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Brooke Mueller

I'm Leaving My Twins

With Denise

12/11/2012 9:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's 2nd ex-wife Denise Richards got an interesting early XMAS gift -- twins ... but they're not hers ... they're Brooke Mueller's.

Sources close to Charlie and his exes tell TMZ ... Brooke asked Denise to care for Bob and Max while she tries rehab for the 19th time, and Denise happily obliged.

As for why Charlie isn't caring for the 3-year-olds ... we're told he doesn't have the time because he's shooting "Anger Management."

Our sources tell us ... Denise will care for Bob and Max for "an indefinite period of time."

It's pretty interesting ... not only is Brooke confident the kids will be well cared for, but Charlie is also happy Denise is taking care of his entire brood.

And get this ... we've learned this isn't the first time Bob and Max have stayed with Denise. The last time Brooke went to rehab, the kids stayed with D.R..

Who needs "Modern Family."


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I thought the last time Brooke was in rehab her parents were selling their house and moving to CA to help look after the boys? What happened? I'm one of few who don't believe it helps to vilify Brooke and talk about giving her kids up at this point. Why not hope she actually gets her life back on track to be a much better mother? I do feel for the kids.

660 days ago


BTW I'd like to see beat em down Martinez and Halle try the same BS with someone like Charlie Sheen...not so easy to provoke, beat up, manipulate and push into a corner! Funny Halle fronts like Gabriel is a danger and gets away with it legally (but Martinez also had a restraining order placed against him) but Charlie Sheen manages to pass any investigations by child authorities, police etc. Same as Brooke. Hmmmmmmmmm..... follow the money

660 days ago


Where us CPS? They can legally put the kids in Denise's care and monitor the mom

660 days ago


Denise is a saint, first she gets along so well with charlie and has him over for the holidays, and now taking care of his ex's kids, heaven certainly has a place for her

660 days ago


wow, i'm not that much of a Denise Richards fan but GOOD FOR HER offering these children a stable family environment. She's really going above and beyond for her children's half-siblings, which is great to see. Neither Charlie S nor Brooke M deserve her help.

660 days ago


Now that right there shows you the type of person that Denise is. I'm very proud of her for the example she is showing to her children! I agree--she should just go ahead and adopt the twins. They would have a far better chance than if they were living with Charlie or Brooke.

660 days ago


Denise, u r a special woman to take on extra help someone in rehab. It's a blessing they r with u, instead of Charlie or some foster care. Good luck, and keep up the great parenting. LOL

659 days ago


I really feel sorry for those twins. They have a mother and father who are both junkies and are never there physically or emotionally for them. They are going to be in boarding school just as soon as one will take them.

659 days ago


The hard part for Denise will come when Brookey gets out of rehab after a year and a half and wants the boys back. She's not going to give up 50 Gs a month without a fight. My guess is Brooke thinks her parents would be more likely to fight for custody than Denise. I'm sure they're sick and tired of her shaming the family and neglecting their grand kids.

Warlock is good at writing checks but he needs to get more involved this time, instead of his usual role as an absentee father. Then he can attach some strings to the purse. She would probably settle for 25 Gs a month to give up custody. Then she can smoke herself into oblivion with no worries. It would cost Warlock much less in the long run since she probably wouldn't last a year.

I hope Denise finds a good guy to help her raise the kids, instead of a drunk like Sambora. She deserves better than that. He brought Heather Locklear down and Brooke did the same with Warlock.

659 days ago


Denise is a good person...

659 days ago


And then you wonder WHY Hollywood kids are all screwed up!

659 days ago

Brittney Cavallari    

How fascinating.

- Brittney Cavallari

659 days ago


Why do you make it out to be so odd that she would be helpful and take care of the kids for her???? They are her childrens brother and sister.... I think its nice that they can all get along and its good for the children. I know lots of people in similar situations. Not all families that are divorced hate each other. I think its very mature that they can be good to each other.

659 days ago


That's quite a favor to ask of anyone, especially an ex. Very generous of Ms. Richards, VERY.

659 days ago


Denise is a very good exwife.

659 days ago
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