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I Lied In Game Show Video

I AM Really from Compton

12/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Tyga is backing off statements he made on a hilariously embarrassing game show back in 2008 ... claiming his upbringing was NOT as cushy as he made it out to be.

You'll recall, TMZ posted a clip last week from an unaired game show called "Bustas," in which an 18-year-old Tyga explains how got his name (Tiger Woods) and how he grew up in the Valley with wealthy parents and a Range Rover.

But Tyga's telling his friends that was all a lie -- when the rapper said he lived in a well-to-do area of the Valley, he was referring to a short period of time in his life, during which he just so happened to tape the game show segment.

T-Raww's insisting he's REALLY from Compton and his stint in the Valley was only temporary.

Nevertheless, we're told Tyga's unfazed by the clip, insisting he's come a long way since his goofy game show days ... and no embarrassing video is gonna stop him because "he still has plenty of money and will still have huge hits."

As for his reputation in the Young Money crew -- our sources tell us, everyone's standing beside him ... because he's family now.


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Like im totally sure your from compton. Gag me with a spoon. :p

645 days ago


Oh Tyga, please. Have several seats please. The whole young money crew is b.s. Lil Wayne swear he's blood but yet he's been on the road with his molester Baby since 9 years old. When did he had time to gangbang? Half of these rappers are hand selected, to live a lie.

645 days ago


he aight from compton look at hismusic its clear he grew in hills weak

645 days ago


Chris Rock made fun of it back in the CB4 days! Rap has been known for years to make guys claim to be from the hood when they aren't. It's the same reason why these guys get into fights and things but never go to jail for any real time because it's fake!
One problem Katt seems to believe in the street even though he's hollywood! That guys going to get locked up.

645 days ago


Webster has more street cred suck my balls Tyga

645 days ago


Believable, he looks, acts, talks and dresses like a young prison Bish! How many baby mama's ya got dude? Or are you so busted open already you are wife material?

645 days ago

Wow ok     


645 days ago


Isn't every black guy with cheap tatoos a rapper?

645 days ago


Don't hate the playa hate the game. Don't hate on him cause he's doing something with his life an your sitting at home reading about him. Funny how that works he's don't at home reading about you,but your reading about him. GO HEAD TYGA DO YOUR THING

645 days ago


It's crazy all of the racist comments , it's 2012 and you idiots still racist. How do your day to day life run because WHERE EVER you go there is someone of a different race. It's really funny when it's a African American who has more money than you lol GROW UP

645 days ago


He doesn't owe you morons an explanation. You know who cares about being from Compton? Clowns who will never accomplish anything because their whole world is limited to a ten block radius filled with clowns who haven't accomplished anything. The sure way to be a loser in life is to concern yourself with petty **** like this. Also, Compton hasn't been socially relevant since NWA.

645 days ago


Funny! Tupac was gay and raised by a white school teacher in a very NON HOOD apartment complex...Biggie's Mum was a nurse with a salary in the mid 40k range... They all a bunch a dam posers! Even the guru Snoop Dog who be snitchin to da LAPD from time to time!

645 days ago


He lied.....yeah....uh huh...

645 days ago


You Lied again, You are from Haiti, Be Proud !....

645 days ago


Dude Tyga is so full of sh**. He went to Adams Middle School in Redondo Beach (an affluent beach town in Los Angeles). I went to a middle school in hermosa beach then moved to Redondo where I went to Redondo high. All of my classmates and now old friends went to Adams. When Tyga blew up everyone freaked out cause that was Michael from Adams and everyone laughed cause he claimed he was from compton. I've seen the yearbook picture and multiple friends remember him handing out his mixtapes using the name Tyga, even back in middle school lol. He is a liar! You're from Redondo Beach bro!

645 days ago
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