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Dutch Santa

Dark Side of

Christmas Traditions

12/10/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Santa Claus don't need no elves ... not in the Netherlands, where they believe his helper is a guy named "Black Pete," and people dress up like him by wearing black face. Merry racism, everyone!

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It is funny how this can create so much comments! It's just a celebration for small children untill the age of 7-8, after that, they don't even believe in Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet anymore. But personally I love the celebration! How they make a TV show where Sinterklaas and his Pieten come with the presents boat to the Netherlands has something so child friendly that it is one of the nicest celebrations there is for small children. However, if you do not know about the legends I can imagine people are offended. Know this however, also black children (I do not know the appropiate word in English) celebrate this holiday and they never associate it with racism. I've also wondered about that and I asked my friends how they experienced it growing up. Children just don't realize it! And please do NOT confuse Sinterklaas with Santa, it is a totally different celebration and we also celebrate Christmas!

680 days ago


Are Americans this dumb by nature or do you have to make an effort to appear so mind-numbingly stupid?? Check your facts before posting this rap, idiots!

680 days ago


I'm also black and live in the netherlands. It is racism!!! A lot of the people who dress up in those outfits talk like the black people that live here. They are painted completely black instead of having some smudges here and there. their hair is maid to look like an African Americans hair. The concept of the helpers (black 'piet) was created by a dutch teacher in the time of slavery, the Original Claus (sinterklaas) was a Turkish man. So now u see how the white men in the Netherlands can twist and turn a good and kind story into a racist holiday and pretend there is nothing wrong with it. The former colony of the netherlands; Surinam banned this holiday.

680 days ago

small asian penis    

journalism at its finest

680 days ago

Yes indeed!    

Very disappointing of TMZ and some US people are incredibly uneducated.

The race card is now getting old and the more it is used the more people will resent those who use it. It is like 'the boy who cried wolf'. Nobody will take the racism matter seriously if the card is used just to point out a black and white face. Get over it bafoons. Start learning about the world and other values, traditions and cultures.

Not all whites used slaves, and not all blacks were slaves. Stop pinning your stupid racism on every single white person.

Additionally, the whites have their own traditions in their own county, like this story.... and the racist cryers are trying to change hundreds of years of tradition. Trying to embarrassand make people scared to share their stories passed on from their own forefathers.

Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting.

680 days ago

small asian penis    

You have to understand that TMZ is trying to get people upset by doing something called "playing the race card". This is something we see in certain demographics of the American culture. It is easier for some to scream "RACISM" then to open a book or have an educated conversation. Their intention were more likely to stir up a conversation about race, not show an example of their inability to spend more than 3 minutes on a piece.

680 days ago


How is this racism? It has nothing to do with a black person. You people are freaking idiots and trying to make something out of nothing. So if they do this in tradition its racism but when the Wayan brothers dress up like white people its just comedy. Give me a break. YOur website is trash and I am done with it.

680 days ago

Belfont Laroy    

How is this racist? Dave Chappelle and Eddit Murphy dress up like white guys all the time and it doesn't make TMZ...

680 days ago


I think its funny! :) I would not have glanced twice if TMZ hadn't made the allegation of racism.

680 days ago


Wow . . . you'll yell racism any chance you get. If you knew anything about the tradition, you would know he gets his color from soot. Once again, you show your ignorance.

680 days ago


Do some research before posting TMZ! First of all it is not Christmas tradition, but it is celebrated on the 5th of December, he "leaves" the country the day after, Sinterklaas (yes, the name says it, Santa Clause derives from Sinterklaas) is based upon a Saint (Sint in Dutch) from old Turkey.. Black Pete is black because he goes up and down (like santa does, but santa has little people.. Not racist?!) the chimney, hence the blackness.. It is from SOOT..

680 days ago


I always thought that Americans were ignorant and this confirms it. Idiots!!! Do some research.

680 days ago


Talking about rasicm while putting another country down the drain with lies. pretty odd. Maybe time for another job? something with less thinking? Just a suggestion.

Greetings from Amsterdam. Vincent

680 days ago


Please help the africans here in Holland ! Its every year on 5 december (NOT 25/26 december). And the dutch are still doing like its normal to make black people redecilous. Obama please help us !

680 days ago

Jerry V.    

Black Pete is not African American. Black Pete is no blackface. He's Sinterklaas's helper who happens to have a black face because of the chimneys. And the Sinterklaas celebrations take place on the 5th of December instead of Christmas. Your article is ignorant, stupid and insulting. You're probably so caught up with the racism in your own country that you can't see a great and very old tradition for what it is. Shame on you, TMZ.

680 days ago
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