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Australian Radio Station

History of Airing

Dangerous Pranks

12/10/2012 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's some serious hypocrisy at the Australian radio station that pulled the plug on the Kate Middleton pranksters -- because the station has a history of setting up dangerous stunts ... some purposely designed to cause panic and mayhem.

2DayFM's "Kyle and Jackie O" show aired a segment called "Desperate Acts" back in 2009 ... where a listener was given $1,000 to call her sister and convince her their mother was injured, bleeding, and in need of medical attention.

It worked ... the sister called 911 and sent paramedics speeding to the mother, who was totally fine.

That hoax prompted a police investigation.

Later in 2009 ... Kyle and Jackie O hooked up a teenager to a lie detector while her mother grilled her about her sex life. The stunt blew up in their faces when the girl suddenly revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

That segment led to another police investigation, and got the DJs a week-long suspension.

Additionally, 2DayFM has reportedly been on probation multiple times for violating Australia's broadcast code.

Despite getting repeatedly slapped on the wrist for their stunts ... 2DayFM honchos still signed off on Michael Christian and Mel Greig pulling the Kate prank.

2DayFM's response to the nurse's death has been that "no one could have predicted" the tragedy -- arguably true -- but they've also broadcast stunts where tragedy is not only foreseeable, but desired.

So, canceling the DJ's show ... hypocritical?


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"radio host Kyle Sandilands suggested Polish actress Magda Szubanski should lose weight by visiting a concentration camp." wtf is wrong with these people... They don't feel sorry. They have a long history of this behavior. After the girl revealed being raped they responded with "Right. And is that, is that the only experience you've had?" These two are idiots that deserve all the hate and threats coming their way, bout time karma hit them

649 days ago


I thought it was bad to start with but now I'm shocked. How in the world did they think those types of jokes were funny..It's disgusting to read how that radio station has caused such pain and basically got away with it for years

649 days ago


DJ's do this stuff all the time. There was a DJ in my town that got a hold of Mariah Carey at a hospital and told her she was pregnant, she freaked out!! This was way before she ever considered having kids, my point, This is nothing new in the radio business, and these DJ's are not the only ones to blame. It is very sad the outcome of this, but there is no way they would have known this would happen, get off your high horse!

649 days ago


The Kate stunt is not in the same league as those other two. Blaming them for the nurse's suicide is ridiculous. No mentally stable, non-depressed person would kill themselves over a prank call. Clearly this woman was unstable and in need of professional help. The prank call may have pushed her over the edge, but chances are high that she would have done it anyway at some point.

649 days ago


I still don't understand why that nurse felt she had to commit suicide over something so dumb!

649 days ago


These people are disgusting.

649 days ago


oh my gosh get over it! It was a little prank. It's not their fault that the nurse answered and fell for their awful accents. People are taking this WAY too far! It was a prank call! IT HAPPENS! People need to calm down, seriously. They didn't think that they would actually get transferred, they even said so.

649 days ago


Cut them off...TRASH!

649 days ago


wow tht should have been my family, through they didnt actually kill her with their hands , but they ****ing stupid actions cause her deaths and no amout of apologies, can fix tht tht is y they should be made to pay and pay heavy

649 days ago


The 911 prank is an insanely stupid and cruel thing to do.

649 days ago


Being made a fool in front of the world could push someone over the edge. Who knows what may have been going on in her life at the time these jack asses called. The public humiliation may have been the last straw.

649 days ago


I can only surmise that these individuals (I will not call them "people") were bullies when they were in school and probably terrorized their classmates. What type of warped brain thinks that humiliation, degradation, and fear are amusing? They should be charged with murder.

649 days ago


I wonder if they were smart enough to turn the laugh track off when the girl was describing her rape. The chemicals released by the brain during emotional distress can have a profound affect, duh. Why don't they just kick people in the nuts? I love that show

649 days ago

paul a.    

The nurse clearly had other issues, most suicides are due to a multitude of reasons. However, most suicides also take place after a trigger incident that brings it all to a head.
When you are calling people at random you run the risk of running into unstable people.
It's no excuse to blame the victim.
Yes, she was probably unstable, but very few people could handle worldwide ridicule like those 2 nurses did. Also, I'm speculating that the one nurse in the room may have had some serious words with the nurse who let the call through (the suicide)

649 days ago


What morons!!

649 days ago
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