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LeAnn Rimes

I'm NOT Anorexic

or Addicted to Laxatives

12/9/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-leann-rimes-brandi-glanville-getty-tmzLeAnn Rimes is full of crap ... but in a good way ... 'cause the singer tells TMZ she's NOT addicted to laxatives ... despite allegations made by "Real Housewife" Brandi Glanville.

The gloves came off this week when Brandi (a.k.a Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife) accused LeAnn (a.k.a Eddie Cibrian's NEW wife) of being a terrible stepmom to Brandi and Eddie's two young sons.

Specifically Brandi claimed LeAnn carelessly let one of the boys eat one of her laxatives and it made the lil guy sick -- AND she said LeAnn carries the pooping pills everywhere she goes, due to a "serious eating disorder."

LeAnn tells TMZ ... Brandi's "outlandish allegations" are 100% B.S. She doesn't have any diseases or addictions ... and while she's tried to remain silent in the past -- out of respect for their families -- there's only so much "harassment" she can take.

LeAnn continues, "It's a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone's sake, this changes."

We pushed Brandi's people for a comment ... and pushed ... and pushed ... and pushed ... but came up with nothin'.


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Bitch please    

I wonder when she finds out that her husband banged the waitress and she gets humiliated publically if she'll get all crazy and off herself. She seems nuts like that.

650 days ago


Brandi Glanville is a mean shrew who can't get past the fact that her husband walked out. Yes, LeeAnn took her husband, but its time to move on.

One laxative eaten by her son does not constitute a health crisis that needs to be reported to the media. The kid probably needed it anyway.

650 days ago

prince luvr    

Oh god someone stop and get me off this same stupid ride

650 days ago


LeAnn is an ATM card for Eddie Cibrian, a washed up soap star. He took a huge step down when he left Brandi, who's gorgeous, and has to look at a camel in order to pay his bills.

650 days ago


You can take the girl out of the trailer...

650 days ago


Brandi's a skank & needs to shut her hole!!!!

650 days ago


Would Brandi ?(insert last name) be known for anything special?other than this, does she do anything besides bitch? sing? act? model? lol...little old for that (which I do not fault her for) But really does she even belong in Beverly Hills?does she make the money from the show to live there? I am just being honest. Oh, NEWS FLASH......she is probably working with several wives who are not the husbands first. Your really no different than many woman

650 days ago


Would these two just grow up already and stop with the public thrashings! It's like they reached maturity in junior high and stopped growing. Sh*t happens and life goes on... get over the bad stuff, learn from it, move the f*ck on and grow the f*ck up! Rotten examples being set for those 2 boys by both 'ladies'.

650 days ago


Where would you have Brandi live Pam? In the valley with you? She was a model and still does some but as we age it is far less lucrative, perhaps you would have her scout around for fading country star with lots of royalties? Isn't BH best for that? JUST DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS and stay off Twitter, you won't really have the time, AND SELL YOUR BOOK BRANDI, success and independence is it's own wonderful fabulous reward.Then they can kiss your grits.

649 days ago


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my brain had to process this bullsh*t:: "and while she's tried to remain silent in the past -- out of respect for their families -- there's only so much "harassment" she can take."
Holy f*cking bull lying sh*t, if i have ever seen it! LeAnn keep silent? LeAnn respectful???? My f*cking @ss, that c*nt hasn't shut the f*ck up, since she was humping Eddies ugly douche @ss, behind Brandi's back!! I better not ever read such lies again. B*tch can't keep her mouth shut to save her life. And respectful? She f*cked the guy knowing he was married and had small children and knowing she was even f*cking married!! She constantly has inappropriate photos of herself in thongs and bikinis, making out with Eddie in front of Brandi's kids. She wont stfu about Brandi's kids either and acts like they are hers, specially after all she has done? She puts her whole life on twitter and harasses other people for having an opinion about her, on their private server. She is an all around piece of sh*t. And I pray her Karma gets her so damn bad. I don't think Brandi is lying either. Leann has obvious self esteem problems. As soon as she got with that cheating d-bag, she goes and gets a boob job, gets super bone skinny and looks like a Brandi carbon copy. Though I think Brandi should be classy and ignore LeAnn, I do know it's hard to deal with a c*nt like that on a regular basis.

649 days ago

go home!    

Yes, because LeAnn is so known for telling the "truth." Brandi on the otherhand tells the truth so much it gets her in trouble! Plus, LeAnn didn't even deny taking laxatives, she just denies being "addicted." Addicts never can admit their addictions, so.....Lock up your laxitives and adderall Leann, very irresponsible of you. PS, no one believes you or likes you.

649 days ago


She so ugly...

649 days ago


OMG...the headline itself is ****ing hilarious!

649 days ago


whore skank leann and eddie are constantly blasting brandi.leann especially does it on twitter all of the time.radar had a story the other day about leann taking digs at her at a concert and eddie had sent brandi a vile email.leann starts s hit up then plays the woe is me victim card when the other person defends themself.leann is nothing but a vile skank whore home wrecker who can not grasp why everyone hates her.she calls brandi's kids her own then wonders why brandi hates her sorry ass

649 days ago


Investigated this for sometime now for research purpose and here is what I discovered ..

Leann- From the moment the affair was discovered she has taunted Brandi whether it be on social media or following her to her kids school to make her presence known. She set up pap shots to break the affair because she knew that would force Eddie and Brandi to break up (he didnt want it to come out). She than found a house in Eddie and Brandi’s neighborhood so when the affair was “leaked” he had no choice but to go to her…and her money made Eddie see a silverlining. From the get go Leann made comments on twitter to taunt Brandi about her new found “LOVE” but even worse yet she used and still does Eddie and Brandi’s sons as ammo, therefore saying statements like “my boys” and claiming the kids as her own which is the most recent reason Brandi freaked out.

Brandi- While she has every right in the world to feel infuriated with Leann’s antics from the get go, she goes about venting her frustration all wrong! She freaks out on twitter or retaliates to LR where the world can see it. She should not do this as she comes off bad, she should respond to LR privately no matter what LR does. Because everyone knows that Leann just digs her own grave and eventually the will divorce and Brandi and the kids will be done with her. For now let her be the only one to look bad. Both of them need better PR people. If you pay attention to every Leann interview she fake cries on que and everything she says is “me, me, me”! Smart people see through her. Brandi should definitely clean up her language and her tact.

Eddie- Well maybe he has a chance to regain his career- IF he leaves Leann. If not he is done. And how his kids will feel about him one day after learning of all this is still to be seen but Im betting its not good.

649 days ago
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