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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

You Be the Judge

12/8/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-kate-middleton-radio-gettyThe suicide of the London nurse who was "pranked" by two Australian radio DJs has incited outrage from around the globe. So, we gotta ask …


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paul a.    

They could not have foreseen this happening but obviously the risk that some unstable person might be affected badly by being made of fool of in such a large scale, is always there.

So yes, the DJs are SOL

661 days ago


every single morning radio DJs around the world make prank phone calls... no one could have seen this coming and furthermore the poor woman who took her life played a much smaller role than her dumb colleague so if anyone should have raided the hospital liquid morphine stash it was the nurse who actually gave out the info not the one who quickly transferred.

661 days ago


Its stupid at the time yes in Australia listening to the radio I found it funny It was not intended to harm. I find it completely ridiculous that people are so outraged that this happened 'It Was A Prank 'gone wrong it was an accident' yet all the **** head yelling and screaming at the dj's are essentially leading them to suicide. they've got enough guilt without people telling them how bad they are, your just as bad as them because your purposely and viciously attacking them. If they commit suicide I hope all the journalists and news people who are attacking them instead of just telling the facts feel like ****.

661 days ago


I have worked as a therapist before with a background in behavioral medicine. Just because a person commits suicide does not make them a bad person, they just are at the end of their rope and they are not thinking rationally anymore. They believe that killing themselves would be the best thing for themselves and for everyone else. To those shmucks who are saying that people who commit suicide are selfish, its quite the opposite. In their minds, they are doing everyone else a favor. Its sad, but with counseling and medicication, they can get help. If you suspect a friend or family member are suicidal, call 911. It is better to be safe than sorry. I blame the hospital for not providing enough follow-up care.

661 days ago

Fleur Richards    

I am curious.
1. Were the Royals unforgiving or blaming towards the nurse? A few understanding words letting her know that they understand that mistakes happen could have been helpful.
2. How did the nurses colleagues/managers support her after she fell victim to this prank? Or was there a great deal of blaming and shaming, with all attention on the needs of the Royal customers?
Yes the DJ's were insensitive, harrassing someone who is sick in hospital may well be a new low, but the welfare of the nurse was in more hands than just theirs.

661 days ago


So let me get this straight. The polls show the suicide to not be foreseeable, but everyone is still anti-joke? So should we all just stop joking around in case some mentally unstable asshat decides to take what we did wrong and shoot themselves in the face? Jesus christ you people are turning into the world's biggest pu$$ies.

661 days ago


I don't find very much fault in the DJs. I definitely don't agree with the people calling them bullies. That seems so far from the truth to me. The death is truly unfortunate but there were much larger issues at play than a silly prank call that wasn't even clever or convincing (and made no attempt to be). The hospital needs to rework their protocol and reevaluate their staff because there seemed to be some very basic common sense missing on their part.

661 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

Unbelievable that the Royals have that much power over people to cause one to commit suicide over a silly prank!

661 days ago


There were two nurses who spoke to the Djs in this prank call. Only one of those two nurses killed themselves. Completely unforeseeable. Completely unreasonable response to a prank phone call is to kill oneself.

This incident whilst tragic has to be be considered unrelated causally.

661 days ago


Let's be fair here. My father commited suicide a month ago. Was there a possible place for blame? Sure. But blaming anyone is dumb. Suicide is a choice made by someone on their own account. They didn't force her to do it. No one did (That we know; Nobody's going to look close at staff, though...) It's not the DJ's fault. It's nobody's fault but her own if she made that choice. Sorry to tell you all but if you haven't dealt with something like this personally your opinions are nothing. And if you have and you'd still blame them, then, well, stop blaming whomever you've thrown blame at. You're doing no good for anyone, least of all your loved one, and you're only going to hurt yourself in the long run.

661 days ago


A very sad situation but after hearing the call, I'm amazed that anyone fell for it and even more I'm amazed at the outrange from Britain at a prank call -this from the country that brought us Ali G and Borat? Imagine if every person Sacha fooled or made to look stupid killed themselves.Get some perspective. I feel most horrible for Kate. The whole situation is a sad start to what should be such a happy time.

661 days ago

Johnny beogudhe    

The DJ's li'l call wasn't distastefully done, it was disengenuosly silly. It was QUITE obvious that the voice of 'the queen' wasn't, so the nurse should have known she was screwing up but went the path of least resistance... there isn't one with the Royal pains, is there? The DJ's didn't kill her, the hospital may have reprimanded, BUT THE ROYALS: this woman decided it was better to commit suicide than to be of their disdain! NOT 1 GOOD THING in 60 yrs has been uttered by any of them: as close was 2 say they were literally related to Vlad, the Impaler/Count Dracula. Long live the royal pains, eh wot?!

661 days ago

Iris and Noel    

We think that poor nurse probably was dragged over the coals in the hospital over the prank call, she must have felt frightened and foolish not to mention worried about the future for her job. The hospital bosses are more than likely the cause rather than blaming the DJ's!!!!!

660 days ago


People thought this was a great prank a few days ago. Obviously the woman was unstable to begin with and in my opinion the DJ's were and are completely innocent. Everyone wants to act all "high and mighty" all of a sudden and act like these DJ's were cruel. They had no idea this woman was unstable. The same people spouting off that this is so horrible are the same ones who thought it was funny a few days ago.

660 days ago

Ellie Rose    

The British got a taste of their own medicine. Didn't the News of the World newspaper get in trouble for phone hacking? Before it stopped publishing they got aways with dubious methods for getting their news. I am not condoning the Aussy DJs, but the British press is pretty sick as well.

660 days ago
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