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Antivirus Millionaire McAfee

Released in Guatemala

'I'm Going to America'

12/12/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

John McAfee 
-- the millionaire who created McAfee Antivirus software -- has been released from custody in Guatemala ... where he was arrested for allegedly entering the country illegally, while still considered a "person of interest" in a Belizean murder case.

After his release, 67-year-old McAfee told reporters, "I'm free. I'm going to America." He said he plans to catch a flight to Miami.

Guatemalan immigration officials have already escorted McAfee to the Guatemala City airport.

As we reported, McAfee has been on the run ever since he was named a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor in Belize -- where McAfee had been living for several years.

McAfee's lawyer has said returning the software mogul to Belize could effectively be a death sentence ... because McAfee "has denounced authorities."


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May I quote the OJays, " Money, money, money money"!

626 days ago

It's Dave    

Try not to kill your neighbor when you get back here to the U.S. of A. We tend to frown upon that type of behavior.

626 days ago


Hope he doesn't catch a virus.

626 days ago


"I'm going to America"? Since when Guatemala is located in another continent... Guatemala is in EUROPE? or AFRICA? moron I'm in Venezuela and I am american too! you should say USA. if you want to be accurate, greographic books should divide this land in 3 parts!

626 days ago

Angel Morado    

Huh how and why? Money talks and Mcafee will walk....what will his movie be about?....hmmm

626 days ago


Now he comes crawling back home?

626 days ago


Arrested for entering the country illegally? Why would anyone want to live in Guatemala. Even their own people travel thousands of miles to enter the US illegally to get away from the oppression in their own country.

626 days ago


Does he need a house sitter in Belize? lol

626 days ago


I'm sitting on the fence. I'm not taking sides because this whole story has to do with a man dying at the hands of another. MY PROBLEM IS, if you haven't read my past posts: McAfee has been nothing but a "PERSON OF INTEREST". Folks, he's a person of interest because he fought with his neighbour. This is NOT unusual. This scares me, I have a neighbour across the street that I have been fighting with for eight years. So, if that neighbour is MURDERED in his house and I become a "PERSON OF INTEREST" because of our long history together I'm automatically a "MURDERER?".
What happened to truth, justice and the American way? If he comes here, Belize needs to gather evidence, have straight up proof and before a court case prove that there is a SHADOW of a doubt that this guy is guilty. If they can't prove it, well damn, this man doesn't have anything to worry about. It's all about the justice system whether in the U.S., Canada, South America or Europe. You need to PROVE your accusations, not just make it.

626 days ago


OH? All of a sudden America is a nice place to live for you? I think you should stay where you are.

626 days ago


He will be arrested at any customs border of airport and shipped back to where he murdered his neighbor. Bye the way McAfee sucks as a spyware.

626 days ago


IGNORANT!....You're IN America!....

626 days ago

looks like he got rid of that virus that was in his brain. please restart for changes to take effect.

626 days ago


W0W, W0W, W0W,.......We won't even go into his pizz poor software,....but man, this guy looks really bad,...when's the last time he had a good medical work up ? If he gets through that,.....consider getting a little cosmetic touch up, here and there, look nasty dude.

626 days ago


So hes pulling a Roman Palanski...hes guilty so now hes never gonna go back there.

626 days ago
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