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Lindsay Lohan

Getting HANDS ON

with Max from The Wanted

12/8/2012 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan staked her claim to new beau Max GeorgeLindsay Lohan staked her claim to new beau Max George from The Wanted ... throwing her arm around him at a club in New York City last night following their show at Madison Square Garden.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been by Max's side the last few days, even riding with the band on their tour bus. We're told Max has been the aggressor in the "relationship" from the start, but that Lindsay isn't looking for anything serious right now.

Which is probably for the best ... she might be a little busy for the next 8-12 months.


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Guess we know he likes roast beef

654 days ago


I think my first LP was Styx, Paradise Theater. My cousin had it and got me to like it. He got me into AC/DC too. I mean I'm like 10 years old here. I didn't have so many LP's as I did, and still have, 45's. Where there were actual record stores at the mall, I could go in there and get those 45's, 3 for just over a dollar I wanna say. I know they were dirt cheap. They are in a box at my folks in their basement. My brother in law and sister are really into music. I mean I am but he just bought a turntable and got back into getting LP's. I'd love to do something like this, but it'd be exhausting trying to recollect everything. All my music now is on an iPod and LP's sound better by the time the music is converted to be an MP3.

654 days ago


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! please show this fight before I pass ass just grew a 5 oclock shadow

654 days ago


Speaking of food ....ya'll know what I'm craving ? .................. Boar or Bore or as as they call it a good old Pig as in a Pig Picking.....cooked on a grill over a open fire in a fire pit in the backyard....and cooked till the skinned it golden brown and rendered into crackings and the you take that pig and pull off the meat and cut it into slices and chop some up into barbecue and use a Carolina sweet sauce on it....but me I like mine plain with salt and pepper ....OH GOD ! I am hungry now.....and don't have even a dam slice of baloney to in the fridge cause the General ate it all up today......
Old Marvin the Boar better stay off the playground while I'm here ....Hell who am I kidding all the barbecue sauce in the world couldn't cover that bad taste......

654 days ago


Theres always one spoil sport, isn't there?

654 days ago


Zephy, you have mail.

654 days ago


if this guy thinks lindsay is hot..he needs glasses so think he can see the future

654 days ago


I wonder if he will wait for her while she's in the pokey? lmao I just finished watching Freaky Friday and Lindsay looked so cute. Who would think 9 years later, she would end up looking like a 45 year old woman, with probation violations, a drunk driving record, hit and run, in and out of jail and now a roodie with possible jail time hanging over her head and the IRS on her tail and a flop of a movie about one of the greatest stars of all time.
Wow how the mighty have fallen.

654 days ago


Where the hell is Nikki?

654 days ago

Relyk Johnson    

Again, who the fcuk is THE WANTED

654 days ago


GOD DAMN!! these pre fight BS is tire som

654 days ago


you know you career sucks when you have to follow a No named Boy band..its like Milo Jr managing smokie robotics

654 days ago


Lohan is done.

Charges are filed. In LA and in NYC. This is not a nah, no big deal just more misdemeanor charges my lawyer will get me out of. These filed charges are in less then 9 months after Lohan Left Saunters court room and she hasen't stopped partying, drinking and drugging since and still is.

Lohan is fully aware and knows how to play the legal technicalities and loopholes. Lohan has years of practice and has still gottten away with it.

Current, Shawn Holly as good as she is can only do so much. The new judge will decide to revoke probation and jail.

654 days ago


blohan orange cheap spray tan ...pls pay her more max....

654 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Jay, got ya on Monkey Man and I'll raise you Can't You Hear Me Knocking.

654 days ago
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