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Dutch Santa

Dark Side of

Christmas Traditions

12/10/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Santa Claus don't need no elves ... not in the Netherlands, where they believe his helper is a guy named "Black Pete," and people dress up like him by wearing black face. Merry racism, everyone!

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Henk van 43    

*Sigh* Black Pete comes down the chimney to drop some presents. He's black because of the soot

680 days ago


Ignorant, stupid Americans. Do some research before you post this ****.

680 days ago


LMAO I wouldn't want to visit there!!!!!!

680 days ago


TMZ, do some research before this:

680 days ago


Indeed do some research, cause you're looking like dumbasses atm.

680 days ago

Christopher Buckeridge    

Really, You are such ignorant, uneducated fools that really think the world is centered around yourselves. Please do us all a favour; travel and learn about other cultures. It might open up your minds to more or even other interesting ideas. It would help all of us, if you, as a nation would educate yourselves. Really please do this, other wise you will never understand why some individuals dislike you so much. It really is for the better.

680 days ago


Although he is usually referred to as Sinterklaas, he is also known as De Goedheiligman (The Good Holy man) and is celebrated in the low countries.
Sinterklaas rides the rooftops on his white horse, and carries a staff and has helpers. Pete"s face is "black from soot (as Pete has to climb through chimneys to deliver his gifts). When the children reach the age they know "the big secret of Sinterklaas (he does not exist) some people will shift to Christmas Eve or Christmas day for the present giving (Kerstman- Santa Claus).

680 days ago


even IF this were are well-informed article, which is the most racist country:
- a country where an old man and his black friends bring presents to children at 5 dec (NOT christmas) and no-one thinks about the black-or-whiteness of these figures;
- a country where an old man and his black friends immediately triggers articles that cry "racism!!"

680 days ago


The only way this is racism is because you're confirming the prejudices about how dumb Americans (even professionals like you guys at TMZ obviously) are!

680 days ago


This is really frightening, to say the very least.

680 days ago

For Real??     

Aww c'mon... black pete has nothing to do with racism!!! In quite a few european countries we celebrate santa clause on 6th december and everywhere is someone along his side like "black pete" in netherlands, just with different names. and yes they are all "black" but it has not the thiniest little thing to do with racsim damn!! How about doing some research before posting something like that??

680 days ago


This is not the Santa Claus as known by you...This is Sint Nicolaas.....Someone totally different....
First find out the facts.....before screaming out something idiotic...

680 days ago


Zwarte Piet is black because he climbs down the chimney. He is black as soot.
His hair is singed because of the heat in the chimney. Check the facts before you judge!

680 days ago


Racism ? How stupid. The Pete's are black because they go through the CHIMNEY to give the presents to all Dutch children. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with racism. Easy story, you probably thought. Please do you homework next time.

680 days ago

BB not bb    

TMZ is stirring the pot trying to get the racists up in arms thinking all white people are guilty of a crime. Since when does wearing a curly wig mean you are a racist trying to wear an afro? An afro means your hair stands straight out on end, this hair is lying flat. Santa also has curly hair, so are you going to say Santa is wearing an afro and is mocking albino Africans?

Ridiculous reporting. The blonde guy on TMZ Live even said he researched Black Pete extensively. If that were so, he must have seen what it really refers to. Africans are not known for wearing elf suits either.

Racist is when you accuse someone of being racist just because they are white. Sweden didn't even buy any African slaves or sold them either. How do they get dragged into this war mongering? The Muslims who are now invading Sweden are the ones who organized the African slave trade to the point where they could make money selling blacks to the Dutch traders who then sold them to English US farmers. MOST WHITE PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

680 days ago
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