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Australian Radio Station

Donating $500K in Guilt

Money to Nurse's Family

12/11/2012 6:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1211_2day_memorial_fund_Artice_2The Australian radio station responsible for the prank phone call that led to British nurse Jacintha Saldanha's suicide ... is planning to give her family about half a million bucks.

The corporation that owns 2DayFM announced it will donate all the station's advertising profits for the rest of the year to a fund set up to support Saldanha's 2 teenage children and husband.

The company estimates the total donation will be around 320,000 British pounds ... or roughly $500,000.

2DayFM's generous donation comes the day after it pulled the plug on the show that placed the prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital room ... with one of its DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth.

Saldanha transferred the call to Kate's room, and was found dead near the hospital a few days later.


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Unbelievable!!!!! With so many people struggling and facing the things life has thrown at them can't get help or assistance but a woman who causes her family pain and suffering gets glorified and sad

689 days ago


Thought for the Day:
What if its discovered she was planning to commit suicide already and this radio thing was only a coincidence? Stranger things have happened. Would they keep it a secret?

689 days ago


The producers of the show are just reacting to a public that is crying foul on something that was a joke that NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE could have anticipated the tragic outcome. The two DJ's should not have been fired and the they already made a public apology for the death but should not apologize for their show. It was innocent and would have been funny had the "mentally instable" nurse hasn't allegedly committed suicide. No final ruling yet so I won't speculate or assume.

People have to look into the mental stability of the nurse or what might have occurred at home. She is of a culture where shame can be very dishonorable and other elements could be at play. Don't scream foul at the two DJ's as they were just doing a show and had the results turned out differently most everyone who chastised them would have laughed at it as well.

What happened was tragic but not by the hands of the two DJ's. Many shows domestic(US) and abroad have done shock radio, pratical jokes and the likes for many many years and incidents like this one is very very rare if not a first.

I hope the two DJ's will find another show soon if they haven't already and I really hope they don't lose who they are due to the over reaction of the public towards them and their Radio Station.

689 days ago


Thats horrific. I wish one wouldn't ever feel they should take their own life. Great for the company for cleaning up something mostly in result of their prank.

689 days ago


This is just annoying. The nurse obviously had severe mental issues if putting a phone call thru in the absence of an switchboard operator caused her to kill herself. Pathetic. She wasn't even the nurse that gave out the info on Kate....she just transferred the call! This family doesn't deserve sh*t!

689 days ago


How many of you blaming the DJs actually heard the call? All she did was identify the hospital and transfer the call. If anyone has blood on their hands it would be the hospital and the way they handled firing her. Who knows how that went down behind closed doors when she was fired, or what the Royal family demanded if the hospital. Ultimately she was in a fragile state of mind.

689 days ago

Mr. Clean    

I'm going to quote Mina - best post I think.

""Be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle".
This is a lesson. Even if we as outsiders maybe dont understand the nurse decision to commit suicide it teaches ut that we never know what a person struggles with. Thats why everyone need to be kind.
Ive read articles saying the nurse was humiliated by the prank call. god knows if she had other struggles as well.
To the DJs, you cant humiliate someone in the name of entertainment without there being consequences."

689 days ago


It's a thoughtful gesture..

689 days ago


oh well now everybody with a braindamage will wait for a prank call to let their family earn 500 000 what the heck. there was no connection to the call . she must have been crazy and selffish for killing herself when she has kids . the prank call didn't hurt anybody . kate was not upset about it . if somebody is to blame for her death its the hospital for bulling her or fireing her after the call . so if the hosts kill themselve now do their families also get almost a million ?they have been fired for something they have been forced to do to keep their job

689 days ago


Ok aft reading all these comments about the lady being selfish I have something to say to that. Suicide may be a selfish act but a lot of things we do every day is more selfish than just emotionally being pushed past what you can take. I strongly believe its like being forced to the edge of a cliff. I still done believe the station is really the only trigger or the real trigger at all.

689 days ago


this is going to sound terrible. but, the woman chose to off herself. the people played a mean joke but her killing herself over it seems pretty silly to me. Whatever, I guess honor isn't a huge deal here.

689 days ago


This DJs have more reason to kill themselves now than this stupid nurse . they lost their jobs and are seen as kind of murderer all around the world . what do they get for the trauma this radio owners sent them through ? only because a stupid nurse is selfish and mentaly sick she has to destroy like 4 families

689 days ago


Look, if this idea of a prank is so bad, then Austin Kutcher should be shot on sight!

This prank was harmless; it was without malice or cruelty by any definition.

689 days ago


Least they could do!

689 days ago


Is it inappropriate for me to say that her teenage daughter is beautiful!? She'll be a real stunner in another few years! A least she has those good looks.

689 days ago
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