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Courtney Love

"Not Amused"

by Sir Paul & Nirvana

12/12/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1212_courtney_love_paul-mccartney_gettyWhen Nirvana reunites tonight in NYC -- with Sir Paul McCartney replacing Kurt Cobain on vocals -- Courtney Love won't be cheering ... she'll be yelling obscenities, because she's pissed about the gig.

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are playing at the 12-12-12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden -- their first show together in 20 years -- but Cobain's widow tells TMZ she is "not amused" about Paul's involvement.

Courtney is clearly more of a Lennon fan, than McCartney because she added ... "Look, if John were alive it would be cool."

Love is also upset at Krist and Dave for calling tonight's show a Nirvana reunion because she says Kurt was the heart and soul of the legendary band.

For the record ... Sir Paul and the guys will be playing a brand new song they wrote together. It's unclear if they will cover classic Nirvana songs.


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She's a fame whore...If she isn't making a buck off her dead, estranged husband she is pissed. Kiss my ass, bitch.

648 days ago


Smh . Shes a whore . R.I.P. Kurt Cobain

648 days ago


Who cares what Courtney Love thinks of a group she couldn't have gotten near if she weren't able to stalk and f**k the singer?

648 days ago

BB not bb    

It is a strange and unlikely choice of front singer. He doesn't remind me of Curt at all. Paul seems so happy and mainstreamish, while Curt was so disturbed and like an outsider. It must have been very strange. Plus Paul is from another generation back.

I don't know who they could have gotten to sing, but I wouldn't have thought of Paul. That remids me of Pat Boone singing Ozzy or something. I think right after Johnny Cash sung Mariyn Manson or NIN, one of those, he dropped dead.

If you are from the establishment, you can't really mesh with the outsiders. It just is too incongruous. Punk rock and pop are like night and day. Paul is like pop music in alot of ways, while Nirvana is so punk you can't even figure out what Curt is growling about.

648 days ago


Get over yourself Courtney, you are a has been and no one cares what you think!

648 days ago


Not surprising. Courtney, being the selfish, short-sighted, narcissistic **** she is couldn't applaud the fact that this performance was benefitting other people than herself. Plus, in retrospect, their performance was amazing. Paul McCartney is an undeniable talent who has shifted and shaped popular culture with his musical gifts. Courtney has done absolutely nothing to benefit mankind with her band, "Hole" and she will be quickly forgotten after she is found dead from an overdose in the next few years.

648 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I think it's kind of interesting. Odd as hell but interesting. As far as Ms Love goes, I am quite impressed that she still has enough brain cells to remember either Nirvana or Kurt Cobain.

648 days ago


thats why she killed kurt, she thought this was her band. remember the legal battle just to release one song..for daves and krist sake I home this junkie drops dead soon..shes been the only one to tarnish the nirvana name...skank..

648 days ago

BB not bb    

I really hate all of these charity schtick concerts they have at every turn of events. Now because it is 12/12/12 they have to go berzerk with a charity. Going to a rock concert is not charity, it is hedonism. You don't go there to do good for the world but to satisfy yourself. I wish these pompous rock stars would get over themselves. Rock is supposed to mean dirt, not stardom.

I am so sick of these shows. How about when they wouldn't let Anglina answer phones on the Jersey Shore charity show? How charitable is that? They are not trying to be randomely nice to others, they are trying to get more publicity for themselves by seeming good goody on top of everything else.

Rock stars are not supposed to be goody goody. That ruins the whole vibe. They should do that in secret if they want to be favor doers. When Ozzy used to have free Ozzfests, that was a like a charity, but they weren't even fun because it was like they were doing you a favor in your face. Stars are not humble when they give charity on these shows.

I am kind of glad that I didn't watch it. It makes about as much sense as a symphony appearing at the redneck games.

648 days ago


why was this even necessary? why didn't paul just front the foo fighters? courtney is right on this one. what a stupid and inappropriate gimmick.

648 days ago


1. OK. I agree it should not have been called a Nirvana reunion. I don't believe you can ever have a band reunion without ALL original members. If one is dead - a reunion can NEVER happen.
2. Nobody gives half a s**t whether Crotch-Rot Courtney thinks. She was NEVER any part of Nirvana. She was a cling-on, who I still believe is responsible for Kurt's death.

648 days ago


Courtney, don't you have some meth to do?

648 days ago


Kurt was a musical genius, but his taste in women is definitely questionable!

648 days ago


Anything that pissed Courtney off...I am all for it. While I do not know her personally, I cannot stand that skank.

Also, I believe that Kurt would have been honored to know that Sir Paul sang in his place.

648 days ago


Courtney Love is just mad because any future proceeds from the band formerly known as Nirvana will not include a check with her name on it!

The biggest career move this useless addict did was latch on and destroy a legend in the making.

can you say psycho!

648 days ago
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