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Lindsay Lohan

Front Row Groupie

at The Wanted Show

12/10/2012 6:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

She may be strapped for cash, but Lindsay Lohan still managed to score a front row seat to The Wanted's show in NYC this weekend.

Continuing her latest gig as the band's biggest groupie, Lindsay was all smiles as she took in lead singer -- and new man friend -- Max George's intoxicating awesomeness from the front row of their latest concert.

After riding the band's tour bus from Philly to Boston this week, Lindsay was also spotted getting touchy-feely with Max at a NYC club on Friday night.

Despite all of Lindsay's court, career and financial troubles, at least she can say she's still going places.


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Celebs behaving badly    

All cir***stances are taken into account by judges. In this case if she thumbs her nose at the court by taking off to chase a boy band in another country what that says to the judge is "while she was not required to attend this hearing, it appears that Ms. Lohan has no interest in the gravity of this matter. It appears that she does not care at all about this court of this proceeding"

Bailiff!! Wack Shawn Holley's pee pee!!

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

Dept 147 Airport Courthouse. I forgot I dont think you can access images on criminal cases only the name and charges. Dont want to waste my money doing a criminal index search

Checked tentative rulings and there is nothing today for Dept 147

646 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay tweeted that she hearts the UK

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

They have very civilized jails in London. She should feel right at home cuz that is where she will end up

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly

646 days ago


@SUZA271 Thank you for backing me up. I'd like to elaborate further on Crackie's addictions. Judge Sautner stated in court that she believed that Crackie wasn't an addict and felt she had emotional issues(mental health problems) and was self medicating. So she sentenced Crackie to probation and court-ordered therapy. However, just because someone is self medicating, does not mean they can't become addicts. Usually the 2 go hand in hand. And in Crackie's case, they have. Judge Sautner failed her and society back when she kept giving her chance after chance. Ironically, Crackie's court ordered therapist continued the enabling/addiction cycle that she was supposed to treat. She wrote then and continues to write today an adderall script for ADHD even after it was determined by UCLA that she didn't have it. And it wouldn't surprise me if Crackie also has a benzo script from her as well. Adderall was one of the drugs that was found strewn all over her car after the PCH accident. Strange as this may seem, her POS DADDY has been right all along. He has said that she's taking all of these prescribed meds that she doesn't need and has been drinking etoh in large quantities. Although his motives are self-serving, he is absolutely right that Crackie is in dire need of rehab. The only time she had to actually do a few weeks in jail, she detoxed at her then new lawyer Shapiro's(she had temporarily fired Holley for a few days) recovery house. Does everyone remember that? She was there for a week prior to jail and was not "papped" during that time frame because she was actively detoxing. So I know she will go through etoh and perhaps benzo withdrawal. The question is whether she will be smart enough to do it on her terms with some privacy and dignity prior to being jailed or will she continue on this bender and detox publicly in jail?

646 days ago


England is ablaze with Lindsay fever, next Europe maybe a year modeling campaign.

646 days ago


Couldn't some Turbanators just buy Linds some old retired Princess Cruises ship and turn it in to a floating den of iniquity/lesbian bar? She could do drugs across the seven seas, clamslam around from bow to stern, abuse the crew, plan her Next atrocity, steal from herself, and eventually it would plummet *bubblebubblebubble* to the bottom. And no one will care. Except NICOLE.

646 days ago


Wow now that the "eagle" has landed pictures could be in demand.....

646 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Lilo is doing well...she's in the crowd instead of on stage...?

646 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

She's heading to London? I'm sure the Queen will have her over for tea and booger sugar.

646 days ago


It's the strangest thing---I'm seeing this on my phone but no new comments on my laptop. Anywhoo--I read that from the UK the band and LL are going to Dubai. There is no extradition from Dubai to the US--just sayin

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

Dubai is very expensive and its a fvckin desert. YUK. A close family friend of mine is ther right now. She goes back and forth as a guest. A woman alone in Dubai...NO. My friend is of an arabic culture and fits in. MJ was the guest of a Prince or Sheik. Very different but still extremely unadvisable for a dumptruck from Long Island.

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

Only a braindead moron would flee the country to avoid 70 days in jail for a misdemeanor. Prob for her is the probation not the jail time.

Go to Lynwood. Suck it up and hang out with the homies for your 70-80 days then the shiz is over. She wont get any time for slapping a girl in NYC but ...CRAP more probation.

In her shoes I would ask the judge for time in jail instead of probation or work release and max out the time

646 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

My understanding about Lynwood is that the women basically get along and you can order food and water. Bad news is that it is filthy and there is little fresh air and lots of crawly rashy skin ailments. There was a big crackdown by the major human and civil rights groups because of lack of medical care and sanitary conditions and temperature. They were freezing the inmates to keep all the staph from growing...

But, apart from that HAVE FUN LINDSAY!!

646 days ago
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