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Aussie DJ

Bragged About Royal Prank

BEFORE Nurse Suicide

12/9/2012 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-royal-mel-greig-tmzThe Australian DJ who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II in a prank phone call ... BRAGGED about her accomplishment on Facebook ... right before the nurse who answered the call committed suicide.

TMZ obtained a screenshot of Mel Greig's Fbook page taken Friday evening in Australia ... a.k.a. BEFORE news broke that Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse duped by Greig and her co-host -- had been found dead in London.

The post reads ... "Why is it that I can impersonate the queen to get private royal information but no one believes I'm the queen for a free champagne whilst out?"

Greig attached a pic to the post -- of herself and another chick, smiling and hanging out at a bar.

We reached out to Mel's rep for comment ... who said (again), "No one could have ever predicted the tragic sequence of events that followed the prank call."

As TMZ previously reported ... Greig and her co-host Michael Christian shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages immediately after the nurse's death -- and suspended their gig at the station.


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I find this story ridiculous. Even though TMZ bolded that the DJ posted this on Facebook BEFORE the news broke, they've run this non-story to further infuriate people about this sad situation.

591 days ago


It's silly that people say it's not their fault could have happened to anyone. Not everyone would pull such a retarded prank. People need to call the hospital to talk to their sick loved ones. People need to call the hospital for medical advice. Doctors call the hospital to check on patients. They are over worked and over stressed and don't need retards who think it's funny to prank them and harass a sick woman. You don't prank hospitals, police or fire departments. That is how it should be. So they deserve to get fired. It wasn't funny, and it was irresponsible. that being said, I don't think they're at fault for the death. The woman only answered the phone and transferred the call. it was another nurse who stupidly gave the private information without vetting the callers. So for the first nurse to commit suicide over doing nothing, she obviously had other issues. But that doesn't mean the DJs have no responsibility. They're not responsible for her death, but that moment of stupidity may have been the final straw that pushed her over an edge she had been hanging over. If you're going to pull a prank... high stress jobs where lives depend on the responders should not be the first place you call.

591 days ago


So what? The nurse obviously had mental issues if she committed suicide because she transferred a call that she shouldn't have. The morning-show people didn't cause it to happen.

On the other hand, it does seem that they are criminally unfunny (just like all radio morning shows).

591 days ago


why do so many people think that the dj's aren't in some way responsible for this woman's death?
do to what happened to the woman AFTER her prank call she was found dead.
before the prank she was a nurse caring for the sick as a nurse.
i'm sorry but there is responsibility that needs to be taken.
the dead nurse is a victim of a edgy prank gone wrong.
it's not the dead person's fault that life got to overwhelming to manage.

591 days ago


maybe people who try to be funny by pranking another might have to think twice before doing it.

591 days ago


The only person who broke the law offed herself later. She accessed confidential information and distributed to someone who she did not verify was who they said they were.

591 days ago


It sounds like you are just reiterating, TMZ. Why not give us a ‘REAL’ update?

I feel horrible for everyone involved in this tragedy, especially the victim and her family. The DJ’s have not been allowed to make a statement. There have been reports that the DJs are devastated; “Friends say ex-model Mel Greig is ‘close to a breakdown’ and undergoing 'intensive psychological counselling' along with colleague Michael Christian…”.

Do we even know who thought up the prank? What if it was a producer? Did they get permission from a higher up before they made the call? 2DayFM stated they will launch an investigation into its practices. Shouldn’t the hospital also launch an investigation into their privacy protection practices?

Whoever thought up this prank should have weighed the pros and cons. It seems reasonable to assume the cons would be embarrassment and humiliation at best, and job loss, damage to the hospital’s reputation and/or a law suit at worse. I’m sure nobody could have imaged a death would result from this prank.

Perhaps we should wait for the post mortem, inquest and investigation before we start pointing the finger or fingers?

591 days ago


Leave these two alone. I'm sure they feel like absolute **** already

591 days ago


Tmz keeps trying to bury these djs, let it go, Wait till someone kills themselves over you're misleading headlines, then are we allowed to blame you!!!!!!

591 days ago


It was a prank call. End of it. It isn't their fault a suicidal person killed herself. If it were a mean prank, something personal or revealing that would be one thing. This wasn't personal (for the person who took the call) and it wasn't mean. If she had any sense should could have milked the attention for a free vacation and some money.

591 days ago


No one knew the nurse would take her own life but the fact the dj's did this is wrong!!! I've heard the call and it wasn't funny and absolutely not believeable! The dj's should have stopped when the nurse started giving personal info and didn't...they were wrong! And besides everything else this whole matter with Kate being sick is nobody's business! Let William and Kate alone so they can have some piece in their marriage and the celebration of their first born!

591 days ago


Jesus now prank call are going to be outlawed? Not their fault the lady was a psycho who had to kill herself because of some royal garbage.

591 days ago


I laughed so ****in hard at this lol! Sad about the suicide, but still a good prank nonetheless.

591 days ago


The nurse must have had mental issues before this happened. The DJ's cannot be blamed for her death, that is ridiculous.

591 days ago

Chris Seavey    

You're not aloud to be on your high horse, ~exposing~ them bragging about something that they couldn't have possibly expected or wanted, and then at the article post the call up for our ~enjoyment~ ... if u really cared about that nurse you wouldn't post that video again

591 days ago
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