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Lindsay Lohan Judge

Not Big

On Jail

12/12/2012 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1212_godfrey_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan may have done it again ... dodged a jail bullet by the luck of the judicial draw.
We broke the story ... Lindsay will be arraigned today on 3 criminal charges -- including lying to cops -- in connection with her car accident on Pacific Coast Highway last June.  We know the judge who will arraign her -- Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- will formally revoke her probation during the hearing.  As you know, she's on probation for the jewelry heist case.
The Commissioner will order a formal hearing, and if the evidence shows it's more likely than not that LiLo committed a crime, the Commish could send her to jail for as long as 245 days.

Now the good news for Lindsay.  One source very familiar with the Commish tells TMZ ... "Godfrey is not a big jail person." 

Get this ... Commissioner Godfrey presides over Drug Court, in which she hears case after case involving people with serious drug cases.  Godfrey strongly favors counseling over jail, to the point she has a graduation ceremony for people who complete the program and digs into her own pocket to buy little gifts for the graduates ... like Starbucks cards.

And the Commish presides over Homeless Court ... where she deals with homeless people who have committed crimes and gets them help to rehabilitate them, instead of throwing them in jail.

Maybe Godfrey could start Night Club Court.  She does have the perfect defendant.


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Grandma Cracker    

Too bad Princess Poop is not in drug court or homeless court.

682 days ago


She needs help, not jail...she needs to take some time off of her schedule n work onherself to fight her inner demons before its to late.

682 days ago


She gets away with it again .. Ah to be rich and famous ..

682 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hahahahaaha! Other sites cracking on TMZ.

At 9am today Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer will head to court for LiLo’s arraignment in the 3 criminal charges from this summer: lying to police, resisting an officer, and reckless driving.

Thanks to TMZ’s law enforcement sources, and general so-called psychic powers, we now know exactly what’s going to go down at the courthouse today.

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Bad news it is!Lindsay’s probation will be revoked. Lindsay is on probation for stealing jewelry and since her summer arrest is the opposite of what you do when you're on probation, the LA City Attorney’s office has revealed that prosecutors are officially filing docs to revoke LiLo’s probation.

This means that Lindsay has another chance at punishment. The City Attorney could have just said, “nope, sentence her on the lying to police charges, and we’ll just let her probation stay as is,” but somebody at the office is apparently “out for blood” and LiLo looks like a tasty meal.

Now for the good news, the judge presiding over the case today is not a fan of sending people to jail.

She let’s serious drug offenders off with counseling instead of jail time and when homeless people commit crimes, she rehabilitates them instead of sending them to jail.

Is she really going to lock Lindsay up for getting into a car accident and lying to cops? We highly doubt it.

No one knows whats going to happen, except the Judge. Just because this judge goes lite on others doesn't mean she will do the same for Lindsay. How manys times has Lindsay been arrested?? How many times has Lindsay been infront of a judge?? Has Lindsay learned her lesson?? NOOOOOOO! So TMZ needs to STFU! with their BS and spins.
In three more hours you will find out. No need to comment on here and feed into the TMZ BS.

682 days ago


Some homo deleted my comment!

682 days ago


I'm in the 7:00 to 10:00 minutes and this is done....and Holly's out the door with a date of about at least 3 wks from her time to "meet " with the new Judge in the case and the checks to clear....

Ketjo in for say 8:00 minutes is all it takes...

682 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

So I guess "Obey All Laws" only applies to non-celebrities with no money.

Think it's about time for a good old fashion revolution

682 days ago


THIS btch Lohan gets away with way, way too much sht – CLEARLY shows how BIASED our JUDICIAL SYSTEM can be. Lohan by her own damn example is trailer trash, a junkie, and has a very short list of sht that she won’t do.

682 days ago


Is it me, or does Judge Janey up there bear a striking resemblance to Judge Steph? Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? Do they visit the same "cut your hair like a man from 1983 to get respect on the bench" salon?

682 days ago


So according to TMZ, Lindsay is either going to be rewarded for crimes well done or go to jail for 8 months. Great reporting guys!!

682 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Whatever, the evidence is there. Send her to jail.

682 days ago


Wonder if we all commit the same crimes as Lindsay we can get away with them too? If she doesn't have to pay for her crimes why should we? I hope someone uses the Lindsay Defense next time they are busted for the same thing. The justice system is a joke!

682 days ago


I'm big on jail. I don't think the court should be held accountable when she's 6 feet under soon. It's Lindsay's fault if you want to assign blame.

682 days ago


betcha after linds 'checks out' (like winehouse), dina & mikey SUE the la court system for NOT sending her to jail.

682 days ago


How about you report on this once we know what happens instead of playing what if.

682 days ago
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