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Lindsay Lohan


12/12/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked this morning in court ... just like we told you it would be ... and the judge has now set a hearing to decide whether to lock Lindsay up for the better part of a year.

Lindsay -- who wasn't present -- was arraigned this AM on charges that she lied to cops and drove recklessly when she crashed her Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway last June. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay's probation in the jewelry heist case would be revoked as a result of the new charges.  The judge who arraigned her -- Commissioner Jane Godfrey -- scheduled a hearing for January 15th on the probation violation.

If Godfrey decides Lindsay did violate her probation, Lindsay could face 245 days in the pokey.

But as we reported ... the Commish is not a big fan of jail, so Lindsay may skate yet again.


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Never happen. These judges are *******. She gets another break and gets locked up again next week, then another break, then arrested, ad infinitum.

644 days ago

jc was a great concert...

644 days ago


The judge isn't big on jail, eh? Just another reason for LL to laugh at the judicial system that permits her to continually do whatever she pleases. Hopefully this judge will do the right thing and throw the skank in jail for the max time.

644 days ago


I'ma dancing now baby!!!!!!!

644 days ago


I f*king love Billy Joel

644 days ago


Well, maybe there is justice in the CA criminal justice system? Nah, just kidding. Maybe she and P Hilton can hook up when she gets out? You know, some sort of reality show like..."three days and I'm out of lip gloss", or "I want another color on my nails, but they don't sell it at the commissary"

644 days ago


Lock her spoiled ass up

644 days ago

Marvin Arrest Party Part Two coming soon to TMZ......

644 days ago


Okay, if you take another look at the no jail story you'll see it references drug cases and homeless people. I know she's a homeless druggie but hers is not a drug/homeless case.

I just read the LA Times story on this topic. You'll wont like it. Today's hearing was the official revocation. At the hearing on January 15th, the only thing that will happen is that a date for the VOP hearing and the arraigment will be set. Nothing else.

644 days ago


Yeah, 245 days would translate out to about, um, let's see, ah...about 245 minutes...with time off for bad behavior, of course.

644 days ago


Hannah & Mad,

A poster on another site said that Holley spoke to the media and said that she is going to fight to get this case dropped & Lohan will never have to appear in front of a judge about it. Is that what you've heard?

Also, this person said the judge was agreeing with Holley most of the time.

Let me know what you think.

644 days ago


Sir Paul!

643 days ago


Frame LiLo for a serious crime, like say a murder for hire plot. Get an undercover agent to pose as a hit man and talk Lindsay into paying him to kill someone, like her estranged father. That seems to be about the only way to get this s***bag felon locked up, and it will be a deserved longtime lockup at that.

643 days ago


If she does skate on this and receives no jail time, I think the public is going to just totally reject her. Everyone is getting so tired of her getting away with everything and it is looking like she is the poster child for injustice. No one gets away with what she does and it really is sickening. I have no respect for her. Perhaps if this judge lets her get away with this, the IRS will get her.

643 days ago


Folks, don't you realize this is a resume enhancer? The more degenerate you are, the more popular you are. Welcome to today's society!

643 days ago
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