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Psy at War Over

Anti-America Song

12/10/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"Gangnam Style" Psy wants America to forgive him for belting out a song about killing Americans. Should we? President Obama sure didn't seem to mind when Psy performed for him this weekend.

Plus, canceling the radio show responsible for the Kate Middleton prank-turned-tragedy is a hugely hypocritical move! The radio station's been doing these stunts for years ... so why back up the bus over these DJs ... this time??

And, the screaming kid who posted a YouTube video declaring his fear of Harvey ... drops by the newsroom. Can Harv convince a 5-year-old he's not the Bogeyman?

(0:00) The DJs behind the Kate Middleton phone prank gone horribly wrong got the ax -- and we uncovered some of the station's past pranks that show a history of bad decision making.
(10:00) One of the cops who was locked up for the Rodney King beating resurfaces ... and Harvey realizes they may have crossed paths before.
(14:00) Psy apologizes for his shocking anti-American performance ... hours before performing for President Obama. Should Psy's performance have been canceled?
(18:00) A kid who's frightened of Harvey comes into the office to face his biggest fear ... will Harvey be able to woo him over?
(24:00) Lindsay Lohan's tax problems are making it hard for her to pay rent -- Ryan reveals yet another problem Lindsay may have down the road. It's messy.
(28:00) Turns out Holland has a super racist Christmas tradition -- in the form of Santa's helper "Black Pete." Because nothing says happy holidays like a bunch of people in black face.
(31:00) Rihanna posts pictures of her without panties on -- so it's time to celebrate her fight against America's fear of nudity.
(34:15) Is Mitt Romney bad luck? Manny Pacquiao goes down hard with Mitt in the front row ... would you invite him to your sporting event?
(37:00) Katt Williams attacks another person -- this time hitting a fan with his microphone before his standup show even started. Did we mention he also got arrested again? This dude really needs help.
(41:40) The floor is yours!

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This is workn' out okay. No sound, I read what others post, I say stupid shìt...and then watch this tomorrow in its seamless format.

621 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

These az$holes sought out PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION to which they were NOT entitled.

That alone is enough for jail time.

621 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Wouldn't it have been up to Rodney to forgive him?

621 days ago

BB not bb    

I think they should let Stacey Coon just live his life. He served his time and most cops don't when they beat suspects. Even Rodney said can't we all just get along.

621 days ago


OMG whoever this Psy guy is can kiss my butt and stay away from America!

621 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Skyper using a voicebox?

621 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Raquel for Rhianna or Katt? Place your bets now?

621 days ago


Evan has performance anxiety!

621 days ago


Harvey, Movies on the Beach called, they need to borrow your forehead.

621 days ago


Well, TMZ, what your Korean speaker isn't telling you is that the song Psy sang doesn't mention Yankees specifically, but "kojengi", which literally means "those with big noses". It's a racial epithet that's most often used against white Americans. It was racist and xenophobic. You can't sugarcoat that by saying it was just an anti-war song.

621 days ago


Harvey, get Fat Mike to call his fantasy ho, Kimmykakes and book an appointment with her plastic surgeon for a butt.

621 days ago


I like Nicholas.

621 days ago


I love that kid already.

621 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I can't wait till that kid gets bigger and does it.

621 days ago


I think he's just scared of the bit at the end of the TMZ show. It is a little creepy of the little puppet thing saying 'I'm a lawyer'. It is kinda scary.

621 days ago
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