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Lindsay Lohan


12/12/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked this morning in court ... just like we told you it would be ... and the judge has now set a hearing to decide whether to lock Lindsay up for the better part of a year.

Lindsay -- who wasn't present -- was arraigned this AM on charges that she lied to cops and drove recklessly when she crashed her Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway last June. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay's probation in the jewelry heist case would be revoked as a result of the new charges.  The judge who arraigned her -- Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- scheduled a hearing for January 15th on the probation violation.

If Godfrey decides Lindsay did violate her probation, Lindsay could face 245 days in the pokey.

But as we reported ... the Commish is not a big fan of jail, so Lindsay may skate yet again.


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Gavin is at the the cheap seats.

645 days ago


Boy, have I been under a BIG misconception. First off, HOW in the SamRo HELLp did Blohan draw this "I'm NOT big on jail judge? Since when does a HABITUAL RE-OFFENDER, on PROBATION no less, not go before the SENTENCING judge? As far as we know, Sautner hasn't retired or recused herself, correct? WTF?

645 days ago


I hope Billy Joel sings New York state of mind....oh hell, he can sing anything and I would be happy, happy, happy!

645 days ago

JM in San Diego CA    

What'll it be this time? One hour? Two hours? Overnight in a private cell with her own TV and iPhone?

I won't believe she's doing any serious jail time until after it gets to more than a month or until she get shanked by some 300-pound cow -- whichever comes first.

645 days ago


Just because the judge isn't a fan of jail terms doesn't mean Lindsay will skate. The way the judge deals with chronic probation violators may well be different from her approach with first time offenders or anybody she thinks us salvageable. She wants to maximize the chances that the person never gets into legal trouble again, but Lindsay hasn't learned anything in five years entangled with the legal system. She has quite a long record as a scofflaw.
The sheriff just lets everybody go through a revolving door, so it hardly seems worth it to sentence someone to jail in that jurisdiction. Might be able to arrange a long period of house arrest, if Lindsay can find a house. Other places, strict conditions are put on people under house arrest, including abstinence from booze as well as illegal drugs, and considering what happened last time (mysterious failure of the monitoring unit with mysterious sticky liquid, partying, etc.) this judge might impose strict conditions. My bet is that more mandatory counseling is in Lindsay's future for good reason - what sane person lies to a police officer about driving a car in an accident? She does stuff that makes no sense. Certainly the drugs she takes and the booze do have an impact on her behavior also - they should at least lift her driver's license if she insists on getting corrupt doctors to write such prescriptions, she's not safe to drive. They could do a hair test to confirm her recent drug uses, if they can find any natural hair on her head. More community service might help, although it will need to be on a strict schedule. Definitely she is not a good candidate for informal probation, I don't know why they even bothered to pretend she could be a responsible grownup.

645 days ago


Blohan's probation revoked? Sounds good, except we don't know what that will result in. Yawn. TMZ will spin and spin one way, then another and we still won't know. near and yet so far.
Wonder if Blo will crash the Hurricane Sandy relief concert tonight; she was so sympathetic at the time of the storm, she'd probably be called up on the stage for an honorable mention. But I guess it will depend on whether there's somebody playing that she'd like to "bus" with. Run for your lives One Direction kids!!

645 days ago


Liho is probably in the back ally of MSG banging on the door screaming... " But, but....I'm with the band!"

645 days ago


My question for the rest of the night.......
Where is Lindsay Dee Lohan ?
She has not been spotted in NYC sense late Monday night ..........Nor has she been tweeting......So where is she.......? ...NYC ? .......England ?.......or Dubai .....or .....Lost in Space....or is she still locked in the closet in her room ....
"Really Dina you can let her out now...the court date is over and the money man came thru again...and she still free.......for now.....

645 days ago


Crackhead, Crackhead, have you any fuel?
Yes mom, yes mom, three bags full!

645 days ago


What's the matter, NICOLE? Don't you love me anymore? Did I say anything wrong?

*nibblenibblenibble nibblrnibblenibble (gasp!)*

645 days ago


SchenkelTown ‏@SchenkelTown
I totally thought that fat drunk guy yelling at Steve Buscemi was Lindsay Lohan. #121212concert

645 days ago


"May skate yet again"... Try definitely, absolutely, positively, certainly, and totally will skate again. For whatever reason, no one wants to throw Lilo in jail for the crimes she commits. By not making her deal with real world consequences, she will never, ever demonstrate accounibility or take responsibility for what she does. She has snowed the court system with her completion of community service and therapy. She's an actress, showing fake remorse is like breathing to her.

645 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

HA! I finally found you guys! Just a quick word;



645 days ago


12.12.12 - Tony Soprano and Paulie Gualtieri taking donation calls, sweet. This is a great benefit show.

645 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maddy, check your email soon.

645 days ago
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