound up killing herself over it. Even if she had gotten a reprimand from the hospital, suck it up and move on. This was a little over the top and now everyone has lost all sense of humor, clambering for someone's head on a pike. This from a segment of society who thinks watching Jersey Shore and The Kardashians is good TV. Give your heads a shake. The biggest news from this should have been that they determined that Kate was doing fine and should be released soon, even though they used trickery to find that out. If you think this is bad, just imagine what your governments are doing to find stuff out about YOU!

685 days ago


Do I believe their prank caused the suicide? no. mentally healthy people do not kill themselves over one stupid incident. Do I believe these jock (jerks) are tasteless childish, irresponsible BULLIES? you betcha. And same goes for the so-called "adults" who enjoy listening the idiots like them. Their listeners are very much like the school kids who watch and cheer on the school yard bullies

685 days ago


i agree that the woman had much greater issues. it's absurd to think someone kills themselves over a routed prank call. evident in the action of suicide itself, the woman had problems.

685 days ago


This is more then a prank..It would of maybe been a prank if once the nurse started to say private and any information about Kate the DI's should of hung up or revealed it was a prank..
They took it way over the line . I feel they should be terminated.

685 days ago


First off, this is the question someone who took this call would have to answer in their head...why the hell would the Queen call the hospital and not say William or Kate's personal phones?

Secondly, stop blaming the bloody radio personalities here. This was a harmless call. In fact, this is relatively tame compared to that of The Jerky Boys or even Montreal's Masked Avengers who have pranked everyone from Sarah Palin to Fidel Castro.

I blame the hospital officials who lost their sense of humor and dropped the hammer on this one. The poor woman was probably facing major punishment for being duped by a couple morons from Australia. However, I also agree with the sentiments that the nurse probably had underlying mental issues and would have offed herself anyways.

685 days ago


Even though it is tragic that the nurse took her life and that was something no one could have predicted, the DJ's should have realized that once the prank was revealed, someone probably would have been disciplined or even lost their job. In our economy, is pulling a silly prank worth costing anyone their job?

685 days ago


There is no evidence that the nurse killed herself, Why was she found a block from the hospital. The Royal family had something to do with her death and Scottland Yard is covering it up. If you want to Blame someone Blame the Royal Family, but no one will because they love them too much and give them more power than they already have. Scottland Yard would never arrest Prosecute or sentence a member of the Royal family, The Royal Family is stronger than the Maffia and all othe Organized Crime families.

685 days ago


Forget that the radio DJ said she was the queen she never said the queen of what or give a queens name so there is no fraud their. When the DJ'S asked for Kate the Nurse should have said Kate who and If the DJ'S said Kate Middleton the nurse shoud have hung up because the Palace and all the reps of the Palace do not call the hospital line they have Kates Room number and they would call that line direct. It is the nurses fault for transferring the call getting no information about the caller.

685 days ago


I don't have a problem with prank calls. I have a problem with making prank calls to a hospital! Nurses are there to deal with people that are sick, someone may have an emergency, is it a good use of their time to be played for entertainment while someone in a room might be choking and needing them? For me it is as bad as making 911 prank calls. These Djs had to know whom ever felt for ther joke would to the least lose their job to the list and subject of international scrutiny at its worse. Shameful!

685 days ago

M G    

Follow the money @2DayFMSydney Someone at the hospital said something (u r fire = dead) that cracked the poor woman...think about it

685 days ago


The only victims in this whole mess are the family members of the selfish nurse that killed herself instead of owning up to her mistake!!!

685 days ago


If it was Camilla Prince Charles wife in the hospital and the same phone call was made and the same outcome People would think it was funny and the story would be forgotten, but since it is Kate and William it is a big deal. The whole Royal family is a Royal Maffia they take a large Percentage of Brittians tax money for their own Personal wealth, that is why now we have a free AMERICA.

685 days ago
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