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'Storage Wars'

Lawsuit Claims

Show is RIGGED

12/11/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

"Storage Wars" -- the hit A&E show -- is deceiving viewers by making it seem contestants are bidding on unseen items, when the best goods are actually planted inside ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The lawsuit -- filed by the former star, David Hester -- claims he was axed when he complained to producers about the alleged rigging practices.

Hester claims in one case producers planted a BMW mini car under a pile of trash.  In another case, Hester alleges producers planted a pile of old newspapers that announced the death of Elvis.  For some reason, that's a valuable commodity.

And Hester goes on ... claiming the show even gave less than photogenic cast members money for plastic surgery to "create more sex appeal."

Hester claims in the suit he was wrongfully terminated because he blew the whistle.

But Dan Dotson -- the guy behind the show's auction company -- disagrees, telling TMZ, every unit seen on the show is legit and has a seal on it before they open it ... making it impossible for A&E to tamper with the units before filming begins.

Dan adds, “We only sell legitimate units on Storage Wars. Every unit goes through a 64-day legal process and no one has access to units prior to auction.”

A rep for A&E tells TMZ, "We do not know about a lawsuit being filed and we do not comment on pending or threatened litigation."


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.....David "Yappppp" was the only real mofo on this fake show.

647 days ago


There what !! Given Free plastic Surgery for more show sex appeal. I think Brandi is hot, but bigger is better. Time for Brandi to get better Brest implants. Double the size of your girls girl. Go braless and then bend over A lot when going thru the stuff in the locker. You no for the show. yeeeeeeeha What you looking at Berry.

647 days ago


You act like this is come big news. Anyone that had enough sense to change channels knew it was all set up. Same for these towing programs, stupid programs for simple people.

647 days ago


All reality shows are scripted!
This man is such a nasty person,
I could care less about him getting fired!
I am surprised that he "rocked the boat"
and got the axe!
So, he is a nasty man and a very, very stupid man!

647 days ago


Next up from the Department Of Stuff No One Gives A Crap About...Guy Blows The Whistle On Show About People Fighting Over Stuff In Storage Units! Tune in next week, when the lead story will be about neighbors fighting over who gets to watch paint dry. Sheesh.

647 days ago


Really! Next thing you'll know some bah humbug guy will tell all about Santa!

647 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Dave Hester is a DICK. Yuuup (TM) i said it!

647 days ago


Com'on folks! ALL...and I mean ALL reality TV is scripted one way or another...I bet you people think wrestling is real..! Oh Brother...!

647 days ago


Think about it; how many people who have storage units and know they're going to default on payment would leave anything that valuable? This show is only worthwhile because of Barry, who is so interesting.

647 days ago


never liked egomaniac Dave. Glad to be rid of him on the show.

647 days ago

Glad to see the whiner gone.

647 days ago


Dave Hester is an emotional train wreck. I have seen almost every episode, including reruns, and, well, one of the 2 biggest tools on that show is Dave Hester. He may have a successful business, and has some business sense, but he is giving himself far more credit in being and expert, and does a lot of guesstimating many others do. I knew he was a fraud when he lost that $5k bet with the antique sofa to Barry. He is a little B^*ch who is so insecure he has to retaliate like a 16 year old because that is all he can do. He is just disgruntled and whiny because his type always thinks they are getting slighted, and need to take revenge; not to mention a way that many losers do in this country, and that is to SUE and get money. How much you want to bet HE is one of the ones being offered monies to enhance his appearance? Does the man own at least one pair of long pants? Maybe Jeans? How about clothes and shoes period! He reminds me of that Lesbian character from SNL named Pat. Welcome to the make believe world of Hollywood Dave! Your 15 minutes of fame is well over with! Seek out a good therapist before you screw up your kids! Watch out attorneys, this guy could be a stalker, and will be relentless in his moaning whining!

647 days ago

Terrie Gamel    

What a DUMB ASS!! Bite the hand the hand that feeds you! SO what if its rigged, Hello its TV. (entertainment)

647 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Auctioneer Dan Burton is tellin' the truth. They are real storage lien units up for auction that have been sealed right up until they are auctioned off.

Off course AFTER one of the "Storage Wars" bidders scores a unit A&E goes in and "salts" the unit with something good before they film the big unveil on the bidders latest score...duh!

Yeah i watched it anyway, it's entertainment.

647 days ago



647 days ago
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