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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

Lexus Pulls Ads from Radio

Station Behind the Prank

12/8/2012 12:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lexus Australia
has axed all of their advertising from 2DAYFM ... the radio station that allowed two DJs to prank call Kate Middleton's hospital ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke to a rep for Lexus AU ... who tells us the company has officially pulled the plug on their media campaign due to "the current situation​" -- specifically the suspected suicide of the nurse who answered the call.

We're told this isn't the first time Lexus AU has pulled ads from 2DAYFM. The car company pulled ads from the station last year as well following an incident with a different announcer.

This recent ad campaign (which began November 1) was the company's first with the station since then.


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They should of never sponsored then the second time.

649 days ago

It's all about the ratings and the hype. Profit at any cost. The station will say how sorry they are out of one side of their mouth but love the the attention out of the other. They won't take responsibility or fire the DJ's because they will take the attention to the bank first!!

It's a very very sad testimony to the media today.

649 days ago


OMG, this is so over the top. It was a practicle joke that shoudn't have even worked as it was so pathetic but it did. The hospital needs to step up and take responsibility for allowing that and the nurse is the only one responsible for her death.

649 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Sorry to burst your bubble folks but mentally sound people of strong mind and conviction, who are raised with a high emphasis on maintaining honesty and integrity in their lives do in fact kill themselves when they feel that have fallen short of maintaining those values in life and have done harm to others (something these DJ's will probably never understand).

They are not weak minded people, quite the opposite, nor are they mentally ill. They are men and women of integrity who would rather die then live with the shame of having not lived up to the values and ideals they were raised in and so strongly hold. It is a matter of personal and moral responsibility, a way of taking responsibility for their actions that have harmed others. (and ironically not taking responsibility for her actions is what this nurse is being accused of for taking her own life i.e. a cop out).

Example: Think Japan. Japan has the highest suicide rate of any country in the world. How many times have you read about a powerful CEO or government official taking their own life in the wake of a scandal? It is a matter of integrity and accepting personal responsibility for ones failings in the untimate way, and restoring ones honor that they have fallen on. the Japanese have a tolerant attitude toward suicide, and in many occasions suicide is seen as a morally responsible action. Japan is just one of many nations whose culture takes honesty and integrity very seriously. In such cultures taking ones own life in the wake of acting dishonorably is the morally responsible thing to do, not a cop out.

649 days ago


Lexus stepping out and eating of this story. Radio djs play pranks all the time, you gonna pull all your ads. This woman had some issues or maybe it was the luminati

649 days ago


Aren't practical jokes just HILARIOUS? Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of stupid DJ shows. Hope, hope, hope!!

649 days ago


Pretty stupid to blame the DJs. This nurse obviously had other issues.

649 days ago


She had two children and should not have done this especially since no one blamed her or was angry with her. She had other issues that made her do this. Shame on everyone looking for who to blame since this person at fault is dead.

649 days ago

Dennis Nik    

It doesn't end there!

649 days ago


why isnt the nurse who TOOK her own life held accountable... I mean wtf... these radio DJs were just joking around... its a JOKE... its not like her life was over literally... she must have been depressed already and wanted to end it... this 1 joke on her would have been off the airwaves next week when lindsay goes to jail... I mean come on to kill yourself over a joke.. there is more to the suicide... she was prob on depression meds...had a bad breakup... and all kiinds of mess going on in her life to kill herself... DONT BLAME THE DJs... its a JOKE... people who take their own lives do it for THEIR OWN REASONS... nobody can be held accountable but THEMSELVES for taking their own lives... its their choice to do so.....

649 days ago

Janise Grubber    

It was ok when Howard Stern pulled his **** ?

649 days ago


If this poor lady hadn't committed suicide nobody would have known who she was. The whole thing would have been forgotten by now. I don't think the hospital was going to fire her over this dumb prank and she could have gone on with her life. Nobody cared that much.

649 days ago


I dont think its fair to blame the DJs for this,who knew she would kill herself? Probobly the hospital staff and boss,s gave her greef even though they said they didnt?

649 days ago


Maybe they can do a prank with the White House and Obama commits suicide afterwards...

649 days ago


You wouldn't put the queen in hold to check would you think about it . "Two moments mam "

649 days ago
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