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'Pawn Stars'

FINED by Cops ... Get

Your Trash Off Our Sand!

12/10/2012 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dear "Pawn Stars" stars ... next time you're gonna TRASH your campground, make sure there are no cops around ... because in the State of CA it's a misdemeanor crime!!!

Rick and Corey Harrison -- a.k.a. the pawn shop boss and his son -- went camping in Glamis, CA over Thanksgiving weekend with some friends ... problem is, we're told they left the place a mess.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops discovered A TON of trash where the History Channel stars camped out ... specifically beer cans, garbage and a bbq grill ... enough to fill up 10 TRASH BAGS.


FYI ... We're told cops KNEW the reality TV stars were the ones camping in the trash spot -- and causing the mess -- due to a previous encounter that weekend.

Dumping trash in the campgrounds is illegal and NOT taken lightly ... in fact, we're told law enforcement slapped the guys with a huge fine ... to the tune of $1,000 a person ... and that's NOT negotiable.

Corey Harrison tells TMZ, "We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through.  My father nor I were cited."


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How long will it be before Rick admits that Chum is his bastard child by some woman other than his wife. I mean come on.......look at the resemblance and then explain why any one would keep this idiot on their pay roll if they were not related.

682 days ago


So...the head line has FINED in capital letters. Yet...Corey said he nor his father were cited. So TMZ, which is it? A headline LIE just so you can pretend to scoop a story? What has happened to you? Your integrity has gone right down the dumper.

682 days ago


well that is the poorest excuse for bad behavior I have ever heard! I hope your grandfather smacked you in the back of the head just for saying something so stupid! how juvenile! you were there, you had a good time, you disposed of your garbage just like everyone else did so take responsibilty and clean up after yourself! you should be embarrassed!

682 days ago


I hate lazy people, douchebags

682 days ago


Oh that's just Corey's lunch bag

682 days ago


why all you ****ers worthless peapole allways talk about other peapole dont you have life of your own if you dont like show then dont watch it and nother got something say say to face dont say at all

682 days ago


The trash the cops were talking about was not the paper cups, and plates on the sands. The cops meant for them to get off the beach.......

682 days ago


The only person on the show I think is funny , that would be Chumlee , the bald guys make me vomit just a lil bit ....

682 days ago


Ever been to Las Vegas and took a strol through the shop?...Its a DUMP!! anything worth looking at is so
far outta price range...the whole thing is mostly them
on coffee cups t-shirts and well junk like that...was
very dissapointed....

682 days ago


A ton of trash? Really? I think it would be difficult to generate 2000# of trash in a month, let alone a weekend. Can anyone say "hyperbole?"

682 days ago


Right, it was the other guys' fault. Pigs act like pigs, fame or no fame.

682 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

You know it's a slow new day when...........

682 days ago


dont see why anyone watches this show for.they do nothing but rip people off.

this is how the show goes

expert: this is worth around 10 thousand dollars
owner: grins (not knowing they are about to get offered way less than that)
rick:so how much do you want for it?
owner of item: well they said it was wo
rth 10 thousand dollars.i know you are here to make a profit so how about 7 thousand
rick:well we do not have many people coming in here looking for that stuff.(yet right before the cam showed him saying how if he could score the item he knows many people who would be willing to buy it) so how about 45 hundred?
owner of item: that is to low how about 55 hundred?
rick:like i have said many people do not come in looking for it.the best i can do is 5 thousand.
owner of item:you cant do 5250?
rick:nope 45 hundred is my final offer.
owner of item:well i do need money for my daughters wedding.its a deal.
rick:chum write this person up.

682 days ago

John F. C. Taylor    

I watch the show. Having stars in the show title does not make them stars. It's just another reality show.

682 days ago


They probabley left Chumley behind to clean up, bet the Old Man is Pissed. LOL

682 days ago
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