Al Roker & Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Alleged Bounty Hunter Assault

12/13/2012 10:20 AM PST

Al Roker & Jennifer Lopez -- Sued Over Alleged Bounty Hunter Assault


Jennifer Lopez
and Al Roker should think twice before sending their ruthless bounty hunter after an innocent man ... and falsely accusing him of being a criminal on national TV -- so says a new lawsuit.

19-year-old Everette Draughn filed the lawsuit in Louisiana against Roker and Lopez, claiming their new Spike TV reality show called "Big Easy Justice" falsely labeled him as a grand theft auto suspect ... and then targeted him in nationally-televised manhunt last year.

The show's about a New Orleans bounty hunter named Tat-2, and Lopez and Roker produce it. Everette's episode aired in April.

According to Everette's lawsuit, the big name producers are responsible for the mishap -- and should have done their due diligence before falsely labeling him a criminal on national TV.

Everette insists he hadn't committed grand theft auto at the time of the episode's broadcast, nor was he a fugitive as the show claims. Everette also says he was battered into signing a release agreement. 

Now, he's suing for unspecified damages -- claiming the show not only ruined his reputation and caused him injuries ... it also cost him his job. 

A rep for Spike TV said the network doesn't comment on pending litigation. Calls to Roker's and Lopez's reps were not returned.