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Aussie DJ

Bragged About Royal Prank

BEFORE Nurse Suicide

12/9/2012 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-royal-mel-greig-tmzThe Australian DJ who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II in a prank phone call ... BRAGGED about her accomplishment on Facebook ... right before the nurse who answered the call committed suicide.

TMZ obtained a screenshot of Mel Greig's Fbook page taken Friday evening in Australia ... a.k.a. BEFORE news broke that Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse duped by Greig and her co-host -- had been found dead in London.

The post reads ... "Why is it that I can impersonate the queen to get private royal information but no one believes I'm the queen for a free champagne whilst out?"

Greig attached a pic to the post -- of herself and another chick, smiling and hanging out at a bar.

We reached out to Mel's rep for comment ... who said (again), "No one could have ever predicted the tragic sequence of events that followed the prank call."

As TMZ previously reported ... Greig and her co-host Michael Christian shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages immediately after the nurse's death -- and suspended their gig at the station.


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People just trying to have but never realize how serious it could be. SMH! People these days

628 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

I hear Mel is on suicide watch now. If she kills herself it's not anybody's fault right? She must have already had problems. Who kills themselves over a silly prank, right?

Hmm where have i hear that before?

628 days ago


I find it funny I made a comment in The Sun (UK) site that there should have a independent investigation into how much pressure the nurse privately faced from UK government, Hospital heads and royals themselves. They don't dare to approved the comment. Sounds like cover up to me.

628 days ago


It's pretty disrespectful that you're still posting the call. How about out of respect for the deceased and her family, you take it down?

628 days ago


People need to give these dj's a break! Do you honestly think they wanted the nurse to kill herself? It was a prank that just went wrong, not their fault.

628 days ago


The media was responsible for turning an innocent prank that few knew about into an international scandal, and now they continue to add fuel to the fire with articles like this one assisting the lynch mob in crucifying a pair of DJ's who never intentionally set out to hurt anyone. Obviously this Facebook post was made before the nurse committed suicide, and obviously the DJ had no idea that the nurse was going to commit suicide, so what is the point of publicizing this posting other than to unfairly demonize the DJ? We do not even know for sure that the nurse killed herself because of the prank and that she was not pushed to the edge over a completely unrelated problem that we may not be privy to (long term depression, discovery of infidelity in her marriage, illness, etc) so if anything, the media should be asking the public to put down their pitchforks until they know the whole story. Instead, you sensationalize the incident further and for what? Do the DJ's deserve to bullied to death? Do they deserve to have their lives ruined because they did something that 1000s of other DJ's have done 1000s of other times, without any complaints or incidents? No one could have predicted the nurse would have killed herself and no one knows the whole story behind why she did, but one thing is for certain- continuing to harass these DJ's, until they possibly kill themselves, is not helping matters nor will it bring the nurse back to life.

628 days ago


She should be charged, not in the death of the nurse, but in getting past royal security. She's a moron for bragging about it. I never understood why people found impersonation phone calls funny.

628 days ago


Ok people look, it isn't that she was unstable, we are talking about the royal family. Who knows what was going on because of it. The people who were assigned to take care of Kate take their job very seriously. She was ridiculed and then became depressed. Had these idiots not done the prank guess what, none of this would have happened so yes it is their fault. To say it isn't their fault is like saying bullies are not at fault (at all) when the person they are bullying snaps and finally kills someone. Have some common sense.

628 days ago


The whole thing is very tragic, but its not the DJ's fault. The nurse may have been a wonderful person and great at her job.. but she had issues.. my guess is she might have been bi polar. my prayers go out to her family but this in no way is the fault of the DJ's

628 days ago


Well of course BEFORE. What, she gonna brag about it afterwards?

628 days ago


TMZ, get a clue. This is not the dj's fault. It's all the hospital and the nurse.

628 days ago


They lied about who they were. They played the wrong person and lost.

628 days ago


I don't think anybody who make a prank call like this and ever worry that whoever was on the other line might commit suicide after being duped and embarrassed. They really could not have known and there was no malicious intent w/the prank, and it was just meant to be goofy. I'm sure she feels bad enough.

628 days ago


I just read that the female dj is in such distress blaming herself for the nurse's suicide that those around her are fearing for her mental well being and future actions. Story implied she has had past "issues". Could one "harmless prank" lead to even more harm, another awful consequence?

628 days ago


Also both djs have done "raw" interviews with Australian news which will air in a couple hours there.

628 days ago
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