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Dutch Santa

Dark Side of

Christmas Traditions

12/10/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Santa Claus don't need no elves ... not in the Netherlands, where they believe his helper is a guy named "Black Pete," and people dress up like him by wearing black face. Merry racism, everyone!

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Maarten Juch    

American Ignorism takes yet another height. I invite the TMZ staff to check out a cool website, its called wikipedia. Perhaps they may find enlightenment and education...
Firstly, Sinterklaas is not Christmas, it is a whole different festive (5 dec!). The modern american Santa claus is derived from Sinterklaas, but it is a different festive!
Secondly, Black Petes are merry and upbeat, they are even dressed jovially
Thirdly, the historical explanations of Black Pete are many, none of them even linked to slavery (other than Black Pete being an ethiopian boy saved by Saint Nicholas and ever so grateful helping him). The modern explanation (last 100 years orso) given to kids is that they are black because of chimney soot which they climb in and out of.

683 days ago

lord flashheart    

Sinterklaas has nothing to do with christmas.
Get your facts straight.

683 days ago


Even if this WERE completely true, how is it racist? The Wayans Bros. went in "white face" for White Chicks and everyone thought it was funny. What's the problem? Can't we move past SKIN COLOR?????

683 days ago


Wow I just went to a Sinterklaas celebration myself. TMZ its not Santa. It was actually a pretty cool gathering and nothing racist at all. How silly. He is black because of soot.

683 days ago


I like how everyone is getting so angry about the story and blaming all Americans for being stupid. This is TMZ...what do you expect? It's a silly gossip site. I come here to entertain myself. I understand this is not hard hitting news or even true most of the time. Get over it.

683 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder if saying Dutch chocolate is going to be racist now also. Like chocolate is dark and people act like the only people allowed to be dark are Africans. Maybe chocolate will be banned as offensive. The Dutch process chocolate will have to be called We Love Africa chocolate.

Who really cares if someone is offended? This is mind control. If you aren't allowed to offend people, you aren't even free. Anyone who takes offense at this for being racist is also being offensively sensitive.

As far as these pagan traditions doing anyone any favors with God, you can forget it. He despises the traditions of the pagans. He said come out of Babylon the great and do not be partakers of the wine of wrath pressed without measure for those who partake of her idolitries.

Jesus is king of the Jews, not king of the pagans.

683 days ago


So when a black actor/actress dresses up as a white person it is racist !! Stop double standards.

683 days ago

BB not bb    

Some white people are also darker than some black people. Harvey looks darker than Charles for instance.

683 days ago


Black Pete is not being racist, it's a long standing cultural tradition. Gimmeabreak.

683 days ago


Americans are a bunch of dumb, ignorant idiots. Black Pete has nothing to do with racism. It's a Dutch Tradition where they believe that the Moors helped Santa to distribute gifts to children. The dark skin was because they went down the Chimney and their skin got dark! Read dumb Americans. Read!!!

683 days ago


I laugh bc the Zulu parade in New Orleans for Mardi Gras is done in black face and black people participate...Our society keeps the racism going and I don't know's just stupid.

683 days ago

Hannah Bakk    

It is not racist, get over yourselves and the whole racism thing. I am sick of that word being tossed around.

683 days ago

lord flashheart    

Ask a American to pinpoint the Netherlands on the map...nuff said.

683 days ago


The title of your supposed article is even incorrect. He is not a Dutch Santa, he is Sinterklaas or St. Nicolas in English. He has nothing to do with Christmas, he has his own day at the beginning of Dec. Zwarte Piet is his friend and helper. There is no racism behind the character at all. All you are doing with this is trying to start sh*t.

683 days ago


wasnt one of the charaters in the us office dressed like that in season 9 xmas episode

683 days ago
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