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Lindsay Lohan

Front Row Groupie

at The Wanted Show

12/10/2012 6:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

She may be strapped for cash, but Lindsay Lohan still managed to score a front row seat to The Wanted's show in NYC this weekend.

Continuing her latest gig as the band's biggest groupie, Lindsay was all smiles as she took in lead singer -- and new man friend -- Max George's intoxicating awesomeness from the front row of their latest concert.

After riding the band's tour bus from Philly to Boston this week, Lindsay was also spotted getting touchy-feely with Max at a NYC club on Friday night.

Despite all of Lindsay's court, career and financial troubles, at least she can say she's still going places.


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By Luchina Fisher
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Dec 10, 2012 1:50pm
Charlie Sheen Says Lindsay Lohan Never Thanked Him for Handout
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Getty Images

As reports surface of Lindsay Lohan‘s money woes, actor Charlie Sheen says he loaned the troubled starlet money but never received so much as a thank you.
Sheen told “ET” today that he gave his “Scary Movie 5″ co-star an unspecified amount of money but says it was payment she was due from a project.
“I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you,’” Sheen told “ET” with a laugh. “Anything, you know?”
Reports place the amount of Sheen’s handout as high as $100,000.
Sheen’s rep confirmed to that Sheen gave Lohan money, though the rep would not say how much or what it was used for.
Sheen, no stranger to trouble, said he wished “the best” for Lohan, adding that she’s “a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot.”
He told “ET”: “She just needs a little bit of time…People need to give her time to get her s*** together.”

647 days ago

ketjo don't want to be bullied....then get out of the damn middle of the media highway....No body does what she does and expects not to get talked about.. She craves it has to have it and loves it till it turns again her then it's bullying....Like granny said...."Can't stand the Heat ? then get the hell out of the Kitchen....."
You made this monster now live with it......

647 days ago


What's funny is that no one is answering DUIna's tweets. Dead silence from Whoopie Goldberg. I think I hear doors slamming shut.

647 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan is Still Stealing As Much As Possible

December 10th, 2012 // 11 Comments

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Lindsay Shirks Obligations?

If Only There Were A Precedent.. Read More »

Posted by Photo Boy

Lindsay Lohan has been so busy lately punching out Miss Cleo and blowjaying her tax debt away that I was worried she wouldn’t have time to continue stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. Fortunately she tweeted this:

Missing something?@MaxTheWanted

Phew! I thought for a minute she might actually be too drunk to remember to steal Max George‘s **** after they had sex just like she recently stole a bunch of home renovations from the producers of Million Dollar Decorators because, yep, she did that too. via TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan nearly torpedoed her episode of “Million Dollar Decorators” on Bravo — after the network spent roughly $200,000 renovating Lindsay’s Beverly Hills mansion — because TMZ has learned she refused to film the big reveal moment for the show.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, the producers for this show work for Bravo, which means they’re naturally inclined towards penis and her freckle-pit of despair offered no lure, so she did the next best thing and ignored the situation until it went away. It’s like those few weeks when her sister was following her around, looking more deathly ill by the minute. “Lindsay, did you feed Aliana her cocaine smoothie today?” “Mom, you’re spitting all over the dog and the gin burns his eyes.”

647 days ago


I guess she has found her true calling and a new job, a groupie, pays in booze and drugs, perfect for her. I think her court hearing on Wed. will be posponed. She doesn't have to be there, it will be posponed til after the holidays and she can get back to CA. I feel another break for this trainwreck.

647 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahahhahhaha! She is no longer known as a scarlet. Now they are calling her The Wanted Groupie....LMAO !

Where Are Your Manners Lindsay Lohan — Charlie Sheen Wants To Know

Posted on December 10th, 2012 at 9:52 am


Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he gave Lindsay Lohan an undisclosed amount of money (some reports say $100,000) but guess what, the Mean Girl has no manners!

The Anger Management star tells Entertainment Tonight that the money was a payment she was owed from a project. Although Charlie says he was happy to “pay it forward,” he hasn’t heard from The Wanted groupie.

“She got shorted and I found out, so I said, ‘Here.’ I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘Thank you.’ Anything, you know?” he said.

647 days ago


I can't believe that this guy Max has interest in her. Is it just for publicity at any cost? Or is the world really coming to an end?

647 days ago


This girl needs some serious help. Why the people around her allow her to go through all of this is beyond me. Jail time is a must at this point.

647 days ago


Please die.....SOON!

647 days ago


Have always found the "skin tag removal" ad above the comment section on Lilo stories apt placement lol

647 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Are Andyconda's comments supposed to be funny or just catty and spiteful? I honestly can't tell. He seems to think he's funny...but he just sounds petty and spiteful.

647 days ago


Linds, you could have at least sent Charlie a FTD bouquet or anything of gratitude. For chris sake, you carry around a Bberry and iPhone. Make the call and thank him.

647 days ago


I can't decide:

Lindsay "I'm No Gypsy Puncher" Lohan
Lindsay "Front Row BoyBand Groupie" Lohan
Lindsay "I Can't Pay My Rent" Lohan

.........which would Mr Scorsese or Mr Eastwood be more likely to return calls to?

647 days ago


Andys' comments are TRUE which is WHAT makes it funny. It's prolly sunny where you are, cuz ur head is so far UP YOUR DAMN ASS!!!

647 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

BB Bliss‏@BlissBitch

I'd rather watch Amy Whinehouse OD on meth than watch Lindsay Lohan try to make anymore Lifetime movies.

647 days ago
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