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Prosecutors to Judge

Lock Lindsay Up!

12/11/2012 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. City Attorney isn't wasting any time ... TMZ has learned, prosecutors have already filed papers asking the court to revoke Lindsay Lohan's probation.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. City Attorney had been planning to file docs asking the judge to revoke her probation in her jewelry heist case ... but now, it's official. As sources told us, prosecutors are "out for blood."

According to the L.A. City Attorney's office, prosecutors want Lindsay's probation revoked because of the criminal charges recently filed against her in Santa Monica, stemming from her car accident on PCH this summer ... after which she lied to cops about being behind the wheel.

But the City Attorney's move is just a formality -- the judge doesn't need prosecutors' input ... she'll be revoking Lindsay's probation on her authority alone.

Lindsay is set to be arraigned tomorrow morning on 3 misdemeanor counts -- lying to cops, obstruction, and reckless driving.


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Well its about DAMN time. She should be treated just like the rst of us every day people. The only way she will ever learn is to sit and stay locked up for at least 6 mos. NO special any thing. She gets what every one else gets and no more. Her family and so called friends are making it harder on her by telling her she is "Special". The only thing special about her was the education or lack there of Special Ed.

682 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

What's up with this LA DA trying to act like they have a pair?

682 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@Nicole, what makes you think Shawn is still her lawyer??

Please do tell.

Shawn wanted to dump her ass years ago but a Judge wouldn't let her

The clients Shawn handles take care of their business and move on.

Lying Lindsay has been using Shawn for six years now and hasn't learned one lesson.

Nicole do you know for sure Lying Lindsay is paid in full with Shawn??

The IRS has frozen all of Lying Lindsays accounts.

Have you seen any interviews where Shawn says she is Lying Lindsays lawyer handling this case??

Nicole are you tooting your horn??

You know what happens when you toot your horn, right?

So Nicole show us where it states Shawn will be handling this case.

682 days ago

Suzy Q     

Jennifer Lawrence Named "Most Desirable Woman," Kim Kardashian Falls 90 Places

"Overall, there's a sense that she's a little more authentic than other actors," James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen, told Reuters Tuesday. "She's fresh because we haven't seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years."

Is it just me, or are they specifically getting in a dig at Lindsay Lohan? Lolol!

Bet she makes the Top99 Skanks list!

Read more:

Read more:

682 days ago


If the judge decides to revoke her probation, I believe she agreed that she can't appeal or post bail. Off to jail. How much time she'll get and how much time she'll actually do is anyone's guess. More jail and more probation.

The judge should liberate some inmates to make sure there will be room for her to serve the sentence.

Then, there's New York. She will not get off easy over there. Again, more jail and more probabation

Then, there's the IRS. They don't mess about. Imagine if they decide to go after her for tax evasion and tax fraud. You're looking at major years in prison and general population. She'll come out of there an actual old broad. Not just an old looking broad

I really think she will either bite the big one a la Marylin Monroe, or run away to UAE.

Forget about the boy band. They will not want anything to do with her once she starts the stalking and get a restraining order against her. Remember when she would always be looking for Ronson and all the fights?

Hang in there, folks. This story is coming to an end fast.

682 days ago


HaHa - Lindsey's getting a new Judge - Bitch is going down - and by that I mean in going down in prison - munch munch ....

682 days ago


What was the thing about the necklace? Did she say she just forgot she was wearing it. Would anybody whose not stoned out of their head forget if asked to see some fine jewelry necklace and then just leave the store? Or was she gonna call them later and say she was just trying it out on the street. I just forgot to mention it on the way out...

682 days ago


Prosecutors are "out for blood", but at this point Blohan's anatomy consists only of bleach, tobacco, and meth vapors.

682 days ago


Probably the only thing that would get her sober & save a life. She will eventually kill someone at this rate. Or be dead herself.

I believe the Judge has the discretion of ordering she serve the full time and not be available for early release. I could be wrong but it seems to me that's come up before. Considering the multiple .. okay .. PLETHORA.. of events now on two coasts, I'm lighting a friggin' candle that's the case.

On the upside, one less crotch flashing/club slashing chicklet on my morning home page. Color me giddy.

682 days ago


I wouldn't want to be stuck in jail when the Mayan calendar ends.

682 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

One of LarryThompson's 2013 New Year's resolutions, is to always ask his assistant, "who is it" before taking any phone calls

682 days ago

Celebs behaving badly    

She will be in and out when she is booked because she will post bail. When she is convicted of Lying etc (there is no way she can win) she will do her PV concurrently and she will prob get aroung 6 mos to a year which means she will be in for around 35 to 80 days. She will then be back on probation for her new cases.

Then she goes to NYC dont know them but doubt she gets jail time she will get probation and possible anger management classes.

If I were her I would just ask for time and say screw probation. She wont qualify for work release because she has no home in cali unless someone is willing to take her in and vouch for her release.

682 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Is Lindsay "Wanted" dead or alive?

682 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

The LA County DA, running for re-election in 2013 has adopted "Live Without Regets" for his campaign slogan

682 days ago


You know, one can blame her parents, or the way the starts aligned, or child stardom, or (insert excuse here) but she has been afforded opportunities that most people would dream of and she **** all over them. Not once, not twice, not three times...I can go on and on. I can't lie, I shudder when I think of her parents...especially her Dad, but when does personal responsibility come into play?

She's a habitual **** up, for lack of better words. She's almost, if not already, uninsurable for films. The IRS has possession of her assets, and she has an entire army of 16 year old girls plotting her demise.

Stop defending her, by the way. She doesn't give a **** about you, her fans, etc.

682 days ago
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