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NYC Is a Drag

(When America Is PISSED)

12/8/2012 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, this is not a picture from a gangster movie ... it's Korean rapper Psy puffing a cigarette in the back of his car -- right BEFORE watching his new-found American fame almost go up in smoke.

Psy looked cool as a cucumber out in NYC on Thursday ... just hours before footage unearthed, which showed the rapper at a concert back in 2004 singing "Kill those f-ing Yankees" and smashing toy American tanks.

Psy apologized as soon as the news broke, claiming the concert was years ago and his words were a reaction to the Iraq war.

Psy is scheduled to perform in front of President Obama on Sunday and petitions (which have since been pulled down) were reportedly circulating earlier today in an effort to ban the rapper from performing in front of POTUS.

The White House confirmed Sunday afternoon that Psy will perform as scheduled.

We're guessing he could use another cig right about now.


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is his 15 minutes up yet?

654 days ago


Wait, an American tank ran over two school girls? Why have I never heard of this:

I really don't have an opinion on this, or than I'm somewhat sympathetic. Especially when you consider the soldiers involved were found not guilty of negligent homicide.

654 days ago

Glory Bee    

I read his apology in it's entirety. I accept it. Very well thought out and sincere.

654 days ago



654 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Is this any different than giving just as much attention to the likes of that little Dumb **** Head Beiber?? This whimpy little A-Hole has NO TALENT at all-- Its amazing what our illiterate KIds like these days!!!

654 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

What is REALLY sad, is that the attention this received on L ine? It is really shocking what is considered "entertainment" today by American viewers??? Its like , they get kicks from watching an IDIOT excreate on their screen??? What do we have for brains today??? Just what kind of a mental break down is happening to our yopung people here- When this guy and Justin Beiber get more attention that ANY DECENT human being??? We have lost ALL our moral clarity to FILTH and STUPIDITY!!!

654 days ago


The first time I heard him talk on a show, I could tell he was an extremely heavy smoker--you can tell it has really gotten to him. As for his song about hating Americans, I don't think he's sorry at all--just needs us now for his fame. I wish he would go away.

654 days ago


The United States Army has been protecting his lame ass country from the North Koreans for over 50 years.
Does anyone have any idea how much that costs?
Maybe we should just leave, and same hundreds of millions of dollars?

654 days ago


The United States Army has been protecting his lame ass country from the North Koreans for over 50 years.
Does anyone have any idea how much that costs?
Maybe we should just leave, and save hundreds of millions of dollars?

654 days ago


I was in Korea from 2001 to 2003 and there was ALOT of anger directed at us Americans..... some of it justified. Our soldiers were raping Korean women, ran over 2 little girls on their way to a birthday party, and to compound the problem, the brass sent the soldiers that killed the little girls back to the states.... I'm not sure they were even punished. At that point, all soldiers were confined to our bases for their saftey. he older Koreans were glad we were there, the younger Koreans didn't understand our purpose and lashed out.

654 days ago


Well I am not the President has done everything to kill the petitions. You gotta wonder.

654 days ago


Revoke his visa and send this asshat back. Unfortunately if North Korea invaded South Korea we'd have to save them AGAIN.

654 days ago

Marco Polo    

I'm guessing his two minutes of fame here in the US is almost up? :)
To be fair, what he did was a long time ago when he didn't think that he would be famous elsewhere. But, freedom of speech does have consequences. This makes people take a second look at him and think - If he wants me dead, should I be supporting his music and rise to fame??

654 days ago


Too bad, big guy. You had us all in the palm of your greasy little hand. But dude, remember America Occupies Korea? Enjoy the kimchee on your flight out.

654 days ago


On the fence about this one in terms of how long ago he said it. I will say this though, unfortunately I can no longer support him. My love for my country and military trumps all. Later dude....

654 days ago
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