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Voice of Elmo

Sued by 4th Accuser

12/10/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Clash has been sued by a 4TH accuser ... who claims he also had a sexual relationship with the former voice of Elmo while he was a minor ... TMZ has learned. 

We've learned ... the accuser, who filed the lawsuit in federal court in NY under the name John Doe, claims he first met Clash in Miami Beach in 1995 or 1996 ... while Doe was 16 or 17 and Clash was in his mid '30s. 

Doe claims ... Clash eventually flew him out to NYC and gave him money and a place to stay. During the trip, Doe claims the two had sex on multiple occasions.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Doe claims he's suffered tremendous emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship.

TMZ spoke to Doe's attorney, Jeff Herman, who tells us, "According to our lawsuit, Kevin Clash knowingly paid to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of satisfying his sexual interests."

Of Clash's 4 accusers, only 3 have filed lawsuits. The first accuser struck a settlement with Clash and agreed not to pursue litigation.

We reached out to Clash for comment -- no word back.


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and out come the wolves...

682 days ago


.....when money is involved, it seems every tom, dick, and harry wants a piece of the pie......the fifth accuser will be along any minute now...waaaiitt for it....

682 days ago


ditto: ZERO SYMPATHY for that Clash guy. He is obviously obsessed with young, creepy looking, flaming gay boys. Since these efforts for hush money is coming from an attorney it's called a "lawsuit" and "settlements", otherwise it would be considered what it is, extortion. I don't even want to see the most recent John Doe, if he's like the others I'll just end up losing my lunch. Interesting, those who are his apologist (if you know what the word means) it appears that his psychological damage only recently kicked in after hearing that fellow hustlers were cashing in and let me guess, they met on a gay hookup website. If anybody should be sued it would be the parents.
John Doe #4, stop hiding behind an alias, own it. You're afraid, if you come forward you'll be busted as the prostitute that you are.

682 days ago


Harvey is obviously in love with Kevin Cash.

682 days ago


"You see what happens when you fuuuck a stranger in the ass. "

- Walter

682 days ago


If a 16 year old committed murder or rape, chances are high that he would be tried as an adult, and sent to prison for years and years. Yet the law says a 16 year old can't consent to sex because they aren't mature enough to make that decision??? I really don't get it.

682 days ago


Let me get this straight, this accuser was cruising a gay chatline, get's offered a plane ticket, accommodations and cash and he wasn't expecting to have sex? What did he want, Trivial Pursuit nights with Cranberry juice? I hope Clash's attorney looks into the past 15 to 20 years of these men's lives and find out just how "TRAUMATIZED" they are. BTW, Mr. Transvestite, accuser #2 I believe, doesn't seem to be too damaged since he was out shaking his booty at a night club contest.

682 days ago


I am really not beliving these stories at this point and where were all the parents that allowed this to happen?

682 days ago

really! really?    

Odds are that these boys were already damaged and that is why they were trolling gay sex chat lines looking for Johns in the first place.

682 days ago


Okay...that's enough with the sexual offenders being everywhere...we all know that our world is scary.

682 days ago


Hi Friends...I'm a lawyer...If you have any dealings with Mr. Clash when you were under 18 call me and lets get rich together...have a nice day. Remember you have rights!

682 days ago


Seeing how Kevin has been a man with a heart, and doing the kids wish foundation. I want to disbelieve all of the accusations, but Kevin you've been to quiet you need to speak up about this. Staying to quiet to long is not good..

682 days ago


What parent would allow their child to be flown out by a 30 year old man and given money and a place to stay? If it was my child that person would be in jail. I am betting these parents got a slice of that money gravy train to shut up and look the other way. Anyways when your 16-17 etc you do have the education to make right choices that no one is going to force you to make. You know what is right and what is wrong but the almighty dollar hollars and they're on it like a hooker to dick. And now the river of money has stopped flowing they are going to break the dam down and bleed it dry by any means necessary.

682 days ago

Wicked Witch    

You choose to sleep with an old gay guy for money, trips and accomadations then I believe it is a form of prostitution. These guys knew what they were doing on that chat line and what they were seeking. I see accused

682 days ago


Looks like all the glittery gayboy hustlers looking to get paid are coming out of the woodwork.

682 days ago
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