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Ariel Winter's Sister

Grilled Over Drug Use

by Mom's Attorneys

12/10/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter
's sister -- and current guardian -- sat down for a deposition with her mother's attorneys, and was hammered with questions about drug use ... TMZ has learned ... but the questions for the most part netted the history of your average Joan.

Shanelle Gray was grilled last week by Chrystal Workman's attorneys in the ongoing guardianship case for the "Modern Family" star -- and sources connected to Shanelle tell us she was asked if she ever took drugs ... specifically, cocaine.

We're told Shanelle said she tried cocaine only once -- either in 2005 or 2006 -- at a Hollywood party. She thought someone laced it with something bad ... because she got sick.

We're told Shanelle told the attorneys she went to the hospital as a precautionary measure, and was released that same night.

We're also told Shanelle copped to spending a "few days in jail" in Virgina, when she was 19  ... in connection with a reckless driving incident.

And our sources say Shanelle was asked if she ever got a DUI. We're told she said she was pulled over in LA in 2005 or 2006 and was given a ticket on a night when she had "one glass of wine." She says the judge eventually threw out the ticket because her blood alcohol level was so low.

Sources close to Chrystal tell us her attorneys plan to use Shanelle's depo info during the guardianship hearing ... in an attempt to show she is not a suitable role model or guardian for Ariel.


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All these allegations were from 6-7 yrs ago and nothing sticks. Their mother is a heartless b%

679 days ago


I don't know how "she was young once and made a few mistakes" is going to do anything. The judge is going to see right through that psychotic mother.

679 days ago


It's not a choice of the lesser of two evils, the mom isn't going to get her back

679 days ago


Those poor daughters. Hard enough growing up in general, add the spotlight, and a crazy mother, I feel bad. Shame on the mother!!!

679 days ago


Since I have limited knowledge of depositions, Shanelle permitted to have a lawyer with her, is it required? Just doesn't seem right that 'anyone' would have to do this cold, with no representation. There is no doubt Mom's lawyers were in attack mode, in a sink or swim situation,....b-u-t, mistakes she made were sooo long ago.

679 days ago


This 'mother' is proving over and over Ariel's side. What kind of mother would publicly humiliate her children as she has done? She sounds like a horrible woman, let alone mother. I hope there is no chance Ariel gets sent back there.

679 days ago


I'm a mother of a son 30 he's great, and with that any mother that throes mud in a child's face the way she has, should not be allow to have children. If you read the whole story Shanelle has set up a trust that no one can touch, not even her.

679 days ago


Wow, that crazy woman’s getting desperate. I hate to tell her but someone who has made a few mistakes in the past (and even had one thrown out by the judge) is still a FAR better guardian than a mother who starves her daughter, verbally berates her, and tries to release nude pictures of her daughter. Bitch just needs to accept that her meal ticket is gone and her fat ass needs to start looking for a job.

679 days ago

John T.    

When the mother is done dragging these girls through the mud in courts, they are going to hate her. She is going to be a lonely old lady and broke after she pays her lawyer.

679 days ago


again with this crap...

679 days ago


What a piece of **** mom. You really care more about money then your 2 daughters. I'm sad for these girls, they deserve a real mom not a money sucking bitch

679 days ago


Well now, if Mom's attorney is going to discredit Daughter #1 because of a few past mistakes, then how about the big discredit of Mom that she had a daughter already removed at age 16 and put into Foster care. The only one looking like a tyrant here is Mommy Dearest. Me thinks Workman is channeling Joan Crawford.

679 days ago


So the horrible mother, is going to use something her daughter made a mistake with around the age of 19? Specially after all the abuse she put her through, what teenager would be right in the head? This mother is just terrible if any judge listens to this , they don't deserve to work in the justice system. no one is perfect, but their mother is just some kind of evil.

679 days ago


Who is this person and why are you reporting on her. No one gives a ****

679 days ago


The truth comes out. Shanelle you are a naughty girl. Sounds like a dirty girl also. I bet she is fun in the sack!!

679 days ago
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