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Brooke Mueller

I'm Leaving My Twins

With Denise

12/11/2012 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's 2nd ex-wife Denise Richards got an interesting early XMAS gift -- twins ... but they're not hers ... they're Brooke Mueller's.

Sources close to Charlie and his exes tell TMZ ... Brooke asked Denise to care for Bob and Max while she tries rehab for the 19th time, and Denise happily obliged.

As for why Charlie isn't caring for the 3-year-olds ... we're told he doesn't have the time because he's shooting "Anger Management."

Our sources tell us ... Denise will care for Bob and Max for "an indefinite period of time."

It's pretty interesting ... not only is Brooke confident the kids will be well cared for, but Charlie is also happy Denise is taking care of his entire brood.

And get this ... we've learned this isn't the first time Bob and Max have stayed with Denise. The last time Brooke went to rehab, the kids stayed with D.R..

Who needs "Modern Family."


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Heather J    

God Bless Denise Richards. She is now dealing with 5 children, that can't be a simple task, but I wish her all the best especially around the Holiday's. I hope Brooke can stay clean this time, addiction is a horrible disease.

680 days ago


Why does TMZ keep talking about this piece of ****? When they find this piece of garbage with a needle up her arm, let me know so I can pop a bottle.

680 days ago


Good for all of them, at least the children's needs are being met by family. The big problem here is not that the twins mother has substance abuse issues, or that they have a famous father who is to busy or half sisters who's mother is willing to take them in, it is that there is some sick pleasure that people get from talking about this. Many people are not so lucky look at the Foster care system in your area, needs are high and not being met all around by family or community. Click some adds on TMZ make them some money have them donate the money to help other families in need, clearly this family we all keep reading about, has the means and desire to figure it out putting the child's needs first.

680 days ago


At least they have the class 2 be down 4 each other & their kids of Charlies

680 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

BM and CS disgust me! Here's a bright idea: Do NOT have kids if you can't care for them!!!

And if CS is SO popular and SOOO rich, then he can MAKE the time to care for HIS kids instead of pawning them of on his ex. Sickening!!!

680 days ago


Above and beyond, but I'm glad the kids have somebody, since their parents are complete **** ups.

680 days ago


She is a very nice woman, putting the welfare of Brooke's kids before her own emotions. Well done, Denise.

680 days ago


Wish Brooke would due and leave kids to Denise because they be better off than with a crackwh......ore drug addict. Do ur kids a favor and OD moron.

680 days ago


Denise has raised her daughters knowing that she might end up being the only parent they have. Charlie Sheen's substance abuse history is such that a relapse could be fatal. Brooke is still an active addict simply because she still thinks she can play around with adderall and booze. if it wasn't those she would find something to over-do. caffeine, exercise,etc

680 days ago


Wish Brooke would die and leave the kids to Denise because they would be better off than with a crack...wh....ore drug addict. Do your kids a favor and OD.

680 days ago


Years ago the papparazzi and public hounded Denise relentlessly as a gold digger including Charlie himself but what an amazing lady to put those kids first and step up to the plate, Charlie you screwed up letting her go seriously

680 days ago


She is lucky she actually has family to help her most addicts don't but I feel most sorry for those boys cause they are at a horrible disadvantage at never getting to know there really mother cause of her problems and always being taken care of nannies or other family members.

680 days ago


Phucking irresponsible, drugged up white people. Put down the fawking drugs and take care of your kids motherphuckers!!!

680 days ago


pass the kids to another ex wife??!! damn u woman..bitches think b4 you breed..!!

680 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I'm not sure that I "like" any of these people but they are making a good example of how blended families can work. If all parties are willing, making this a long term arrangement would be a good thing for all five kids.

680 days ago
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