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Dutch Santa

Dark Side of

Christmas Traditions

12/10/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Santa Claus don't need no elves ... not in the Netherlands, where they believe his helper is a guy named "Black Pete," and people dress up like him by wearing black face. Merry racism, everyone!

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This is disgusting!!! If he is black because of the soot , he should have looked like a white guy with wipes of soot on his face here en there. By the way do you get curly hair plus red lips because of the soot? you racist bastard

591 days ago


This is disgusting!!! If he is black because of the soot , he should have looked like a white guy with wipes of soot on his face here en there. By the way do you get curly hair plus red lips because of the soot? you racist bastard

591 days ago


yes and the other guy is racist against whites because he painted his face white. ohhhhh some americans use the race card like toilette paper.

591 days ago


Omg do your research! he's black because of the soot that comes from going down the chimney.. it has nothing to do with racisme!

591 days ago


It's not black face, that's grey face and it has a tradition

591 days ago


I live in the Netherlands and the black people do not like Zwarte Piet and find it is racist. Zwarte Piet en Sinterklaas is nice for the little children because they love the present but Zwarte Piet is suppose to be a Moroccan and he is bad/rude. The children in Holland (the white children) think that black people are bad because they see Zwarte Piet is bad. In fact I never saw such a dark Moroccan but still the Dutch people paint their faces black and act stupid and do bad things leaving the children believe that black people are bad people. Piet did not travel down no chimney and the fight to stop this **** with Zwarte Piet will never stop until the Dutch realize its racist and wrong. Even if the intentions were not racist, a lot of people do not feel comfortable with it and the Dutch do not care!!!!!! They are yes indeed racist until this stop portraying black people as bad people to the children.

591 days ago


What I get from this is that TMZ thinks that black skin is a bad thing and nobody should point it out. Isn't do-gooder racism just as bad as KKK racism, just stupider?

590 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Drow/Dark Elf cosplayers do this all the time and no one complains.
I'm not seeing the problem here. "Black Pete"'s face is black because he climbs up and down chimneys...not because of his race. Besides, the color they use on their face is more of an dark ash grey...much lighter than theatrical "blackface".

590 days ago


There's nothing racist about this traditional belief. Learn to do your research TMZ!

590 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

This is like saying it's racist for an African-American mime/clown to paint his/her face white.

The color is about tradition and not race. It's only about race if you make it out to be.

590 days ago


There's a big difference, in my opinion, between wearing "blackface" and using make-up to darken the skin to impersonate someone. Blackface was used to make fun of people of color and make them appear stupid and comical. There is enough hatred in the world without you trying to instigate more with such ignorant statements.

590 days ago


'Sinterklaas' is not a Christmas tradition at all! The only link Sinterklaas has with Christmas is that it's most likely the many centuries old tradition that the relatively 'young' Santa Claus originated from (notice the similarity in names 'Sinterklaas' - 'Santa Claus', and the dropping gifts down the chimney).

As for Black Pete, there are many explanations for his appearance, but none of them are a reason to go and shout 'racism'.

Like many others have already pointed out, it would be wise to do some research first (one would think that is what journalists do ...)!

590 days ago

Herman Rensing    

From now on it is official: AMERICANS ARE THE DUMBEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.. get your facts straight idiots !

590 days ago


Hey! Black Pete is not racists! He's black because of chimney soot. You know what is racist? Calling a nations tradition racist without even understanding what their symbolisms stand for. Dutch people are not racists. The Netherlands suffered greatly fighting the Nazis, don't dare call them racists.

590 days ago

Maarten Juch    

American Ignorism takes yet another height. I invite the TMZ staff to check out a cool website, its called wikipedia. Perhaps they may find enlightenment and education...

Firstly, Sinterklaas is not Christmas, it is a whole different festive (5 dec!). The modern american Santa claus is derived from Sinterklaas, but it is a different festive!
Secondly, Black Petes are merry and upbeat, they are even dressed jovially
Thirdly, the historical explanations of Black Pete are many, none of them even linked to slavery (other than Black Pete being an ethiopian boy saved by Saint Nicholas and ever so grateful helping him). The modern explanation (last 100 years orso) given to kids is that they are black because of chimney soot which they climb in and out of.

590 days ago
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