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Lindsay Lohan


12/12/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked this morning in court ... just like we told you it would be ... and the judge has now set a hearing to decide whether to lock Lindsay up for the better part of a year.

Lindsay -- who wasn't present -- was arraigned this AM on charges that she lied to cops and drove recklessly when she crashed her Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway last June. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay's probation in the jewelry heist case would be revoked as a result of the new charges.  The judge who arraigned her -- Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- scheduled a hearing for January 15th on the probation violation.

If Godfrey decides Lindsay did violate her probation, Lindsay could face 245 days in the pokey.

But as we reported ... the Commish is not a big fan of jail, so Lindsay may skate yet again.


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No amount of coddling by bleeding-liberal judges is going to convince this bloated waste of flesh "actress" to straighten up and play by the same rules as everyone else. Maybe when Lindsay drinks and drives again, or just drives recklessly again, and someone dies, all the enablers in her life will rethink their behaviors.

688 days ago


TMZ why do you keep saying the Commish is not a big fan of jail? That is in drug court. Lindsay is not in drug court. Lindsay is on probation for a grand theft. Lindsay's current probation is not drug related. The three charges she faces are not drug related. Lindsay states that she has no drug problem. So why would the judge send her to treatment? I think this is more a case of someone who just has zero respect for the law and doesnt give a sh*t. The commish doesnt take so kindly to those type of offenders.

688 days ago


Lindsay to the Judge: "Wait...what? You mean all I have to do to get a graduation ceremony and a Starbucks gift card is quit being me? Cool! I'm all in."
Aint gonna happen. Not in a million lifetimes.

688 days ago


Hey NICOLE.... what's the female equivalent of the male name "Chester", if you know? Any guesses? Does it start with NICOLE?

*nibblenibblenibble nibblenibblenibble...(gasp!)....*

688 days ago


If they're not going to send her to jail, then why bother even bother to "violate" her probation? At this point, the Court itself has become one of Lindsay's biggest "enablers". She's "skated" so many times she could care less if she gets in trouble and there's nothing to discourage Lindsay from getting into trouble over and over again.

688 days ago


How many times did Liz or Marilyn get their
probation revoked......??

688 days ago


Lindsay obviously can't stay out of trouble. I bet my life savings she will do some jail time. At least 3 months. She is ridiculous, old, tired and irresponsible. Jail would be good for her and a wake up call for her. But not 1 hour behind bars, 6-9 months with no early release! How else will she learn that her actions have consequences?

688 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    


Lindsay Lohan picked a good day to skip court.

As expected, the trouble-magnet Liz & Dick star was missing in action as her probation was formally revoked this morning in a Los Angeles courtroom—a development that could eventually land her back in jail.

Lindsay's party pals through the years

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Holley, was able to continue the court hearing to Jan. 15, when Lohan will be formally charged with three misdemeanor charges stemming from a June car crash in Santa Monica.

Authorities say Lohan, who was on her way to the set to shoot Liz & Dick, lied to police when she claimed wasn't behind the wheel.

She faces counts of willfully, resisting, delaying or obstructing a police officer or emergency medical technician; giving false information to a police officer; and driving a vehicle on a highway with willful and wanton disregard for the safety of person or property. All three counts are misdemeanors.

Lohan remains on summary probation after pleading no content to stealing a necklace back on March 29. The only condition was that she obey all laws, so as soon as the Santa Monica crash charges were filed, Los Angeles prosecutors moved to revoke her probation.

The actress has already completed 120 days of her sentence, so the maximum jail time she could face for probation violation is 245 days.

Outside the courtroom, Lohan attorney Shawn Holley, told E! News that Lindsay is not required to appear at the next hearing, and the attorney plans to have the entire situation resolved so that Lohan will never have to appear.

Regardless, at some point Lohan will have to turn herself in for booking, which means we will get another portait for her mug-shot collection.

Meanwhile, Lohan is also due back in New York court on Jan. 7 for an arraignment into her alleged assault of Tiffany Mitchell.

688 days ago


Shawn said that they are going to vehemently fight these charges . Now that Lindsay is no longer on good terms with Gavin I doubt he will take the fall for this...

688 days ago


Lohan is scared and should be. Probation is revoked, the stall tactics are done. Legal formalities are done. Even judges have to comply with the laws whether they like it or not.

Lohan has to appear for her 2nd desk ticket in NYC in not even 2 months. Has to appear in LA a week later.

Just look at what Lohans pulled in less than 9 months after leaving Sautners courtroom. No big deal Shawn Holly will get me out of it.

688 days ago


So, she has till Jan. 15th to Svck, bang and blow, snort, drink, attack, steal, deny.
Does anybody really think she won't get into ANY trouble before then?

688 days ago


Does anyone know where she is ????? Starting to get worried 😩

688 days ago


I guess she gets to stay home for the holidays. She knows that nothing will happen. Wait until Jan. and see how fast she signs up for rehab.

688 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


"Merry Christmas Lindsay" !!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LOL! Lindsay Lohan Banned From....

......The Wanted tour.... this is too funny.

I honestly have no idea if her and Max George were dating or if she was just stalking him-either way... she is no longer allowed to follow them around while they tour. Ouch.

We heard whisperings that the other Wanted boys were getting a bit sick of having Lilo — and all the publicity that goes along with her —aboard their various traveling vessels, so perhaps the lads finally told her to return back to her own life so they could get on with theirs?

OR maybe Lilo and Max had a falling out…

Cause they are no longer following each other on Twitter! If there's a sure fire way to say "I hate you now" it's by unfollowing someone on Twitter! - PH

Read more:

688 days ago


Wasn'tt that fun ?

I said three week to a month and she gets a month...time enough for Shawn to work a fix and bibe as usual.....but there is a fly in this ointment.....the case in NY ....and it is the 7th when she is charged on that one it is a assualt charge....a violent crime...this time which bumps it up a lot more..and the Judge will have to take that charge in considerization when she is she will using three things...the VOP...the CA charges and the NYC charges that misdomenors but 3rd degree ones....which when added to her past record of criminal behavior will end look looking like hell ........I hope to God it goes over the 1 yr max jail time and into prison time...with no early release.....say 1 yr 6 mos at that womans prison...and the Fed's waiting at the gate when she is release with a warrent for her arrest on Tax evasion......
Time for that New Job Overseas.....if she ain't already there cause nobody seen her since she supposedly fly off Monday night after the party.....

688 days ago
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