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Australian Radio Station

Donating $500K in Guilt

Money to Nurse's Family

12/11/2012 6:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1211_2day_memorial_fund_Artice_2The Australian radio station responsible for the prank phone call that led to British nurse Jacintha Saldanha's suicide ... is planning to give her family about half a million bucks.

The corporation that owns 2DayFM announced it will donate all the station's advertising profits for the rest of the year to a fund set up to support Saldanha's 2 teenage children and husband.

The company estimates the total donation will be around 320,000 British pounds ... or roughly $500,000.

2DayFM's generous donation comes the day after it pulled the plug on the show that placed the prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital room ... with one of its DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth.

Saldanha transferred the call to Kate's room, and was found dead near the hospital a few days later.


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I hate to be inhumane, and perhaps the DJs did trigger something that was already wrong in her lifr, but why is the nurses family making $ off of her suicide??? Suicide is never the way to go and nobody should be rewarded. If the fam wants to sue civilly and place blame, fine, let a jury decide, but why are they paying out? Everyone feels bad for the kids involved, so should we all donate $? And quite frankly the Australian Radio Station just admitted guilt by paying before they even received the lawsuit in hand...this is a strange case with no real answers but tragedy due to the nurses own hand. Suicide happens daily everywhere, and the families dont try and place blame, that would be ridiculous! Just going off the top of my head here, everyone makes good argumemts and opinions are really divided. This is very controversial and sad.

652 days ago


How do they KNOW it was a suicide RELATED to transferring a phone call. And even IF she did get in trouble for transferring the call that means EVERYONE who ever made or makes a mistake at work is justified in killing themselves so their families can sue sue sue!

652 days ago


Really sick of this stupid nurse - suicide is wrong - that's it - the DJs did not kill her - she left her family and now they are going to get a lot of money they don't deserve. If the radio station goes out of business there will be a lot more filies suffering because of this selfish nurses' actions.

651 days ago


She was waiting for an excuse.

651 days ago


I'd do it as well because the lawsuit will be even more expensive.

651 days ago

Just Saying    

Enough. This story is getting dragged out way too long. The only person responsible for this suicide is the nurse herself. She transfered a phone call - that was all. The prank was not viscous, there was no bullying. The nurse was unstable to begin. There is more to this story that the family is hiding and I would suggest depression prior to her taking her life.

651 days ago


Half a million!? Try again, WTF?!

651 days ago


If the cause of death hasn't officially been ruled a suicide yet, how do we know that the husband didn't just see a way to get rich quick.

651 days ago


If the cause of death hasn't officially been ruled a suicide yet, how do we know that the husband didn't just see a way to get rich quick? Sorry, but I'm just saying.

651 days ago


There is only 1 reason why they donated 500k, it is the hope they don't get sued and lose millions

651 days ago


Hopefully the money will be placed in a irrevocable trust towards the childrens education.

651 days ago


It does not matter who is on the other end of a phone line, or what you are being told. There are certain phone protocols that should ALWAYS be followed, no matter what. I don't know if they had these protocols in place, and these nurses just ignored them, or if they had no phone protocols to follow at all. But had they stuck to some clear, defined phone rules....this wouldn't have happened.
I was a medical receptionist for 10 years. You have to be prepared for all kinds of stuff when you answer that phone and you have to be mature and professional and stick to the script and not allow yourself to get sucked in by something like somebody claiming to be the Queen.
I understand where these nurses were coming from, I really do. I would have been flustered and nervous too. But at the end of the day, if I didn't follow my protocols, and I let a phone call like that get would have been all on me, and I would have nobody to blame but myself for being suckered.

651 days ago



651 days ago


this might sound harsh but sometime the truth hurts. who in there right mind with a husband and a wife kills themselves over a phone call which was a honest mistake on there part.

651 days ago

Liz from Australia     

Please can we all just shut up about this!! So over it. The DJs did not kill her! She selfishly took her own life. As a mother I would not let something so trivial make me commit suicide. All she did was put the call through. It was the other nurse who gave out the details. If anything she was more humiliated then the first nurse. Now lets move on. I am sure Lindsay has already tried to hit someone else with her car or has been arrested for a DUI.

651 days ago
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