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Lindsay Lohan

Back on NYC Club Scene

12/11/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pressed her luck last night in NYC, returning to the nightclub scene ... despite her arrest last month ... and this time no one was Mirandized.

Lindsay was spotted leaving Catch nightclub ... with a stylish fedora pulled down low over her head.

The last time LiLo was out in NYC she was leaving Club Avenue in handcuffs ... after turning down a palm reading, calling a patron a f***ing gypsy and then allegedly socking the psychic in the eye socket. 

Lindsay denied hitting the woman but she was arrested and cited for assault.

Last night was utterly peaceful ... something the f***ing psychic probably predicted.


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Anybody else notice what looks like a little white bag of ????? that might of fallen out of her bag while getting out of the car?????
Hey Linds turn around, You've lost your partyyyyyyy on the ground. Bummer, now you'll have a boring unfulfilled evening and no arrests. Borrrrrrrrring. Well there is still Tonight. One last Hurrah! Go for it girl. We'll be watching!

643 days ago


I just love playing the megliomanic !!! BWAAAAAAABWAAAAA ! I know I have some work to to be be humble and good enough to better then some people on this world but I am a hell of a lot better then that nasty mean assed whore.........Grow up...idiot

643 days ago


I just saw an interview with Sheen who said he is still waiting for a "thank you" or even just a "text" from Lilo after he gave her $100k

Of all the other indicators, good and bad with regard to the real Lilo...I think this example says it all. 100% out of touch, with a complete irrational sense of entitlement.

643 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Lindsay was out, business as usual.

643 days ago


The Post has her going to London after the club unless I'm reading it wrong.

Lohan returns to 'brawl' room: report
Last Updated: 10:55 AM, December 11, 2012
Posted: 10:19 AM, December 11, 2012
Well that didn't take long.

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Avenue last night, TMZ reports, a little less than two weeks after she allegedly punched out a fellow clubgoer.

The gossip site reports that, unlike LiLo's last night out at the club, this trip was uneventful.

Not long after partying at the New York hotspot, Lindsay left New York for London to be with her rumored flame Max George of The Wanted.

She tweeted today: "I heart the UK."



On Nov. 29, a sloppy Lohan — depressed over rotten reviews for her TV flick “Liz & Dick” — ended a two-day bender by allegedly cold-****ing a Florida psychic in a Manhattan bar because she believed the woman swiped her sister’s designer handbag stuffed with $10,000, sources told The Post.

Dario Alequin/
Lindsay Lohan leaves the 10th precinct after being busted for allegedly punching a fellow clubgoer.
After being released from police custody, sources told Page Six the starlet went into a meltdown at a hotel on the Upper East Side, insisting she was the innocent victim and it “was a setup.”

643 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Maybe someone is throwing her a "going away party"

643 days ago


Is this bitch still wearing the same leggings? It looks like she hasn't changed clothes in over a week. Could she have had Ali sell everything except what she is wearing? Where is she suppose to be in court Wednesday here in NY or LA? I will piss myself if she shows up to court in leggings.

643 days ago


If something bad goes down with Lilo is her own dam fault.....all her own..... Nobody is forcing her to one dam thing....!!! Get Real !!!

643 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

I thought she was banned from that club.
Or was that a different one.....?
Too many to keep track.

643 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She left? They're probably going to issue a warrant on her court day.

643 days ago

James B    

One shouldn't mock the afflicted but.......:

Im honestly starting to wonder if Lindsay actually doesn't have a serious mental health issue...... possibly she's suffering from some kind of personality disorder? She's certainly has no grasp of reality and seems to be very emotionally immature:

I think it's kind of sweet that she's enjoying herself, like a 13 year old kid (maybe that's what she's really actually like....... Jesus that's sad if it's true!)
If you think about it, her parents have had her on Adderall since she was 11 so that she was malleable enough for the directors in her early Hollywood films, and so that she could pay for Mommy and Daddy's mortgage....

Perhaps she's doing all this quite deliberately as she can't think of any other way, aside from sabotaging her entire life, of getting out from under her revolting stage parents.
What mother/father in the world would expect their eldest daughter to pay their bills, pay their mortgage, put her siblings through school and generally pick up the tab for everything whilst she was still a child?
They've wh0red their daughter out since she was a a baby (Ford kids anyone?). Was she ever asked if she minded, if she wouldn't have rathered going to school like everyone else? What mother in the world does coke with her 16 year old daughter? WTF is WRONG with these people that they think it's actually OK. Or is it that, having treated her as an adult with adult responsibilities since she was a child, they can't treat her any other way than Lindsay the ATM?
How desperately sad for her and what utter trash her family really is if that's the case.

I'm the first to admit that she's behaved appallingly over the last few years. She's got away with murder when anyone else would have been in the clink quick smart. I think, for her sake, that she would be best served by going to pokey.
I also think that she would be best served by trying to acquire some real friends, once she's sobered up. Can she ever have a "normal" life? It's doubtful so long as anyone puts her in front of a camera. Mr & Mrs Lohan, you've ruined your daughter and you're so greedy and stupid you don't even care or see it. And she's now an alcoholic, drug addict with a string of arrests at 26! And will her parents even be by her side when she's finally led off to jail? ......... not unless there's something in it for them.
Poor fvcking cow. I actually really pity her!
Hollywood star maybe, but it's only skin deep.

643 days ago


She probably can't get any more films, but she can still get on court TV. Way to go! Will someone please powder my nose ...

643 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

After she gets back from England, will she arrive in time for the Academy Awards?

643 days ago


In her mind, she believes that she should get the prime movie roles and still be able to do whatever she wants, regardless of the outcome. She doesn't pay to go to these clubs, she thinks they should pay her to be in the clubs, like Kim K. Is she even concerned about the hearing on Wed? I don't think so.

643 days ago


How is it that someone who had all of their assets frozen can still afford to party all the time? I hope the feds are checking into her relatives bank accounts and making sure the money in them is actually theirs. Oh and why no TMZ story on how she's ditching court to follow the Wanted to England?

643 days ago
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