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Australian Radio Station

History of Airing

Dangerous Pranks

12/10/2012 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's some serious hypocrisy at the Australian radio station that pulled the plug on the Kate Middleton pranksters -- because the station has a history of setting up dangerous stunts ... some purposely designed to cause panic and mayhem.

2DayFM's "Kyle and Jackie O" show aired a segment called "Desperate Acts" back in 2009 ... where a listener was given $1,000 to call her sister and convince her their mother was injured, bleeding, and in need of medical attention.

It worked ... the sister called 911 and sent paramedics speeding to the mother, who was totally fine.

That hoax prompted a police investigation.

Later in 2009 ... Kyle and Jackie O hooked up a teenager to a lie detector while her mother grilled her about her sex life. The stunt blew up in their faces when the girl suddenly revealed she had been raped when she was 12.

That segment led to another police investigation, and got the DJs a week-long suspension.

Additionally, 2DayFM has reportedly been on probation multiple times for violating Australia's broadcast code.

Despite getting repeatedly slapped on the wrist for their stunts ... 2DayFM honchos still signed off on Michael Christian and Mel Greig pulling the Kate prank.

2DayFM's response to the nurse's death has been that "no one could have predicted" the tragedy -- arguably true -- but they've also broadcast stunts where tragedy is not only foreseeable, but desired.

So, canceling the DJ's show ... hypocritical?


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The prank with the royalty was in and of itself not something you would think causes a suicide, but these others? Wow. Big bad history, and this radio station should be forced to change its' format.

681 days ago


They would have been fired immediately in America and hopefully locked up after that first, dumb "prank". Wow, people are sick to find that entertaining.

681 days ago


They would have been fired immediately in America and hopefully locked up after that first, dumb "prank". Wow, people are sick to find that entertaining.

681 days ago


The DJ were just doing what every other DJ in the world does, prank calls, this little girl had more deeper issues then switching a call thru... if your to put blame on someone else for anouther killing themselves then the blame needs to be on the hospital her boses and co-workers and the all the others out there that want to make this more then it was just a prank call, not a missle crisis!!! Glad and happy for the Princess and Prince but PLEASE!!! it was FUNNY!!! to bad others made this young girl feel so bad she killed herself .. :(

681 days ago


What low-life douchebags! I cannot fathom why their bosses would approve of these dangerous, and now deadly, "pranks". In the U.S., the F.C.C. would shut the entire radio station down, impose serious fines, and prosecute those involved in these so-called "pranks". THESE ARE NOT PRANKS! These are crimes! I only hope the Royal family gets involved to help end to the existence of this radio station.

681 days ago


In some cultures shame is worse than death, also nursing has no room for error this little prank was too much for her it went worldwide.

681 days ago


The nurse had issues, all she did was transfer the call. She left 2 children and a husband. The DJ's did that family a favor.

681 days ago


The DJs enviously never intended this end result to happen but they also didnt consider what would happen if they publicly embarrassed this woman on a international scale. Also, altho they considered this a harmless prank, the fact is that they imitated the royal family in order to invade the privacy of the duchess when she was admitted to hospital for extreme morning sickness, why couldn't they leave her alone during this time? Hasn't the world learned its lesson after what happened to princess Diana? The press didnt intend for her to die when they chased her down but the fact remains that a series of poor judgments and the invasion of privacy led to her death, as did it lead to the poor nurses as well

681 days ago


Some of those earlier pranks were horrid but the one to Kate's room was pretty mild. There was no way that they could know they would find a mentally unstable nurse. There are numerous "prank" shows on TV, any of which could possible affect a mentally unstable person in a deadly manner. These shows are entertaining and will continue. There will always be suicides and there will always be plenty of blame to go around even when it is misplaced.

681 days ago

탑 TOP    

eww to think I felt some sort of sympathy for these vile morons

681 days ago


Its a no brainer. Cancel the show. Put the two in the back and let them shuffle papers for real radio hosts.

681 days ago

the real diva    

those pranks were so low .. so very childish. it cost someone their life.
it wasn't funny it was sick. the show should have been cancelled a long time ago.
sounds like they did too much bull already.
the radio station should get fined and those 2 idiots fired.

681 days ago


this hoax was not set out to be a malicious attack. a lot of people have made the comment that they did not expect the call to get thru, it did and was taped. it was not aired live, so they made the decision to air the call at a later time. i don't believe they are responsible for this woman's death, they are responsible for fraud to obtain someones medical condition and going public with it.yeah i saw that cow crying on tv today......oh well

681 days ago


It seems they don't care about crossing lines or boundaries. You NEVER prank hospitals, police, fire stations etc. The pranks listed above are even worse.

681 days ago



681 days ago
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